[When We Got Back To The House Logan Grabbed His Basketball, Threw It Really Hard Against The Hallway Wall, Knocked The Framed Family Photo To The Floor-it Didn't Break, He Didn't Pick It Up-and Left With A Couple Of His Friends. Thebes Picked Up The Photo, Hung It Back On The Wall, Sighed Heavily Like She'd Travelled To Every Corner Of The World, On Her Knees, With A Knife In Her Back And A Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Her Chest, And Then Made Us A Couple Of Blueberry Smoothies.]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Michael Scheuer Quotes

"A nuclear weapon of some dimension, whether its actually a nuclear weapon, or a dirty bomb, or some kind of radiological device. Yes, I think its probably a near thing."

Murasaki Shikibu Quotes

"Autumn is no time to lie alone"

Sheila Moon Quotes

"That night after my parents had kissed me good night and closed my door, I got out of bed and took from my shirt pocket the three seeds I had carried since we left the ant kingdom. Everything else Id gathered, I realized, had been either given away or given back. Way back on my closet shelf was a tiny woven Indian basket with a cover. My grandfather had given me this when I was only nine years old, but it had always held some sort of secret for me. Into this basket I put the seeds, and hid it again."Well use them," I told Scuro as I got back into bed. "Just wait. Well use them."He sighed and rearranged himself on his rug in the corner. I noticed then that the kitten-a shy little creature only recently come to our household and up till now afraid of everything including Scuro-was curled between Scuros paws, purring in its sleep."

Chris Ayres Quotes

"The movies, I thought, have got the soundtrack to war all wrong. War isnt rock n roll. Its got nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix or Richard Wagner. War is nursery rhymes and early Madonna tracks. War is the music from your childhood. Because war, when its not making you kill or be killed, turns you into an infant. For the past eight days, Id been living like a five-year-old — a nonexistence of daytime naps, mushy food, and lavatory breaks. My adult life was back in Los Angeles with my dirty dishes and credit card bills."

Patrick J Adams Quotes

"So, from a very young age, my mom tells me that I wanted to be Michael J. Fox. I didnt want to be an actor. I just wanted to be Michael J. Fox for awhile. And then, I realized that he was an actor, so I pursued that."

Tremayne Reid Quotes

"I am me, but i will be more. I will not compare myself to rest, I will strive to become a better version of myself and only myself."

John Gerzema Quotes

"Businesses have to make gestures that go beyond words. Persuasion no longer works."

Jillian Kuhlmann Quotes

"If it was my lot that I should have him for only a little while, then have him I would."

Rowena Ravenclaw JKRowling Quotes

"Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure"

R Alan Woods Quotes

"Jesus whole life was a lesson in Truth where the rubber meets the road."~R. Alan Woods [2007]"

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"Those who live in memories are never really dead."The House At Riverton" - Author: Kate Morton

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"These are things that only dogs and women understand because we tap into the pain directly, we connect to pain directly from its source, and so it is at once brilliant and brutal and clear, like white-hot metal spraying out of a fire hose, we can appreciate the aesthetic while taking the worst of it straight in the face. Men, on the other hand, are all filters and deflectors and timed release." - Author: Garth Stein

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"O camarada Lenis nos ensinou que [...] na guerra dos exércitos, não se pode atingir o objetivo estratégico, que é a destruição do inimigo e a ocupação de seu território, sem ter antes atingido uma série de objetivos táticos, visando a desagregar o inimigo antes de enfrentá-lo em campo aberto." - Author: Antonio Gramsci

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"They walked through the rainy dark like gaunt ghosts, and Garraty didnt like to look at them. They were the walking dead." - Author: Stephen King

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"A wind blew, and the sand around his drawing scattered. He wrapped his fingers inside his wifes, and Father Time rekindled a connection he had only ever had with her. He surrendered to that sensation and felt the final drops of their lives touch one another, like water in a cave, top meets bottom, Heaven meets Earth.As their eyes closed, a different set of eyes opened, and they rose from the ground as a shared south, up and up, a sun and a moon in a single sky." - Author: Mitch Albom

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"Im anxious about work, the future, friendships, past relationships... Im just one of those people that, whatever Im doing, its a big worry." - Author: Conor McPherson

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"Exile (being where we dont want to be with people we dont want to be with) forces a decision: Will I focus my attention on what is wrong with the world and feel sorry for myself? Or will I focus my energies on how I can live at my best in this place I find myself?..."I will do my best with what is here." - Author: Eugene H. Peterson

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"I developed a deep sadness for celebrities, a pity that they often are caught in a plastic world that runs too hard and too fast, and that many times that world means destroyed relationships with everyone they know and love." - Author: Karen Kingsbury

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"I love to write rhymes that have that perfect jingle. You know what Im saying when it makes your Heart tingle." - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich

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"Taggle, meanwhile, made himself popular, killing rats and bringing a rabbit into camp every evening, preening in the praise - silently, thank god, though at night, he recounted choice bits to Kate: "Rye Baro says I am a princeling; he split the leg bone for me so that I could eat the marrow. They love me. And Im sure theyll keep you, too."Mira, she thought, and treasured it each time she heard it, They must keep me. Family." - Author: Erin Bow