[When Happiness Is Liked By Me And Others Equally, What Is So Special About Me That I Should Strive After Happiness Only For Myself?]

Author: Śāntideva Quotes

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Charlotte Munro Quotes

"By the sound of things, you know nothing about mathematics.You can put it like that. Im utterly useless.Useless is such a harsh word, you are merely... inexperienced. So I thought we could start at the beginning.Im not that stupid. I know how to add, subtract and multiply-I dont mean that kind of beginning..."

Frederick W Smith Quotes

"Every time we make an investment decision at FedEx, we ask ourselves: What is the return on this investment?"

Audacia Ray Quotes

"I am coming. I cant be coming. Im fighting it, and thats making it worse. I am trying to fake not having an orgasm. I wonder if he can tell…I feel a little sick to my stomach when I realize exactly what sensation has brought me to this unfortunate climax: the friction of a very fat mans matted belly hair on my clit. This man I am on top of is the most repulsive person Ive ever allowed to touch me. Sheer physics wont allow him to be on top of me. In fact, I am not entirely sure how it is that he will get back up from his supine position.This man is my john. This orgasm and the wave of revulsion that follows quickly on its heels and makes my skin turn cold makes him my last client in my short career as an escort."

CJ Peterson Quotes

"While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.http://cjpetersonwrites.com/"

Longchen Rabjam Quotes

"In Guhyagarbha (māyājāla tantra) it is said:In any of the four times and ten directionsEnlightenment will not be foundExcept in the Mind, which is the fully enlightened state.Do not seek the Buddha in any other source.(Otherwise) even if the Buddha (himself) searches, it will not be found."

Odin Dupeyron Quotes

"Espero que en algún lugar haya otro ser humano que haya sentido alguna vez lo que estoy sintiendo ahora... y también espero que este ser humano no esté encerrado en La Castañeda o en el San Bernardino."

Colum McCann Quotes

"The Irish are great for their tunes, but all their lovesongs are sad and their warsongs happy."

Adam DeVine Quotes

"I sold steaks over the phone in Omaha, Nebraska. Marbling, fantastic. Thats what makes a great steak; a lot of people dont know."

Adele Exarchopoulos Quotes

"In every shoot, between the actor and the director there is manipulation. Im not saying that negatively. Its healthy."

Andrew Tobias Quotes

"Its very nice to be able to be who you are."

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"Nothing is obvious in itself. Obviousness is subjective." - Author: Rex Stout

Quotes About Walls Have Ears

"Two years ago," she says, "I was afraid of spiders, suffocation, walls that inch slowly inward and trap you between them,getting thrown out of Dauntless, uncontrollable bleeding, getting run over by a train, my fathers death,public humiliation, and kidnapping by men without faces."Everyone stares blankly at her."Most of you will have anywhere from ten to fifteen years in your fear landscapes. That is the average number," she says."Whats the lowest number someone has gotten?" asks Lynn."In recent years," says Lauren, "four."I have not looked at Tobias since we were in the cafeteria,but I cant help but look at him now. He keeps his eyes trained on the floor. I knew that four was a low number, low enough to merit a nickname,but I didnt know it was less than half the average.I glare at my feet.Hes exceptional. And now he wont even look at me." - Author: Veronica Roth

Quotes About Meows

"The best present is wrapped in fur. And when you shake the package, it meows. Give the gift of love, before it runs away and gets run over." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Funny Johannesburg

"No laws: to break, or to follow. Do anything you want. Which does funny things to you. Very quickly, surprisingly quickly, you become-" [...] "exactly who you are." - Author: Samuel R. Delany

Quotes About Hector And Achilles

"I recognized the handwriting, and my heart gave a skip; when I opened it I got a turn, for it began, To my beloved Hector, and I thought, by God shes cheating on me, and has sent me the wrong letter by mistake. But in the second line was a reference to Achilles, and another to Ajax, so I understood she was just addressing me in terms which she accounted fitting for a martial paladin; she knew no better. It was a common custom at that time, in the more romantic females, to see their soldier husbands and sweethearts as Greek heroes, instead of the whore-mongering, drunken clowns most of them were. However, the Greek heroes were probably no better, so it was not far off the mark." - Author: George MacDonald Fraser

Quotes About Change Humorous

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And well change the world." - Author: Jack Layton

Quotes About Test Taking

"Unlike modern pills, these hard antimony pills didnt dissolve in the intestines, and the pills were considered so valuable that people rooted through fecal matter to retrieve and reuse them. Some lucky families even passed down laxatives from father to son. Perhaps for this reason, antimony found heavy work as a medicine, although its actually toxic. Mozart probably died from taking too much to combat a severe fever." - Author: Sam Kean

Quotes About Tagging On Facebook

"Remember all of the me too social networks built just to have a social feature Facebook and MySpace didnt have? I built one for political discussion called Essembly. It enabled unique and potentially transformative social interactions, but only 20,000 people ever used it." - Author: Joe Green

Quotes About Dna Replication

"[...] Deep within, her female organs began to contract and release. She felt the path of his seed and now in her mind she could see a golden trail. How was this even possible? Dear God, how was any of this even possible?Now she could see the chrysalis of her genetic material, a bright burning light at the end of a tunnel. The imagery made her smile then laugh. She could see his sperm, like lightning [...] If his DNA wanted to make a child, why wouldnt it move at an accelerated rate?She felt the moment when her egg received his sperm and their child began all the fantastic portentous crazy cell replications. [...]" - Author: Caris Roane

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"It is the last real kiss of my life. I forever cling to that kiss. It was goodbye and Im sorry and I love you so much." - Author: Tarryn Fisher