[When Billie Climbed Into The Taxi, Adrian Paid The Cab Driver, Then Braced His Forearms On The Back Window. "Billie. Have You Forgotten?" "No." She Watched The Melting Shift Of Shadows In His Eyes, Unable To Read Them. "A Favor For A Favor. I Owe You." "I'll Call You." He Leaned In To Catch Her Lips One Last Time In A Soft, Lingering Kiss. Then He Stood Back And The Taxi Rolled Out Of The Drive. Billie Took A Single Backward Glance At Him Standing Barefoot, Hands Buried In His Pockets, Where She'd Left Him. God Help Her. Whatever He Wanted, She Would Gladly Give.]

Author: Shelby Reed Quotes

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"As an actor, we are, in a way, a mirror of other people."

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"May I be awoken by the thunder of Zeus & touched by his lighting. It only need strike once. Once is enough to ignite the soul with purpose."

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"From the vantage of a mid-1970s consensus that regarded the United States as having entered a post-Protestant era, the rise of a Religious Right dominated not only by Protestants but by fundamentalists was not the way the story was supposed to go. People like Jerry Falwell looked like party crashers who, rather than slikinking from bar to buffet in hopes of going unnoticed, demanded that the vegetarian, alcohol-imbibing hosts serve meat and tell the bartender to go home."

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"Do not use your energy except for a cause more noble than yourself. Such a cause cannot be found except in Almighty God Himself: to preach the truth, to defend womanhood, to repel humiliation which your Creator has not imposed upon you, to help the oppressed. Anyone who uses his energy for the sake of the vanities of the world is like someone who exchanges gemstones for gravel. There is no nobility in anyone who lacks faith. The wise man knows that the only fitting price for his soul is a place in Paradise..."

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