[When A Piece Or Pawn Is In A Situation To Be Taken By The Enemy, It Is Said To Be En Prise. To Put A Piece En Prise, Is To Play It So That It May Be Captured.]

Author: Howard Staunton Quotes

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Quotes

"I feel there is no shortage of real interesting womens roles. But I found them and did all of them just now."

Steve Hockensmith Quotes

"A battle cry" Mr. Bennet said "is a warriors calling card. Only it does not say Good afternoon. I have come for tea and crumpets. It says Death has come for you! Flee or be killed where you stand!"

Elizabeth Foss Quotes

"This book is not about "homeschooling" at all. School is an artificial institution contrived by man. This book is about educating a child in the heart of the family given to that child by his Creator."

Clive Thompson Quotes

"When you broadcast your book reading voluntarily, it creates moments of fascinating serendipity."

Luigi Komrad Quotes

"We are bound to expireEven metal which is sturdiest,Rusts.Even oxygen, the breath of life,Soon transpires.8/6/11 -Luis Medina"

Sharon Duerst Quotes

"In every day waits fortune like a seed ready to sprout."

Ron Fournier Quotes

"At his best, Obama promised to work with Republicans to reduce the deficit in a way that honors both individualism and community."

Jeffrey Katzenberg Quotes

"A company like DreamWorks, all we do is make product. Thats all we do. We dont own distribution. We are purely in the creation of content."

Jane Green Quotes

"... you dont have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly. All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future."

Elizabeth E Castillo Quotes

"I uttered his name like a silent whisper of the falling rain - saying love is his game as the cool breeze sets in."- Elizabeths Shorter Poems"

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Quotes About Life Is Good With God

"You are the grace of my life So tender, so undeserved Hard to believe youre my wife Even harder to put what I feel into words If I need evidence God is good Just looking at you is enough You are the grace of my life For you grace my life with your love" - Author: Brian Littrell

Quotes About Creative Vision

"I had thirty weeks of prep on Captain America. I have a small team of qualified, supportive, creative producers who are actually helping me achieve my vision of the film. I had a dream cast headed by Chris Evans. I had the best designers, artists, sculptors, craftspeople." - Author: Joe Johnston

Quotes About Matrix Management

"When I got to GM they were using a matrix method of management which means everybody has more than one boss. I first heard about that system many years ago. Its supposed to help with collaboration, but my assessment is that its pretty hard to get geared for action that way." - Author: Edward Whitacre Jr.

Quotes About Iron Fist

"a true leader must be able to command with an iron fist, not just a humble heart." - Author: Evan Meekins

Quotes About Trials And Triumphs

"I write about the trials and triumphs of contemporary life - and often the readers see themselves between the lines of the story." - Author: Karen Kingsbury

Quotes About Roses And Thorns

"The gardener uses both roses in the flowerbed and thorns in making fences." - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan

Quotes About Those Who Make A Difference

"Smiley himself was one of those solitaires who seem to have come into the world fully educated at the age of eighteen. Obscurity was his nature, as well as his profession. The byways of espionage are not populated by the brash and colourful adventurers of fiction. A man who, like Smiley, has lived and worked for years among his countrys enemies learns only one prayer: that he may never, never be noticed. Assimilation is his highest aim, he learns to love the crowds who pass him in the street without a glance; he clings to them for his anonimity and his safety. His fear makes him servile - he could embrace the shoppers who jostle him in their impatience, and force him from the pavement. He could adore the officials, the police, the bus conductors, for the terse indifference of their attitudes. (ch. 9)" - Author: John le Carré

Quotes About Dressage Riders

"People think doping is for lazy people who want to avoid hard work. That might be true in some cases, but in mine, as with many riders I knew, it was precisely the opposite. EPO granted the ability to suffer more; to push yourself farther and harder than youd ever imagined, in both training and racing." - Author: Daniel Coyle

Quotes About Stress Levels

"By using two elephants to do the job, damage will occur just because of how large, lumbering, and unsubtle elephants are. They squash the flowers in the process of entering the playground, they strew leftovers and garbage all over the place from the frequent snacks they must eat while balancing the seesaw, they wear out the seesaw faster, and so on. This is equivalent to a pattern of stress-related disease that will run through many of the subsequent chapters: it is hard to fix one major problem in the body without knocking something else out of balance (the very essence of allostasis spreading across systems throughout the body). Thus, you may be able to solve one bit of imbalance brought on during stress by using your elephants (your massive levels of various stress hormones), but such great quantities of those hormones can make a mess of something else in the process. And a long history of doing this produces wear and tear throughout the body, termed allostatic load." - Author: Robert M. Sapolsky

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"Julian paced restlessly in the hospital room, his overcoat and scarf trailing behind him like a supervillians cape as he prowled." - Author: Madeleine Urban