[When I Envied A Man's Spurs Then They Were Indeed Worth Coveting.]

Author: Zane Grey Quotes

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H C Bunner Quotes

"Shake was a dramatist of note; He lived by writing things to quote."

Johann Ludwig Tieck Quotes

"With horror he perceived that, by uniting himself as he had with the dead, he had cut himself off from the living. Stripped of all earthly hope, bereft of every consolation, he was rendered as poor as mortal can possiblybe on this side of the grave."

Cody McFadyen Quotes

"Ah, James, our James," she says, sounding wistful. "Cant live with him, cant kill him slowly enough." - Callie (pg. 141)"

Jancee Dunn Quotes

"It hit me that being hip was a full-time job, and I was only a part-timer. I couldnt hide forever that I liked county fairs, particularly the goat booth at the 4-H tent, or that I once spent a week with my grandmother at her house in the giant retirement community of Sun City, Arizona, and it was one of the most carefree times of my life."

Heather Hepler Quotes

"I know the mall is just a lot of fake plants and fake food and people buying crap for too much money, and at Christmas people pay for their kids to talk to Santa, learning greed the way some kids learn piano. I know all that. I can hear the Muzak, smell the waffle fries. Like everybody else, I walk around stuck inside a cliche, like were stars of some TV show we plan to watch later, if nothing else is on. But still, theres something hopeful about this place, too, and maybe it takes having a crazy mother to get that. People buy stuff, because they think they are going to need it, because they think their lives are going to keep skipping down the same old path, and I want so much for that to be true for them that it nearly makes me cry. The mall says, Nothing is terrible. The mall says, Life is small and adequate."

Ben M Baglio Quotes

"Were ready for him!"

Anodea Judith Quotes

"Devotion is a spiritual act of egoless surrender. When the Self blinds the spirit too tightly, then devotion expands the blinding by lifting us beyond ourselves. We get the powerful lesson that the Self survives even without constant attention."

Eileen Granfors Quotes

"Today I will find something beautiful.Delicate pink blossoms on a cherry tree.The dove resting near the lemon buds.Sunbeams smiling from sky to earth.Smiling on me."Creating" in BREATHE IN"

Ruskin Bond Quotes

"love is undying,of that I feel certain.I mean deep,abiding,cherishing love.The love that gives protection even as you,my guardian angel,gave me protection long after you had gone-and continue to give this very day...A love beyond Death-a love that makes Life alive!"

Hedy Lamarr Quotes

"When I attained a certain advanced intimacy with a man, and I dont just mean sex, I married him."

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Quotes About Destructive Friendships

"The urge to find the real facts is destructive only to people or systems (friendships, family dynamics, political dynasties) that are based on lies. The truth can scare you half to death, but its never as destructive as deception." - Author: Martha N. Beck

Quotes About Aspirations And Dreams

"I think the fact that I am living my dream and being really productive and embarking on all my lifelong aspirations is proof enough that if I can do it, anyone can. I try to tell everybody to dream big and go after their dreams." - Author: Elliott Yamin

Quotes About Meters

"Todos los hombres buscaban la "libertad" y la "felicidad" en un punto cualquiera del pasado, sólo por miedo a ver alzarse ante ellos la visión de la responsabilidad propia y del propio singular camino. Durante un par de años alborotaban y bebían, para someterse luego al rebaño y convertirse en señores graves al servicio del Estado." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Hamlet And The Ghost

"I am haunted by the ghost of my father, I think that should allow me to quote Hamlet as much as I please." - Author: Erin Morgenstern

Quotes About Enjoying Rainy Days

"Some people are making such thorough preparation for rainy days that they arent enjoying todays sunshine." - Author: William Feather

Quotes About Helpful Teachers

"Librarians have always been among the most thoughtful and helpful people. They are teachers without a classroom. No libraries, no progress." - Author: Willard Scott

Quotes About Busybody

"...So you can put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Busybody Holmes." - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

Quotes About Underlying Issues

"Addictions are just symptoms of underlying issues, and in my view Nikki self-medicated the emotional pain of his childhood, and being away from his mother a lot, through drug use. What did he want? Ultimately he wanted to be able to create love for himself as a person." - Author: Nikki Sixx

Quotes About Kee

"Okay," I said, "whats your biggest fear?"As always, he took a second to think about the answer."Clowns," he said."Clowns.""Yup."I just looked at him. "What?" he said, glancing over at me."That is not a real answer," I told him."Says who?""Says me. I meant a real fear, like of failure, of death, of regret. Like that. Something that keeps you awake nights, questioning your very existence."He thought for a second. "Clowns." - Author: Sarah Dessen

Quotes About Liver Cancer

"It seems that cancer is a direct result to injury. If you smoke, you damage your lung tissue, and then lung cancer arises. If you drink, you damage your liver, and then liver cancer occurs." - Author: Eva Vertes