[When My Father Announced His Campaign For President On Oct. 3, 1991, I Had Already Cast My Vote In Favor Of His Candidacy.]

Author: Chelsea Clinton Quotes

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Robert Hewison Quotes

"Ruskins concern for art education applied to the development of the power of the hand and eye for everyone."

Stavros Niarchos Quotes

"You can never tell what ships are worth."

Kathy Baker Quotes

"I did not see myself as a leading lady. I thought I was really funny-looking and I would never be the lead, and I certainly would never do film or television. I wanted to do theater. I wanted to be the grand dame of the American stage."

Revelations 22 11 Quotes

"The Angel said, Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong, and the one who is filthy still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness."

Dave Thompson Quotes

"Had Kurt Cobain not committed suicide in 1994, would his genius have survived the continuous incisions of a media that was only too proud of its ability to chisel away at his fragile psyche in the years before he decided that hed had enough off their invasions? And, had Jimi Hendrix not passed way in 1970, would he, too have eventually fallen into decline, first equalled, then eclipsed by the brilliant wave of new guitarists: Robin Trower, Ritchie Blackmore, Mick Ronson, who emerged during the early 1970s? In death, Hendrix led by example: in life he could have been left for the dead."

Mariane Pearl Quotes

"Try to avoid complaints. Self-pity even when legitimate never fails to undermine your strength."

Cathy Guisewite Quotes

"Cathy was the first widely syndicated humor strip created by a woman. The strip was pretty revolutionary at the time not only because it starred a female, but also because it was so emotionally honest about all the conflicting feelings many women had in 1976."

Friedrich August Von Hayek Quotes

"The progress of the natural sciences in modern times has of course so much exceeded all expectations that any suggestion that there may be some limits to it is bound to arouse suspicion."

Peleg Top Quotes

"Design is not really a way for me to express myself. Design is a product that we produce for a client."

Mia Castile Quotes

"...you have owned my cold, hard heart since I met you."

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"... our Janice is gone, but youre still here, and your first allegiance should never be to the dead." - Author: Dean Koontz

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"I love sharing my knowledge of hitting with others. Now coaches and players at all levels can learn my systematic approach to hitting a baseball with more consistency, mental strength and accuracy." - Author: Dusty Baker

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"A lényeg semmi, hanem a forma szent. A mostani emberek olyanok, mint amilyenek madaraknak a kitömött madarak. Éppen nézegetett ma ilyeneket Alapi a kirakatokban. Ha szépen áll a csőrük, tollazatuk, hát tökéletesek, az nem tesz semmit, hogy a testükben kóc van és nem vér, azért ők a forma szerint kifogástalanok. Vigyázzatok, a formákkal ölik meg Alapit! Hát a formák ellen hasonlóan formákkal kell küzdeni, mert a formák embereinek csak a formák imponálnak." - Author: Kálmán Mikszáth

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"Im waiting for the day when my children cease to find my domestic propriety reassuring and actually find it annoying." - Author: Rachel Cusk

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"When actors are being defensive and defending their position, that is when you get less than good acting." - Author: John Boorman

Quotes About Fifteen Birthday

"Your daughter is ugly.She knows loss intimately,carries whole cities in her belly.As a child, relatives wouldnt hold her.She was splintered wood and sea water.They said she reminded them of the war.On her fifteenth birthday you taught herhow to tie her hair like rope and smoke it over burning frankincense.You made her gargle rosewaterand while she coughed, saidmacaanto girls like you shouldnt smellof lonely or empty.You are her mother.Why did you not warn her,hold her like a rotting boatand tell her that men will not love herif she is covered in continents,if her teeth are small colonies,if her stomach is an islandif her thighs are borders?What man wants to lay down and watch the world burn in his bedroom? Your daughters face is a small riot,her hands are a civil war,a refugee camp behind each ear,a body littered with ugly thingsbut God, doesnt she wearthe world well." - Author: Warsan Shire

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"Are we controlled by our thoughts, or are we controlling our thoughts?" - Author: Raymond Holliwell

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"I have vanity and greed enough for one person. But at the same time, I feel in my bones you lose a lot of lifes value if you dont see yourself as a member of the family of man." - Author: Ralph Waite

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"Be proud of being a woman; proud of everything that comes in the package - including the mood swings of pms, the frustration of periods, the labour pains, everything. Along with the pms comes deeper understanding of yourself, your weaknesses and chance to improve upon, along with periods comes on the other side the ability to conceive and labour pains culminate in something lot wonderful.Celebrate womanhood every single day! We are special, a God-made package filled so much with love, caring, understanding and patience that I am sure even He must have felt proud after having created.Spread love. Happy Womens Day." - Author: Arti Honrao

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"I want to see a player on the football field. I want to see what kind of teammate they are, what kind of leadership qualities they have. I want to see how aggressive they are, how much fun they have playing the game." - Author: Roy Clark