[When I Attack A Role, Be It TV, Film Or Stage, The First Thing I Say Is, I Don't Want To Know Anything. If It's Good I Don't Want To Hear It; If It's Bad I Don't Want To Hear It. The Only Thing Either Thing Can Do Is Distract Me. I Like To Stay Focused.]

Author: Cicely Tyson Quotes

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Katie MacAlister Quotes

"I tried to avoid looking at the dress full on, lest it burn out my retinas with its glittering hideousness."

John A Logan Quotes

"Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic."

Jill Eisenstadt Quotes

"Her legs swing complete afternoons away."

Anne Frasier Quotes

"Words are real. Even if you cant see them, or hold them. Once you send them out in the world, they have power. Never speak words you dont mean."

Lynda Carter Quotes

"Im an adventurer and I enjoy all types of things, and eating is a part of that. Its just too bad we have to watch what we eat."

Chiang Kai Shek Quotes

"War is not only a matter of equipment, artillery, group troops or air force; it is largely a matter of spirit, or morale."

Edward De Bono Quotes

"People should realize were jerks just like them."

Gary Ghislain Quotes

"Let me just say it out loud so we can laugh together: Youre going to find Johnny Depp, take him back to Vahalal, and put him in a zoo?"

Deanna Raybourn Quotes

"I put my hands on my hips, not caring if I sounded like a Billingsgate fishwife. "Yes, it was a dangerous thing to do, but as it seems to have escaped your attention, I remind you I am above thirty years of age, of sound body and mind, and in control of my own fortune. That means," I said, moving closer still, poking his chest for emphasis, "I am mistress of myself and answer to no one."

John Boorman Quotes

"I was in Japan, and my assistant director had worked with Kurosawa. I used quite of number of Kurosawas crew."

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Quotes About Foundations

"The main foundations of every state, new states as well as ancient or composite ones, are good laws and good arms - you cannot have good laws without good arms, and where there are good arms, good laws inevitably follow." - Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

Quotes About Youngest Son

"How we perceive, feel about and respond to people and situations is far more guided by the lessons of early childhood than we would like to believe. We may be adults, chronologically and physically, but too often the youngest parts of our personality are invisibly, yet actively, living our lives." - Author: Charlette Mikulka

Quotes About Dragones

"De Chicago a Nueva York, de Londres a Pekín, de los dioramas de vida animal de los museos, de las fauces congeladas en un gruñido de leones y perros salvajes, de las mandíbulas de dragones de Komodo, pitones reales y lobos árticos disecados, la muchacha, el fantasma… estaba robando dientes." - Author: Laini Taylor

Quotes About Bioenergetics

"Bioenergetics is an adventure in self-discovery. It differs from similar explorations into the nature of the self by attempting to understand the human personality in terms of the human body. Most previous explorations focused their investigations on the mind." - Author: Alexander Lowen

Quotes About A New Angel In Heaven

"Heaven, such as it is, is right here on earth. Behold: my revelation: I stand at the door in the morning, and lo, there is a newspaper, in sight like unto an emerald. And holy, holy, holy is the coffee, which was, and is, and is to come. And hark, I hear the voice of an angel round about the radio saying, "Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell." And lo, after this I beheld a great multitude, which no man could number, of shoes. And after these things I will hasten unto a taxicab and to a theater, where a ticket will be given unto me, and lo, it will be a matinee, and a film that doeth great wonders. And when it is finished, the heavens will open, and out will cometh a rain fragrant as myrrh, and yea, I have an umbrella." - Author: Sarah Vowell

Quotes About Internal Pain

"Lincoln had internalized the pain of those around him—the wounded soldiers, the captured prisoners, the defeated Southerners. Little wonder that he was overwhelmed at times by a profound sadness that even his own resilient temperament could not dispel." - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin

Quotes About Little Girl

"Calling all mothers! Some advice for you. If you have a little girl, dont be the kind of mother who says: "All I want is for her to be happy." No, no, no. Want her to be top of her class. Want her to become Chairman of the Board. Want her to marry a millionaire. Want something negotiable, so she has room to rebel. If all you want is for her to be happy, all she can do to separate from you is be miserable." - Author: Orna Ross

Quotes About My Only Sister

"LEIA —O help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, help. Thou art Mine only hope. LUKE —I wonder who she is. Whoever she may be, whatever is Her cause, I shall unto her pleas respond. Not een were she my sister could I know A duty of more weight than I feel now. It seemeth she some dreadful trouble hath— Mayhap I should replay the message whole." - Author: Ian Doescher

Quotes About Growing Up Without Parents

"I dont struggle because I was always the stupidest kid in the class and the idea that I would ever be brilliant was knocked out of me in the third grade. So Im not sitting around trying to be brilliant, or Shakespeare. Im just trying to get the work I have in my head down on the page in the best way I possibly know how without putting that horrible pressure on myself of saying Im going to write it today and in 200 years at Princeton they will be studying these words." Yeah, I want my stuff to be as good as I can conceivably make it, but I am not going to put that on my head" - Author: Stephen J. Cannell

Quotes About Caught In The Middle

"You know . . . a lot of kids at school hate their parents. Some of them got hit. And some of them got caught in the middle of wrong lives. Some of them were trophies for their parents to show the neighbors like ribbons or gold stars. And some of them just wanted to drink in peace." - Author: Stephen Chbosky