[When Newsweek Owner Katharine Graham Heard About Our Lawsuit, She Asked, "Which Side Am I Supposed To Be On?]

Author: Lynn Povich Quotes

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Harry Frankfurt Quotes

"I used to teach at Yale, which was at one time a center of postmodernist literary theory. Derrida was there. Paul de Man was there."

RJ Silver Quotes

"I dont know who that guy was in the famous statue called The Thinker, but he was so deep in thought, he forgot to put on a pair of pants."

Jael McHenry Quotes

"I tell myself Im fine on my own, but am I? No friends to fall back on, no relationships, no support. Left to my own devices, I have no devices."

Brittainy C Cherry Quotes

"Well then..." I clear my throat once. "You are a fantastic actor," I say, breathless, and emotionally drugged up on Mr. Sexdorable."

Francis Atterbury Quotes

"The greater absurdities are, the more strongly they evince the falsity of that supposition from whence they flow."

Lynn Schooler Quotes

"We are candles, I remember thinking, and the wind is rising."

Jennifer Armintrout Quotes

"What?" I whined, and tried to push his hands away.He cursed and gripped me tighter. "Wake up!" he yelled. When I didnt, he slapped my cheek.My eyes flew open and I sputtered in shock. "What? Just let me go back to sleep!""I cant! Youve lost a lot of blood. If you go to sleep, youll die."

Robert Schimmel Quotes

"Because when youre laughing, there is no other emotion in that moment except for joy."

Elizabeth Inchbald Quotes

"For the hackneyed art of lying without injury to anyone, Rushbrook, to his shame, was proficient."

Lesley Visser Quotes

"I dont know if everybody is ready to hear a woman tell them so-and-so is going to run off left tackle. But you know what? Theyre going to hear it."

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Quotes About Hermitage

"O, what a world of unseen visions and heard silences, this insubstantial country of the mind! What ineffable essences, these touchless rememberings and unshowable reveries! And the privacy of it all! A secret theater of speechless monologue and prevenient counsel, an invisible mansion of all moods, musings, and mysteries, an infinite resort of disappointments and discoveries. A whole kingdom where each of us reigns reclusively alone, questioning what we will, commanding what we can. A hidden hermitage where we may study out the troubled book of what we have done and yet may do. An introcosm that is more myself than anything I can find in a mirror. This consciousness that is myself of selves, that is everything, and yet is nothing at all - what is it?And where did it come from?And why?" - Author: Julian Jaynes

Quotes About Famous Reconnaissance

"I was worried that all the corners of the earth had been explored, all the great battles fought. The famous people on TV were athletes and actresses and singers. What did they stand for? I wondered: Had the time for heroes passed?" - Author: Eric Greitens

Quotes About Nerds In Love

"I attended a symposium, an event named after a fifth century (B.C.) Athenian drinking party in which nonnerds talked about love; alas, there was no drinking, and mercifully, nobody talked about love." - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Quotes About Wind

"I saw him glance briefly round the chamber as though to make sure he had not overlooked anything that might appertain to my comfort. He went across to close the wooden shutters at the window and, when he returned to set a glass of water on the table beside the bed, I reached up on impulse to squeeze his cold hand. "Youre a good boy, Erik," I said fondly, "Id like to think you wont ever let anyone persuade you otherwise." He held on to my fingers for a moment, enclosing them between his palms and I became aware that he had started to tremble. My God ... the boy was crying ... crying because I had spoken kindly and touched him with affection!"Erik ..." I whispered helplessly."Im sorry!" he stammered, dropping my hand and stepping back from the bed hastily, "Im very sorry! Please forgive me!"And before I could say a word to stop him he fled from the room." - Author: Susan Kay

Quotes About Pl

"Well not really to get attention, but to entertain, but you know to show some elements of rural life as well, it kind of blended all in, its kind of like a mockery in a sense, kind of stab back at people that have those stereotypical ideas of the south." - Author: Bubba Sparxxx

Quotes About Detik

"Apa boleh buat, jalan seorang penulis adalah jalan kreativitas, di mana segenap penghayatannya terhadap setiap inci gerak kehidupan, dari setiap detik dalam hidupnya, ditumpahkan dengan jujur dan total, seperti setiap orang yang berusaha setia kepada hidup itu sendiri—satu-satunya hal yang membuat kita ada." - Author: Seno Gumira Ajidarma

Quotes About Encompass

"Im not sure the word "sorry" does anything justice. Its such a loose word isnt it? I mean how can one puny word encompass all the stuff you did - But also the, all the things you didnt do? Its the inactions that keep people up at night. The actions, theyre done. Theyre done. Its the inactions that never go away. They just hang there. They ROT. How is sorry supposed to stretch across all that?" - Author: Jonathan Miles

Quotes About Sisterhood Maya Angelou

"Subtle velociraptor sisterhood signals were being passed from one to another at the same time - an arched eyebrow here, a slight nod there, a frown and shrug ending with a sigh. Damon didnt know it, but he had just been accused, tried, acquitted and restored to duty - with the conclusion that extra surveillance was necessary in the future." - Author: L.J. Smith

Quotes About 1985

"Erinnern, das heißt, eines Geschehens so ehrlich und rein zu gedenken, daß es zu einem Teil des eigenen Innern wird. Das stellt große Anforderungen an unsere Wahrhaftigkeit."[Ansprache am 8. Mai 1985 in der Gedenkstunde im Plenarsaal des Deutschen Bundestages]" - Author: Richard von Weizsäcker

Quotes About Sepulcher

"LONG LIVE...This country is but a wish of the spirit, a counter-sepulcher.In my country, tender proofs of spring and badly dressed birds are preferred to far-off goals.Truth waits for dawn beside a candle. Window glass is neglected. To the watchful, what does it matter?In my country, we dont question a man deeply moved.There is no malignant shadow on the capsized boat.A cool hello is unknown in my country.We borrow only what can be returned increased.There are leaves, many leaves, on the trees in my country. The branches are free to bear no fruits.We dont believe in the good faith of the victor.In my country, we say thank you." - Author: René Char