[What Is The Past, After All, But A Vast Sheet Of Darkness In Which A Few Moments, Pricked Apparently At Random, Shine?]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Christina Aguilera Quotes

"I have fun being sexy and tough at the same time."

Germaine Shames Quotes

"We may love imperfectly, we may love blindly, but love we must."WARS OF THE FLESH"

Leon Battista Alberti Quotes

"We must always take from nature what we paint and always choose the most beautiful things."

Eugene Delacroix Quotes

"The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing."

Susan Sarandon Quotes

"In the U.S., they just want to know who youre sleeping with."

Michelle Branch Quotes

"I would love to be in musical theater and be on Broadway. If someone were to offer me a position to do something like that, I wouldnt pass it down. Im a huge fan of musicals and I really want to do that."

Michael G Williams Quotes

"...every god serves a purpose and every faith fills a need."

Paul Bowles Quotes

"Someone once had said to her that the sky hides the night behind it, shelters the person beneath from the horror that lies above. Unblinking, she fixed the solid emptiness, and the anguish began to move in her. At any moment the rip can occur, the edges fly back, and the giant maw will be revealed."

Ruth Brown Quotes

"I was trying to do Billie Holiday, because she was the voice to be heard at that time."

John Tyndall Quotes

"To him [Faraday], as to all true philosophers, the main value of a fact was its position and suggestiveness in the general sequence of scientific truth."

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Quotes About Composition Writing

"An evil fate has deprived me of the full use of my right hand, so that I am not able to play my compositions as I feel them. The trouble with my hand is that certain fingers have become so weak, probably through writing and playing too much at one time, that I can hardly use them." - Author: Robert Schumann

Quotes About Roman Empire Fall

"I lull them into a false sense of security by watching me pitch... If overconfidence can cause the Roman Empire to fall, I ought to be able to get a ground ball." - Author: Dan Quisenberry

Quotes About Mutters

"He sounds like a regular Hitler to me", Amy mutters. I wonder what she means by that. Eldest has always taught me that Hitler was a wise, cultured leader for his people. Maybe thats what she means: Eldest is a strong leader, like Hitler was. ~ Elder" - Author: Beth Revis

Quotes About Calculators

"I did not love cold harmony and perfect regularity of organization; what I sought was variety, mystery, tradition, the venerable, the awful. I despised sophisters and calculators; I was groping for faith, honor, and prescriptive loyalties. I would have given any number of neo-classical pediments for one poor battered gargoyle." - Author: Russell Kirk

Quotes About Not Being Praised

"I did not like prizes at school. I didnt like tests or exams, or the 11+, or O-levels. Later I hated B.A.s and M.A.s. The reason I hated them is that I dont like being tested, failed or falsely praised by anyone." - Author: Billy Childish

Quotes About Babys First Kick

"Theyd fallen into an easy routine, the three of them. Breakfast together in the morning, then Hughie would leave for work and she and Nell would get started in the house. Lil found she liked having a second shadow, enjoyed showing Nell things, explaining how they worked and why. Nell was a big one for asking why-why did the sun hide at night, why didnt the fire flames leap out of the gate, why didnt the river get bored and run the other way?-and Lil loved supplying answers, watching as understanding dawned on Nells little face. For the first time in her life, Lil felt useful, needed, whole." - Author: Kate Morton

Quotes About Collector

"I am a collector of notes upon subjects that have diversity — such as deviations from concentricity in the lunar crater Copernicus, and a sudden appearance of purple Englishmen — stationary meteor-radiants, and a reported growth of hair on the bald head of a mummy — and Did the girl swallow the octopus?" - Author: Charles Fort

Quotes About True Artistry

"It is true that all men are created in the image of God, but Christians are supposed to be conscious of that fact, and being conscious of it should recognize the importance of living artistically, aesthetically, and creatively, as creative creatures of the Creator. If we have been created in the image of an Artist, then we should look for expressions of artistry, and be sensitive to beauty, responsive to what has been created for us" (p. 32)." - Author: Edith Schaeffer

Quotes About Grandiose

"Words are mans first and most grandiose invention. With language he created a whole new universe;" - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Self Observation

"His skin was a pretty colour, it made me jealous. Jacob noticed my scrutiny.What?" he asked, suddenly self-conscious."Nothing. I just hadnt realised before. Did you know, youre sort of beautiful?"Once the words slipped out, I worried that he might take my implusive observation the wrong way.But Jacob rolled his eyes. "You hit your head pretty hard, didnt you?" "Im serious."Well, then, thanks. Sort of."I grinned. "Youre sort of welcome." - Author: Stephenie Meyer