[When You Eat A Carrot That Is Nothing But Carrot It Zooms Through Your System As A Carrot. When You Eat A Piece Of Mass-produced Carrot Cake That Contains 32 Ingredients, Your Metabolism Screeches To A Halt While Your Body Tries To Figure Out What All Those Things Are That You Just Swallowed, And What It Is Supposed To Do With Them. Therefore, The Problem Isn't "fat", Its Piles Of Excess Ingredients Your Body's Stacked On Shelves And Vowed To Sort Out Later.]

Author: Cathy Guisewite Quotes

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"I play mostly bad guys on TV and mostly good guys in movies."

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"Socialism is politicized envy."

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"It is easy to say the word forgiveness but the challenge is to live the word forgiveness."

Michael A Singer Quotes

"Death changes everything in a flash. Thats the reality of the situation. If all these things can be changed in an instant, then maybe they arent so real after all."

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"When all of a sudden, people say, Wow, you look nice, and carry on, its shocking. Really awkward."

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"I used to be a mddle-of-the-road kid, but now with my freaky looks Im definately an outsider. Hooray."

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"When our mind works freely without any hindrance, and is at liberty to come or to go, we attain Samadhi of Prajna, or liberation. Such a state is called the function of thoughtlessness. But to refrain from thinking of anything, so that all thoughts are suppressed, is to be Dharma-ridden, and this is an erroneous view."

Deborah L Halliday Quotes

"Their roar is around me. I am on the brink Of the great waters—and their anthem voiceGoes up amid the rainbow and the mist.Their chorus shakes the ground. I feel the rocksOer which my feet hang idly—as they hungOer babbling brooks in boyhood—quiveringUnder the burst of music. Awful voice! And strong, triumphant waters! Do I standIndeed amid your shoutings! Is it mineTo shout on this gray summit, where the bird,The cloudy, monarch bird shrieks from his crag,Oer which hes wheeled for centuries? I lift upMy cry in echo; but no sound is there,And my shout seems but whisper. Extract from the poem "Niagara" by Grenville Mellen, 1839."

Joseph Warren Quotes

"May our land be a land of liberty, the seat of virtue, the asylum of the oppressed, a name and a praise in the whole Earth, until the last shock of time shall bury the empires of the whole world in one common undistinguished ruin!"

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"Like my father, Donor White could hold in his head the incompatible demands of rationality and irrationality, of facts and love."

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"Why was it always easier to say the things in the dark, you couldnt say in the light?" - Author: A.B. Shepherd

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"It was not uncommon for the children to be told they were being treated this way because it was their bad karma and they must have hurt a child in a past life." - Author: Mary Garden

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"Our only real pleasure is to squander our resources to no purpose, just as if a wound were bleeding away inside us; we always want to be sure of the uselessness or the ruinousness of our extravagance." - Author: Georges Bataille

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"Kessler depicts his developing intimacy with a handful of dairy goats and offers an enviable glimpse of the pastoral good life. Yet he also cautions, "Wherever the notion of paradise exists, so does the idea that it was lost. Paradise is always in the past." The title Goat Song is a literal rendering of the Greek word traghoudhia, tragedy. Reading it, I was reminded of Leo Marxs analysis of Thoreaus Walden. In The Machine in the Garden, Marx names Thoreau a tragic, if complex pastoralist. After failing to make an agrarian living raising beans for commercial trade (although his intent was always more allegorical than pecuniary), Thoreau ends Walden by replacing the pastoral idea where it originated: in literature. Paradise, Marx concludes, is not ultimately to be found at Walden Pond; it is to be found in the pages of Walden." - Author: Heather Paxson

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"Your corn is ripe today; mine will be so tomorrow. Tis profitable for us both, that I should labour with you today, and that you should aid me tomorrow. I have no kindness for you, and know you have as little for me. I will not, therefore, take any pains upon your account; and should I labour with you upon my own account, in expectation of a return, I know I should be disappointed, and that I should in vain depend upon your gratitude. Here then I leave you to labour alone; You treat me in the same manner. The seasons change; and both of us lose our harvests for want of mutual confidence and security." - Author: David Hume

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"At the corner of K street and Fourth Avenue, I slowed down to let a pedestrian cross, a boy around my age. Maybe because he was so tall or maybe because of the way he walked-with a determined leaving into the cold-I couldnt take my eyes off him. His face was angled away from the car, and I got this strange urge to make him turn around so I could see it. I pressed my hand to the horn, but no sound came out, which was a relief. What was I thinking, anyway, doing something weird and embarrassing like honking at a stranger? Just then my cell phone rang from the pocket of my jacket. I pulled the car over, saw it was Ethan, and answered."Hi," I said, still watching the figure go down the street. "Guess what?""What? You got all your trig homework done?""No. Think more within the realm of possibility.""You got a tattoo?""Ha. A car. I got a car." - Author: Sara Zarr

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"Indeed, everything that could hum, or buzz, or sing, or bloom had a part in my education--noisy-throated frogs, katydids and crickets held in my hand until, forgetting their embarrassment, they trilled their reedy note, little downy chickens and wildflowers, the dogwood blossoms, meadow-violets and budding fruit trees. I felt the bursting cotton-bolls and fingered their soft fiber and fuzzy seeds; I felt the low soughing of the wind through the cornstalks, the silky rustling of the long leaves, and the indignant snort of my pony..." - Author: Helen Keller

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"Hi, Mom…Yes, I know my heart rates dangerously elevated. That sound? Im being shot at, Ma. Gotta go now. Love you much. Hugs and kisses. (Devyn)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"Our ideal is to make her ever stronger and better and finer, because in that way alone, as we believe, can she be of the greatest service to the worlds peace and to the welfare of mankind." - Author: Henry Cabot Lodge

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"Ogni sera, per riuscire a dormire, Alfredo fantasticava.Di stendere il cadavere di Irene sul tavolo di una sala operatoria e farla a pezzi meticolosamente e freddamente come in fondo lei aveva fatto a pezzi lui.O di aspettarla sotto casa, nel vano scale, tra le cantine e lascensore, per cingerle al collo la stessa cravatta con la quale avevano giocato spesso, a letto.Fantasticava, sulla paura nei suoi occhi, su suppliche e disprezzo, sullespressione contratta che le avrebbe lasciato sul volto.Fantasticava, e si addormentava sereno." - Author: Cristina Obber