[When The Fight Ends You Can Afford To Relax. That's The Worst Part. Winner Or Loser You Have Again Eyes To See Around You. Blood, Butchered Bodies, Bodies Pierced By Arrows. You Stir Inside, Your Heart Tightens, The Feeling Of Loss Wells Up. The Sense Of Smell Is The Next Thing To Revive, Adding A New Dimension Of Pain. I Closed The Eyes Of The Last Cadet, Blue Eyes, Unseeing, His Body, So Small, Almost A Child, The Youngest Cadets Were All Gone, Their Faces Surprised In Death. Cold Lips Never Able Again To Kiss A Girl. It's Then That The Emptiness Swallows You And You Mourn Inside. Damn You, Scharon. No! Damn You, Travellers.]

Author: Florian Armas Quotes

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