[When Happiness Is Liked By Me And Others Equally, What Is So Special About Me That I Should Strive After Happiness Only For Myself?]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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Mike Krzyzewski Quotes

"A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. Thats how I want you to play."

Newton Gatambia Quotes

"A rat in its stealing behavior may manage to steal gold jewelry and to make a nest with it but that does not in anyway qualify the rat to be a millionaire though its gold pieces be worth that much."

Mary Lou Quinlan Quotes

"She inhaled a worry. She exhaled a prayer." Mary Lou Quinlan, author"

Jack Gould Quotes

"Commercials on television are similar to sex and taxes; the more talk there is about them, the less likely they are to be curbed."

Timothy Schaffert Quotes

"Desiree the child bride, and her sister Miranda, had gone grave-robbing for a wedding gown. In the north end of the cemetery, among the palatial mausoleums with their broken windows of stained glass where the ivy crept in, was the resting place of a young woman whod been murdered at the altar while reciting her marital vows. The decaying tombstone, among the cemeterys most envied, was a limestone bride in despair, shoulders as slumped as a mules, a bouquet of lilies strewn at her feet. Though her murder, by her grooms jealous mother, had been long in the past, everyone knew that her father had had her buried in her gown of lace and silk."

Kyle Michel Sullivan Quotes

"Meaning, yes -- I dont really exist except on the page or in the back of your brain. But if you think its weird a fictional characters telling this story, you aint seen what happened, yet."

Salli Richardson Quotes

"I enjoy directing more when I dont have to direct myself. I like when I can just be the director."

Sprague Grayden Quotes

"Im usually the character people love to hate, because I used to play bad girls all the time."

Agnetha Faltskog Quotes

"Its strange that the newspapers dont see a connection between their false revelations about my private life and my need for seclusion and security."

Quentin R Bufogle Quotes

"Writing is the dragon that lives underneath my floorboards. The one I incessantly feed for fear it may turn and devour my ass. Writing is the friend who doesnt return my phone calls; the itch Im unable to scratch; a dinner invitation from a cannibal; elevator music for a narcoleptic. Writing is the hope of lifting all boats by pissing in the ocean. Writing isnt something that makes me happy like a good cup of coffee. Its just something I do because not writing, as Ive found, is so much worse."

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Quotes About Marriage Vows

"Sophie." He said her name softly. If her life depended on it, she could not have looked anywhere but into the flat, silver depths of his eyes. She didnt think it was possible to be more aware of him than she already was, but the next moment proved her wrong. "Darling. I must turn down your offer. I am as astonished as you. But this is a subject upon which Ive had months to think.Youre intelligent. You suspected my first offer of marriage was based upon my conviction that you would never consent to an affair with me and that it was desperation only for your personthat drove me to offer for you.""And the second upon a need to rescue me."He nodded. "Far more straightforward, darling, yet hopelessly complex."She ignored the shiver in her belly. "Meaning?""I love you." He reached for the wine and filled the two glasses, though he left them on the table."Ive become like you. A hopeless fool who cannot break his vows. And I did make vows to you today." - Author: Carolyn Jewel

Quotes About Wanting Your Ex

"Well, acting itself is a form of rebellion, always. Getting up there in front of people, telling stories - youre kind of going against the grain to begin with, wanting to do that, dont you think? Why else would you do it? Except maybe as kind of a way to affirm your very existence." - Author: John Cusack

Quotes About Our Bodies

"In those sticky summer nights in South London our windows stay open and our tiny apartment becomes our secret garden. The magic of the secret garden is that it exists in our imagination. There are no limits, no borderlines. The secret garden leads to the marigolds of Mogadishu and the magnolias of Kingston and when the heat turns us sticky and sweet and unwilling to be claimed by defeat we own the night. We own our bodies. We own our lives." - Author: Diriye Osman

Quotes About Spanish American War

"This is the difference between the Spanish advent and the American; that the technical revolution provoked by the first produced the Filipino, while the cultural upheaval provoked by the second merely helped us to become more aware of this Filipinoness." - Author: Nick Joaquín

Quotes About Oree

"There is evidence that the honoree [Leonard Cohen] might be privy to the secret of the universe, which, in case youre wondering, is simply this: Everything is connected. Everything. Many, if not most, of the links are difficult to determine. The instrument, the apparatus, the focused ray that can uncover and illuminate those connections is language." - Author: Tom Robbins

Quotes About Muerte

"Con su muerte, terminó la dulce soledad compartida por los dos." - Author: Milan Kundera

Quotes About Chaos And Change

"No person has ever held all the power. There must be a balance between chaos and order, dark and light. With the Temple magic bound to you, the realms are no longer in balance. The power could change you... and you could change the magic." - Author: Libba Bray

Quotes About Isla

"Injustice, being the opposite of justice, is the putting a thing in a place not its own; it is to misplace a thing; it is to misuse or to wrong; it is to exceed or fall short of the mean or limit; it is to suffer loss; it is deviation from the right course; it is disbelief of what is true, or lying about what is true knowing it to be true. -Islam and Secularism page 78" - Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib al Attas

Quotes About Speeding Time

"The villagers were speeding up the circling of events because she was too shortsighted to see that her infidelity had already harmed the village, the waves of consequences would return unpredictably, sometimes in disguise, as now, to hurt her. This roundness had to be made coin-sized so that she would see is circumference: punish her at the birth of her baby. Awaken her to the inexorable. People who refused fatalism because they could invent small resources insisted on culpability. Deny accidents and wrest fault from the stars." - Author: Maxine Hong Kingston

Quotes About Paradies

"„Wer die Hölle übersteht, lässt sich auch vom Paradies nicht unterkriegen." - Author: David Gray