[What Need Is There To Say More?The Childish Work For Their Own Benefit,The Buddhas Work For The Benefit Of Others.Just Look At The Difference Between Them.If I Do Not Exchange My Happiness, For The Suffering Of Others, I Shall Not Attain The State Of Buddhahood.And Even In Samsara I Shall Have No Real Joy. The Source Of All Misery In The World Lies In Thinking Of Oneself;The Source Of All Happiness Lies In Thinking Of Others.]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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"I worked on a farm for a little bit."

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"In the end, it doesnt matter, but I wanted you to know; I needed you to know because I read your text to Sarah. You told her I was everything you never thought you could have, and Im telling you, youre everything I never knew I wanted, but Im so glad youre here."

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"For Christians, faith is a precious good, the most valuable personal and social resource. When it is left untapped, the common good suffers - not just the particular interests of Christians." - Author: Miroslav Volf

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"[My grandfather] returned to what he called ‘studying. He sat looking down at his lap, his left hand idle on the chair arm, his right scratching his head, his white hair gleaming in the lamplight. I knew that when he was studying he was thinking, but I did not know what about. Now I have aged into knowledge of what he thought about. He thought of his strength and endurance when he was young, his merriment and joy, and how his lifes burdens had then grown upon him. He thought of that arc of country that centered upon Port William as he first had known it in the years just after the Civil War, and as it had changed, and as it had become; and how all that time, which would have seemed almost forever when he was a boy, now seemed hardly anytime at all. He thought of the people he remembered, now dead, and of those who had come and gone before his knowledge, and of those who would come after, and of his own place in that long procession." - Author: Wendell Berry

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