[When A Piece Or Pawn Is In A Situation To Be Taken By The Enemy, It Is Said To Be En Prise. To Put A Piece En Prise, Is To Play It So That It May Be Captured.]

Author: Howard Staunton Quotes

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Gregory B Sadler Quotes

"Within Hobbes depiction of the motives for conflict. . . there is a problematic in which the grave threat that human beings pose to other human beings is not constituted simply by the structures of human passions, interests, and desires, nor by the addition of a self-deceptive and egotistical desire for recognition and proof of ones perhaps illusory power. In this moment, it is the very rationality of other humans, reason in the broad sense, understood as roughly equal to oneself in both capacity and structure, that poses such a threat"

Thomas Sydenham Quotes

"Nothing in medicine is so insignificant as to merit attention."

Shilpi Somaya Gowda Quotes

"Then she rushes to pick up Asha from school, where she is known only as "Ashas mom" by the other mothers, who seem to all spend a lot of time together. Somer has no time for the PTA and bake sales. She has no time for herself. Her profession no longer defines her, but neither does being a mother. Both are pieces of her, and yet they dont seem to add up to a whole."

Michael Harmon Quotes

"Samuel McDermott or not, I was Ian McDermott, and the way I saw life was the way Id live life."

Kenyon Gambier Quotes

"Sorrow fades," he muttered as he retrieved the last fragment, "grief dies, but Art lives forever."

Vincent Starrett Quotes

"When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness."

Legh Richmond Quotes

"Engage in no pursuit in which you cannot look up unto God, and say, Bless me in this, my Father!"

Frank James Quotes

"I have been hunted for twenty-one years. I have literally lived in the saddle. I have never known a day of perfect peace."

Mort Sahl Quotes

"I used to go to two movies every week for the Saturday matinee when I was a kid."

Suzanne Johnson Quotes

"Wed all mourn for a while, but at the end of the day we were a tough lot, and wed survive."

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Quotes About Offering Support

"His gaze ran over her body again, resting on the deepest of the fracture lines in her shields. Come here.Purple feathers fanned around Rianas sides. Sudden tears moistened her eyes at the unexpectedness of what Sier was offering. She sank against him, and his arms folded around her back. Her weight supported, Riana let herself float on the night and tucked her face into his neck. Siers power closed around her in a violet wave, running into her halo, slipping though her opened shields." - Author: Joanna Fay

Quotes About Palin

"May, tahu surat Rasul Paulus kan? 1 Korintus 13. Pada akhirnya adalah tiga hal ini: iman, pengharapan, dan kasih; dan yang paling besar di antaranya adalah kasih. Berbuat kasih itu lebih besar daripada iman sekalipun. Kok bisa menyiar jadi segala-galanya!" - Author: Ayu Utami

Quotes About Athena

"I think I like em better like that...divinely dull...just the quiet bearers of their own beauty, like the priestesses in a Panathenaic procession." - Author: Edith Wharton

Quotes About Confusing Life

"We said together, wistfully, Life, eh? It says everything without having to say anything: that we all experience moments of joyful or painful reflection, sometimes alone, sometimes sharing laughs and tears with others; that we all know and appreciate that however wonderful and precious life is, it can equally be a terribly confusing and mysterious beast. Life, eh?" - Author: Miranda Hart

Quotes About Missing Links

"In most peoples minds, fossils and Evolution go hand in hand. In reality, fossils are a great embarrassment to Evolutionary theory and offer strong support for the concept of Creation. If Evolution were true, we should find literally millions of fossils that show how one kind of life slowly and gradually changed to another kind of life. But missing links are the trade secret, in a sense, of paleontology. The point is, the links are still missing. What we really find are gaps that sharpen up the boundaries between kinds. Its those gaps which provide us with the evidence of Creation of separate kinds. As a matter of fact, there are gaps between each of the major kinds of plants and animals. Transition forms are missing by the millions. What we do find are separate and complex kinds, pointing to Creation." - Author: Gary Parker

Quotes About Big Happy Family

"I do not want to date you."He groaned. "Liv. Youve got to be kidding me. I picked up my whole life, drove halfway across the country, and youve changed your mind? Its only been fifteen days since you told me you still love me!""Shut up, will you? Will you please just shut up and kiss me again, you big idiot?" With both hands on his face, she molded her lips to his as her heart did a happy dance in her chest. Between kisses, she said, "I want to live with you and marry you and have a family with you and share your life--all the things you said you wanted from me before I ruined it. So no, I will not date you." - Author: Marie Force

Quotes About Jedi

"Hey, Vader, keep your Jedi mind tricks to yourself. That hurt! (Jesse)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Playing Fairly

"Its a werewolf movie with Christina Ricci, and it was a chance to work with some good people. But playing yourself is always fairly risky because you gotta watch how you goof on yourself." - Author: Scott Baio

Quotes About Giggling

"[on Martin Freeman playing Bilbo Baggins] It was great. I got to hang out with him, and I kept a straight face for a bit and then I started giggling because I know Martin, I dont know Bilbo. For Martin to be sitting there playing Bilbo is amazing. Hes going to be amazing, hes going to be fantastic in this film." - Author: Benedict Cumberbatch

Quotes About Being Alone Without Love

"Except for the sound of the rain, on the road, on the roofs, on the umbrella, there was absolute silence: only the dying moan of the sirens continued for a moment or two to vibrate within the ear. It seemed to Scobie later that this was the ultimate border he had reached in happiness: being in darkness, alone, with the rain falling, without love or pity." - Author: Graham Greene