[When I Was Seventeen I Found A Man, Or Maybe He Found Me. Away From Home For The First Time, Out Of Reach Of My Father's Archaic Restrictions And My Mother's Culinary Insistence, I Cut Off My Hair, Dropped My Christian Name, Wore Black And Toyed With Anorexia, Passing Incognito Among The City Workers, Just Another Ant In That Vast Heap.]

Author: Nell Grey Quotes

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Thomas Shepard Quotes

"That though thou seest it no great matter to be separated from Christ now, yet when the heavens shall be in a flaming fire, and the earth shall give up the dead that be in it."

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"Its a hard life as a professional cricketer. Its not as easy as everyone makes out. To survive you need a tough hide."

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"Without the pen of Paine, the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain."

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"All of our affairs, since the union of crowns, have been managed by the advice of English ministers, and the principal offices of the kingdom filled with such men, as the court of England knew would be subservient to their designs."

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"Remembering that man is indeed the microcosm, the universe in miniature, the Divine Dance of the future should be able to convey with its slightest gestures some significance of the universe."

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"I know I need to stay away from you, Avery. All I want is one kiss. Ive got to taste you."

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"But Im just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

VanCL Quotes

"No Life is led by without faltering."

The Economist Quotes

"An oft-quoted statistic from the [United Nations] reports is that the amount of literature translated into Spanish in a single year exceeds the entire corpus of what has been translated into Arabic in 1,000 years."

Joseph Pilates Quotes

"By exercising your stomach muscles, you wring out the body, you dont catch colds, you dont get cancer, you dont get hernias. Do animals get hernias? Do animals go on diets?"

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"Shush me again, I dare you." - Annabelle" - Author: Gena Showalter

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"The observant Jew has his own sense of values. Torah Judaism is his blueprint for this life, his target for existence." - Author: Meir Kahane

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"My breath slipped from me, almost a groan. Trent Kalamack. The obscenely successful, smiling businessman, ruthless bio- and street-drug lord, elf in hiding, and pain-in-my-ass-extraordinaire Trent Kalamack. Right on schedule. "Why is it you show up only when I need money?" - Author: Kim Harrison

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"Some call you the lost brothers. Look at you. Living in America has lightened your skin, made you forget your language. You have tasted Western women and youre probably not as attracted to Vietnamese women anymore. You eat nutritious Western food and you are bigger and stronger than us. You know better than to smoke and drink like Vietnamese. You know exercise is good so you dont waste your time sitting in cafés and smoking your hard earned money away. Someday, your blood will mix so well with the Western blood that there will be no difference between you and them. You are already lost to us." - Author: Andrew X. Pham

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"Seberapa berat amanah seorang ibu|berat banget seberat nyawa lo kali|ngeri dong|banget, makanya gw selalu berharap kalian hati2~" - Author: Dian Nafi

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"La magia deforma la realidad en interés de otro, con el fin de provocar una duda liberadora; la trampa, en cambio, deforma la realidad en detrimento de otro, con el objetivo de robarle su dinero." - Author: Amélie Nothomb

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"When we no longer look at an organic being as a savage looks at a ship, as at something wholly beyond his comprehension; when we regard every production of nature as one which has had a history; when we contemplate every complex structure and instinct as the summing up of many contrivances, each useful to the possessor, nearly in the same way as when we look at any great mechanical invention as the summing up of the labour, the experience, the reason, and even the blunders of numerous workmen; when we thus view each organic being, how far more interesting, I speak from experience, will the study of natural history become!" - Author: Charles Darwin

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"There is in Albert Camus literary craftsmanship a seductive intelligence that could almost make a reader dismiss his philosophical intentions if he had not insisted on making them so clear." - Author: Aberjhani

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"How frequently has melancholy and even misanthropy taken possession of me, when the world has disgusted me, and friends have proven unkind. I have then considered myself as a particle broken off from the grand mass of mankind." - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft

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"The toddler started making this whine/moan noise while pawing at Tabitha. I know as a woman Im supposed to have this innate love of babies, but the truth is, they kind of remind me of zombies. They stumble around, arms out, moaning. And if they get a hold of you, they suck the energy out of you." - Author: Cindi Madsen