[What Need Is There To Say More?The Childish Work For Their Own Benefit,The Buddhas Work For The Benefit Of Others.Just Look At The Difference Between Them.If I Do Not Exchange My Happiness, For The Suffering Of Others, I Shall Not Attain The State Of Buddhahood.And Even In Samsara I Shall Have No Real Joy. The Source Of All Misery In The World Lies In Thinking Of Oneself;The Source Of All Happiness Lies In Thinking Of Others.]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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"I used to be a fighter and Im used to taking weight off."

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"Your integrity is sacrosanct. It is who you are. Never let anyone step on your integrity - thats absolutely where you must stand solid."

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"Power is winning the battle over who owns the customer: the brand or the retailer."

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"Ben had never seen his mother cry before, and it startled him, so he didnt ask again. Right afterward shed put on her favorite record and played a mysterious song called "Space Oddity," about an astronaut named Major Tom who gets lost in space. She used to listen to the song over and over again. With her eyes closed, shed place the palm of her hand against the fabric of the speaker, so she could feel it vibrate against her skin."

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"From key signature to coda, from downbeat to the sound of lifes final fermata, our pasts set the tone for all that was, that is, and that ever would be."

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"It is true that in general, energy which is aimed at positive factors usually obtains better results than energy invested in resistance!"

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