[What Sets Science And The Law Apart From Religion Is That Nothing Is Expected To Be Taken On Faith. We're Encouraged To Ask Whether The Evidence Actually Supports What We're Being Told - Or What We Grew Up Believing - And We're Allowed To Ask Whether We're Hearing All The Evidence Or Just Some Small Prejudicial Part Of It. If Our Beliefs Aren't Supported By The Evidence, Then We're Encouraged To Alter Our Beliefs.]

Author: Gary Taubes Quotes

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Andy Taylor Quotes

"This is a very screwed-up business. Record labels dont sign a lot of bands these days. We just want to find a home and stay there and make records and do our thing and not have to look over our shoulder."

Lee Tergesen Quotes

"But we both came to the decision that the powerful thing is to go into your fear, walk in there with it, dont walk away from it, and to try to be true to it."

Stanley Ho Quotes

"Even for charity I always give priority to education because I always teach young people - knowledge is your real companion, your life long companion, not fortune. Fortune can disappear."

Lisa Firestone Quotes

"Differentiating from parental introjects and psychological defences based on the emotional pain of childhood is essential not only for neurotic or seriously disturbed individuals; it is a central developmental issue in every persons life."

Chick Corea Quotes

"My one thing is I continue to be interested and want to be a student. I dont want to be a master. When Im learning something, Im in my element."

Tremayne Reid Quotes

"I am me, but i will be more. I will not compare myself to rest, I will strive to become a better version of myself and only myself."

Jeffrey Jones Quotes

"I would like to feel that I have a range and that its not just a matter of being a comic actor or a serious actor, because those are really artificial classifications, I think."

William Wycherley Quotes

"Mistresses are like books; if you pore upon them too much, they doze you and make you unfit for company; but if used discreetly, you are the fitter for conversation by em."

Winston Groom Quotes

"Now you wouldnt believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!"

Guy Davenport Quotes

"nothing now exists that is so valuable as whatever theoretically might replace it."

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Quotes About Beleive

"People beleived that the most devastating part of a war are the corpses with their guts out in the open, the puddles of blood, and all that you can capture at first glance. But sometimes the horror is off to the side, in the lost look on the face of a woman whos just been raped, as she limps away alone within the ruins, trying to keep her head down. Gerda and Capa were not aware of this yet. They were too young. And that was their first conflict. They still believed war had its romantic side." - Author: Susana Fortes

Quotes About Nancy Reagan

"I dont expect youll hear me writing any poems to the greater glory of Ronald and Nancy Reagan." - Author: Robert Penn Warren

Quotes About Ilmu

"Keunggulan institusi keilmuan dalam sejarah Islam, seperti juga dalam sejarah agama besar dan tamadun lain, bergantung kepada keunggulan ilmuwan di dalamnya berdasarkan nilai atau mutu sebenar ajarannya dan keutuhan peribadinya, bukan sekadar jumlah karyanya." - Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud

Quotes About Seidelmeyer

"I dont want other companies, I want this one, insisted Seidelmeyer. I want all of their revenue and none of their people.None of their people? echoed Feretti. Thats good margin." - Author: Ken Goldstein

Quotes About Muslim Veil

"The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, nonpersons. The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility. A mind can be cramped just as a body may be, and a Muslim veil blinkers both your vision and your destiny. It is the mark of a kind of apartheid, not the domination of a race but of a sex." - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Quotes About What Future Holds

"You dont know for sure why things happen, but you know, it did! It was my time to go on the show and Im excited to see what my future holds." - Author: Pia Toscano

Quotes About Lagrimas

"Las lagrimas que no se lloran Esperan en pequenos lagos?Do tears not yet spilled wait in small lakes?O seran rios invisibles Que corren hacia la tristeza?Or are they invisible riversthat run toward sadness?" - Author: Pablo Neruda

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"I am not alone in thinking that we are at a tipping point ecologically and morally and politically. Democracy cannot survive without a vibrant middle class, yet the policies of one of the parties has been committed to wiping it out for 30 years." - Author: Deborah Kass

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"Nothing does more to activate Christian divisions than talk about Christian unity." - Author: Conor Cruise OBrien

Quotes About The South In Huck Finn

"Shed never encountered any stories as intricate or compelling as the stories he gave her, nor anything that made her sigh when she read it. She liked best the stories about people becoming other things. Stories where women became swans or echoes. In the evenings, when Finn disappeared into the mysterious recesses of the laboratory, Cat went out to the garden or down to the river and wondered what it would be like to be a stream of water, a cypress tree, a star burning a million miles away." - Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke