[What Sets Science And The Law Apart From Religion Is That Nothing Is Expected To Be Taken On Faith. We're Encouraged To Ask Whether The Evidence Actually Supports What We're Being Told - Or What We Grew Up Believing - And We're Allowed To Ask Whether We're Hearing All The Evidence Or Just Some Small Prejudicial Part Of It. If Our Beliefs Aren't Supported By The Evidence, Then We're Encouraged To Alter Our Beliefs.]

Author: Gary Taubes Quotes

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Christopher Judge Quotes

"My number one inspiration was my mother. She worked two jobs and had breakfast and dinner prepared. I essentially called my mother, The Lion. Shes fierce and shes proud. Id like to think some of that rubbed off on me."

Alex OLoughlin Quotes

"The mecca of filmmaking in the world just so happens to be in America. Its quite simply a case of us just going where the work is."

Sanal Edamaruku Quotes

"For those in love with an illusion often refuse to accept reality"

Michele W Miller Quotes

"Bill brought up his question. "You said people"

Jim McDonald Quotes

"The gift of willingness is the only thing that stands between the quiet desperation of a disingenuous life and the actualization of unexpressed potential."

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"All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere."

Copernicans Quotes

"After the birth of printing books became widespread. Hence everyone throughout Europe devoted himself to the study of literature... Every year, especially since 1563, the number of writings published in every field is greater than all those produced in the past thousand years. The Paracelsians have created medicine anew and the Copernicans have created astronomy anew. I really believe that at last the world is alive, indeed seething, and that the stimuli of these remarkable conjunctions did not act in vain."

Diane Capri Quotes

"No matter how offensive shes been to me, she continues to act as if she has some sort of God-given right to keep coming back for more favors."

Pepper Winters Quotes

"I swear I could live a thousand fucking years and not deserve you."

Shelter Somerset Quotes

"He understood privacy and freedom of expression were paramount to liberty, as incompatible as they may appear. One promoted yelling and screaming, while the other encouraged people to retreat and pull within. Yet, cornerstones to American democracy, people needed them both for the lives they took for granted."

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"Sam and Caine were left standing side by side, bruised and battered, to stare over Pennys sickening corpse, at the face of their mother." - Author: Michael Grant

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"Im a huge karaoke person even though I have the worst singing voice. When you love doing something, who cares?" - Author: Hoda Kotb

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"All the champions - you go and ask Mike Tyson or Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Lennox Lewis and myself included, and Im sorry for putting myself in line with all the other great names - but the champions attitude is it doesnt matter who is in front of me, I am going to conquer this person and win the fight and knock the person out." - Author: Wladimir Klitschko

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"In his forty-third year William Stoner learned what others, much younger, had learned before him: that the person one loves at first is not the person one loves at last, and that love is not an end but a process through which one person attempts to know another.They were both very shy, and they knew each other slowly, tentatively; they came close and drew apart, they touched and withdrew, neither wishing to impose upon the other more than might be welcomed. Day by day the layers of reserve that protected them dropped away, so that at last they were like many who are extraordinarily shy, each open to the other, unprotected, perfectly and unselfconsciously at ease.Nearly every afternoon, when his classes were over, he came to her apartment. They made love, and talked, and made love again, like children who did not think of tiring at their play. The spring days lengthened, and they looked forward to the summer." - Author: John Edward Williams

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"The best book I read this year was The Da Vinci Code." - Author: Goran Ivanisevic

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