[What, Unless Biological Science Is A Mass Of Errors, Is The Cause Of Human Intelligence And Vigour? Hardship And Freedom: Conditions Under Which The Active, Strong, And Subtle Survive And The Weaker Go To The Wall; Conditions That Put A Premium Upon The Loyal Alliance Of Capable Men, Upon Self-restraint, Patience, And Decision. And The Institution Of The Family, And The Emotions That Arise Therein, The Fierce Jealousy, The Tenderness For Offspring, Parental Self-devotion, All Found Their Justification And Support In The Imminent Dangers Of The Young.]

Author: H.G. Wells Quotes

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"Jim Roger, the successful investor and author, puts it well; "Why are 300 million Americans having to pay for Citibanks mistakes? The way the system is supposed to work [is this]: People fail. And then the competent people take over the assets from the failed people, and then you start again with a new stronger base. What were doing this time is. . .taking the assets from the competent people, giving them to the incompetent people, and saying, ‘ok, now you can compete with the competent people. So everybodys weakened: The whole nation is weakened."

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"... ve kalbim, tutkusundan taş devri çıplaklığını yaşıyor. ehlileşmek istemiyorum. Çünkü aralıksız heyecanlıyım."

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"Im still a shy person. Ive learned to put that aside on certain occasions. I have to. Its part of my job."

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"You go to a party or whatever, and you spend the whole night zeroing in on the woman in red, the blonde in the corner, the girl with the big laugh, and then, as you are leaving, you see someone out of the corner of your eye, her hair glinting in the light, her long neck tilted slightly as she listens intently to the person next to her. And you know shes the one you should of talked to."

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"Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead."

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"Its always been a gift with me, hearing music the way I do. I dont know where it comes from, its just there and I dont question it."

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"A universal truth of bicycling is this - pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

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"Music is extremely important to have on photo shoots - it brings the mood."

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"I wanted to putt my hand on this hand and hold it still under mine, made still by his made still. Oh he was bright and I was dark and I gave him all my darkness on that ship; but we joined, for all good things in the world, and to find somethin together; and loved, I never knew I could do it and was afraid; and on the bow of the ship that night that he said, "What have we done Christy?"I said, wonderin too, "But somethin good will come of this, I know somethin good will come of this..."Only sorrow came."

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"The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it."

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"A ripe suggestion," I said. "Where are you meeting her? At the Ritz?""Near the Ritz."He was geographically accurate. About fifty yards east of the Ritz there is one of those blighted tea-and-bun shops you see dotted about all over London and into this, if youll believe me, young Bingo dived like a homing rabbit; and before I had time to say a word we were wedged in at a table, on the brink of a silent pool of coffee left there by an early luncher." - Author: P.G. Wodehouse

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"Being a seasoned Londoner, Martin gave the body the "London once-over" - a quick glance to determine whether this was a drunk, a crazy or a human being in distress. The fact that it was entirely possible for someone to be all three simultaneously is why good-Samaritanism in London is considered an extreme sport - like BASE jumping or crocodile wrestling." - Author: Ben Aaronovitch

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"They saw her husband, this giant of a man in Gods Kingdom, this man, that for over fifteen years was their example of what a great man and husband looked like, walking up to his weeping wife, gently embracing her, soothing her, lifting and holding her soul up high while she released her own pains and worries from the last two days, feeling him, leaning into him, and submitting her pain and fears to her husband out of her love and trust. His strength was shown in his softness. He was made strong in his wifes pain. He was her man of God" - Author: Lee Goff

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"The greatest drug of all, my dear, was not one of those pills in so many colors that you took over the years, was not the opium, the hash you smoked in houses at the beach, or the speed or smack you shot up in Sutherlands apartment, no, it wasnt any of these. It was the city, darling, it was the city, the city itself. And do you see why I had to leave? As Santayana said, dear, artists are unhappy because they are not interested in happiness; they live for beauty. God, was that steaming, loathsome city beautiful!!! And why finally no human lover was possible, because I was in love with all men, with the city itself." - Author: Andrew Holleran

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"Timp de sase ore examina toate lucrurile, încercînd sa gaseasca o deosebire fata de aspectul lor din ziua precedenta, straduindu-se sa descopere în ele o cît de mica schimbare care sa-i dezvaluie scurgerea timpului." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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"Not to grow up properly is to retain our caterpillar quality from childhood (where it is a virtue) into adulthood (where it becomes a vice). In childhood our credulity serves us well. It helps us to pack, with extraordinary rapidity, our skulls full of the wisdom of our parents and our ancestors. But if we dont grow out of it in the fullness of time, our caterpillar nature makes us a sitting target for astrologers, mediums, gurus, evangelists and quacks. The genius of the human child, mental caterpillar extraordinary, is for soaking up information and ideas, not for criticizing them. If critical faculties later grow it will be in spite of, not because of, the inclinations of childhood. The blotting paper of the childs brain is the unpromising seedbed, the base upon which later the sceptical attitude, like a struggling mustard plant, may possibly grow. We need to replace the automatic credulity of childhood with the constructive scepticism of adult science." - Author: Richard Dawkins

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"Heavenly Father, for the blessings of this food and these friends and our families, we thank you. In Jesuss name, amen." - Author: William Kent Krueger

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"Hey Kate, you coming to our show Friday night?" He leaned in close and touched my shoulder. "The guys would love to see you there.""Yes. Yes, the guys would indeed." Carter rolled his eyes and smirked. I held back my grin, well aware that he was laughing inwardly at the same thing I was. When Dean spoke of the guys, he mostly meant himself. With a body like a Ken doll and hair like Merediths McDreamy, I couldnt figure out for the life of me what he wanted with me." - Author: Rachael Wade