[When Fear And Suffering Are Disliked By Me And Others Equally What Is So Special About Me That I Protect Myself And Not The Other?]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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Trinity J Eidsness Quotes

"Friends are forever but life is full of disapointments"

Louise Douglas Quotes

"He was the same as everyone else: he carried his past inside him. There was no escape from it. No matter how hard you push it down, the truth always comes to the surface."

LaQuisha Hall Quotes

"Size does not make a role model, character does."

Jason Fried Quotes

"Whenever you can, swap "Lets think about it" for "Lets decide on it." Commit to making decisions. Dont wait for the perfect solution. Decide and move forward."

Meryl Gordon Quotes

"DisciplineI am old and I have hadmore than my share of good and bad.Ive had love and sorrow, seen sudden deathand been left alone and of love bereft.I thought I would never love againand I thought my life was grief and pain.The edge between life and death was thin, but then I discovered discipline.I learned to smile when I felt sad, I learned to take the good and the bad, I learned to care a great deal morefor the world about me than before.I began to forget the "Me" and "I"and joined in life as it rolled by: this may not mean sheer ecstasybut is better by far than "I" and "Me."

Heather Hildenbrand Quotes

"Look, youre cute, but youre not cute enough to keep me from going off on you for being an idiot. - Cold Blood"

Yi Quotes

"Words are a great influence in actions, feelings, and simply just the meaning behind it."

AK Luthienne Quotes

"Love today for...tomorrow never comes"

Yaya Nurcahyadin Quotes

"You get something, if you do something"

Angela Snyder Quotes

"His head pounded with such intensity, he feared it would explode. It was hard for him to control himself around her. It was in his nature to crave her blood, and the craving was like a toothache that wouldnt stop throbbing."

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Quotes About Manipulation And Friendship

"Tears welled in Penelopes eyes, making the blue even darker. Then she reeled back and slapped him hard enough that his cheek stung."That is for what you did to me. Not in the dark, Jeremy. Not as the faceless lover. Not even for today when you made love to me... or perhaps we should call it fucking, since there was nothing loving about it, only manipulation". Her voice shook as hard as her hands as she turned on her heel and headed for the door. "Its for betraying my friendship"." - Author: Jess Michaels

Quotes About Resume

"Actually, Im 130, but 125 is what I put on my resume, because thats what I look like I weigh." - Author: Eleanor Mondale

Quotes About Isbjorn

"I knelt by the design. Yes, there was the sun rising. But the white form I had always thought to be a cloud was a bear. I could see it now, upside down. White bear, isbjorn, stood for north. Father had not been able to help himself. The truth was there, too. Truth and lie, side by side." - Author: Edith Pattou

Quotes About Having Guy Best Friends

"You know how you smoke out a sniper? You send a guy out in the open, and you see if he gets shot. They thought that one up at West Point." - Author: Samuel Fuller

Quotes About Nazi Propaganda

"I remember Nazi election propaganda posters showing a hateful Jewish face with crooked nose." - Author: Jack Steinberger

Quotes About Light Posts

"The family which takes its mauve an cerise, air-conditioned, power-steered and power-braked automobile out for a tour passes through cities that are badly paved, made hideous by litter, lighted buildings, billboards and posts for wires that should long since have been put underground. They pass on into countryside that has been rendered largely invisible by commercial art. (The goods which the latter advertise have an absolute priority in our value system. Such aesthetic considerations as a view of the countryside accordingly come second. On such matters we are consistent.) They picnic on exquisitely packaged food from a portable icebox by a polluted stream and go on to spend the night at a park which is a menace to public health and morals. Just before dozing off on an air mattress, beneath a nylon tent, amid the stench of decaying refuse, they may reflect vaguely on the curious unevenness of their blessings. Is this, indeed, the American genius?" - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith

Quotes About Operation Valkyrie

"By using repetition, images, and other strategies - all of which communicate truths in ways that are not cognitively or propositional - marketing forms us into the kind of persons who want to buy beer to have meaningful relationships, or to buy a car to be respected, or buy the latest thing to come along simply to satisfy the desire that has been formed and implanted in us. It is important to appreciate that these disciplinary mechanisms transmit values and truth claims, but not via propositions or cognitive means; rather, the values are transmitted more covertly...This covertness of the operation is also what makes it so powerful: the truths are inscribed in us through the powerful instruments of imagination and ritual." - Author: James K.A. Smith

Quotes About School Publication

"Having been unpopular in high school is not just cause for book publications." - Author: Frances Ann Lebowitz

Quotes About National Security

"I didnt spend a lot of time on national security the American people will be glad to know." - Author: Paul Begala

Quotes About Blissful Ignorance

"Evolution is a part of nature. The world has strayed away from God, and now interprets its conception for the benefit of blissful ignorance." - Author: Lionel Suggs