[When We Got To The Part Where We Had To Improvise An Argument In A Poetic Language, I Got Cold Feet. "I Can't Do This," I Said. "I Don't Know What To Say.""Say Anything," He Said. "You Can't Make A Mistake When You Improvise.""What If I Mess It Up? What If I Screw Up The Rhythm?""You Can't," He Said. "It's Like Drumming. If You Miss A Beat, You Create Another."In This Simple Exchange, Sam Taught Me The Secret Of Improvisation, One That I Have Accessed My Whole Life.]

Author: Patti Smith Quotes

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Linda Grant Quotes

"Im not shy, not reclusive, not any of those things, but the idea of a day in front of me when I have nothing to do, is just, oh what pleasure!"

Marcia Wallace Quotes

"Im in awe of people out there who deal with Alzheimers, because they have to deal with death 10 times over, year after year."

Rachael Wade Quotes

"With the many uncertainties, of one thing I was sure. I could not escape love, the very thing that had kept me mobile since the day I realized I was capable of giving and receiving it."

Ricky Gervais Quotes

"The best advice Ive ever received is, No one else knows what theyre doing either."

Mike Davis Quotes

"The car bomb is the poor mans air force."

Manish Quotes

"The end is near when your strength becomes the source of discomfort."

Philip Glass Quotes

"Traditions are imploding and exploding everywhere - everything is coming together, for better or worse, and we can no longer pretend were all living in different worlds because were on different continents."

Marty Feldman Quotes

"I wont eat anything that has intelligent life, but Id gladly eat a network executive or a politician."

Gary Haugen Quotes

"If youre wrestling with some sort of decision, reflect for a moment and ask yourself, Am I being brave, or am I being safe? In the end, it depends on whether we think God can be trusted."

Zan Tyler Quotes

"Education - The bringing up, as of a child; instruction; formation of manners. Education comprehends all that instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations." (1828 Edition of Noah Webster)"

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Quotes About One Time Love

"She didnt drink a lot, but she drank me into wonderland where we spent the time giggling and laughing. However, know this if you are able or leave while you still can. Love is unstable when built on what must come and go with the wind and sand.After awhile, I heard the increasing activity from the hall as the campus was starting to come alive and I said to Penny, "I think we need to get to the bistro" and she responded by slipping one brown shoe delicately over her white nylon socking." - Author: Joseph Persia

Quotes About Head In The Clouds

"These are maybe the most exciting stars, those just above where sky meets land and ocean, because we so seldom see them, blocked as they usually are by atmosphere…and, as I grow more and more accustomed to the dark, I realize that what I thought were still clouds straight overhead arent clearing and arent going to clear, because these are clouds of stars, the Milky Way come to join me. Theres the primal recognition, my soul saying, yes, I remember." - Author: Paul Bogard

Quotes About Consciences

"Our consciences are not all of the same pattern, an inner deliverance of fixed laws: they are the voice of sensibilities as various as our memories." - Author: George Eliot

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"You can always improve your bench and relief pitching." - Author: Keith Hernandez

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"Im from Canada, and New Zealand feels like you took all the best bits of Canada and squished them onto a tiny island like Hawaii. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the South Island." - Author: Evangeline Lilly

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"Theres only one hopeful chord in this cacophony, and its this girl Im following. I know I could tell her to get a cab—I have a feeling she can more than afford it—but I like the idea of leaving with her and staying with her. She says good-bye to the club manager as we reach the door and are released onto the street. The sidewalk is full of smokers, talking or posing their way to ash. I get the nod from a couple of people I vaguely know. Ordinarily if I left with two hot girls, thered also be some looks of admiration. Maybe its because of the clear anger between Norah and Caroline, or maybe its because they all think Im gay—whatever the case, I get no more congratulations than a cabdriver does for picking up a fare." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Demokrat

"Jika para pemberi suara tidak tahu alat terpenting yang dimanfaatkan pemimpin mereka, bisakah bangsa tersebut mengklaim sebagai bangsa yang demokratis?" - Author: John Perkins

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"Vamos lá, tornou a dizer o velho da venda preta, vamos ao que estava decidido, ou é isso, ou ficamos condenados a uma morte lenta, Alguns morrerão mais depressa se formos, disse o primeiro cego, Quem vai morrer, está já morto e nao o sabe, Que temos de morrer, sabemo-lo desde que nascemos, Por isso, de uma certa maneira, é como se já tivéssemos nascido mortos." - Author: José Saramago

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"Katie cleared her throat again. Then she looked into the window at her gums. She said, "To change the subject, do you think I could tell if I had gingivitis?" - Author: M.T. Anderson

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"There are a lot of very flamboyant and outlandish people and attention-seekers in L.A., and I think thats what makes L.A. appealing. A lot of people are attracted to come here to do things and make things happen and the city seems to attract larger-than-life characters." - Author: Roman Coppola