[When You Eat A Carrot That Is Nothing But Carrot It Zooms Through Your System As A Carrot. When You Eat A Piece Of Mass-produced Carrot Cake That Contains 32 Ingredients, Your Metabolism Screeches To A Halt While Your Body Tries To Figure Out What All Those Things Are That You Just Swallowed, And What It Is Supposed To Do With Them. Therefore, The Problem Isn't "fat", Its Piles Of Excess Ingredients Your Body's Stacked On Shelves And Vowed To Sort Out Later.]

Author: Cathy Guisewite Quotes

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Pascale Petit Quotes

"Little deer, Ive stuffed all the worlds diseases inside you. / Your veins are thorns // and the good cells are lost in the deep dark woods / of your organs."

Insane Clown Posse Quotes

"You know the irony of life is that you have like this big dream to get where you wanna be. But once you get there you start to dream about where you came from. I guess thats the part of the circle of our lives, like the hands of a clock going round. If only we could wind them back and return to a time where the dream began. Its all too soon thats all well be is a dream in someones mind."

Vivencias De Juana Quotes

"Y te extraño, pero no se puede revivir a un muerto... aún más cuando ese muerto ya está con vida. Y sigo preguntándome dónde esta ese chico maravilloso aquel que escapaba de sus sentimientos y escondía sus palabras."

Lorraine Hansberry Quotes

"I wish to live beacause life has within it that which is good, that which is beautiful, and that which is love. Therefore, since I have known all of these things, I have found them to be reason enough and--I wish to live. Moreover, because this is so, I wish others to live for generations and generations and generations and generations."

DAndre Lampkin Quotes

"Divisions in mankind are unnatural. They are man made."

Mark Lawrenson Quotes

"Arguably, Blackburn have got the best forward line in the Premiership. Theres no denying that."

Stacey T Hunt Quotes

"Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe."

Jody Watley Quotes

"I used all that doubt as fuel for my own music, fuel for my drive to succeed."

Kate Light Quotes

"There Comes the Strangest MomentThere comes the strangest moment in your life,when everything you thought before breaks free--what you relied upon, as ground-rule and as ritelooks upside down from how it used to be.Skins gone pale, your brain is shedding cells;you question every tenet you set down;obedient thoughts have turned to infidelsand every verb desires to be a noun.I want--my want. I love--my love. Ill staywith you. I thought transitions were the best,but I want whats here to never go away.Ill make my peace, my bed, and kiss this breast…Your hearts in retrograde. You simply have no choice.Things people told you turn out to be true.You have to hold that body, hear that voice.Youd have sworn no one knew you more than you.How many people thought youd never change?But here you have. Its beautiful. Its strange."

Afnan Ahmad Mia Quotes

"Our identity has already been chosen for us; but it is up to us to accept it, or fight and change it."

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Quotes About Loving Your Mom

"Dear God, your Word has made what you require of us so perfectly clear: you desire a clean heart and loving obedience. Purify my heart by removing all iniquity from my life by the power of your Holy Spirit. I desire to be wholly transformed by your indwelling presence. I want to be with you every moment, and ask that you would give me the happy satisfaction of being used by you. Amen." - Author: Andrew Murray

Quotes About Choosing Courses

"The act of willing this or that, of choosing among various courses of conduct, is central in the realm of ethics." - Author: Corliss Lamont

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"- Nu vreau să fac ceva ce o să regreți. Spatele lui Grace se arcui sub degetele mele de parcă atingerea mea o adusese la viață. - Atunci, nu te opri. Îmi imaginasem că o să îmi spună asta într-atâtea moduri diferite, dar niciuna dintre fanteziile mele nu ajunsese atât de aproape de realitate." - Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Quotes About Windows To The World

"To the Kathakali Man these stories are his children and his childhood. He has grown up within them. They are the house he was raised in, the meadows he played in. They are his windows and his way of seeing. So when he tells a story, he handles it as he would a child of his own. He teases it. He punishes it. He sends it up like a bubble. He wrestles it to the ground and lets it go again. He laughs at it because he loves it. He can fly you across whole worlds in minutes, he can stop for hours to examine a wilting leaf. Or play with a sleeping monkeys tail. He can turn effortlessly from the carnage of war into the felicity of a woman washing her hair in a mountain stream. From the crafty ebullience of a rakshasa with a new idea into a gossipy Malayali with a scandal to spread. From the sensuousness of a woman with a baby at her breast into the seductive mischief of Krishnas smile. He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains. The hidden fish of shame in a sea of glory." - Author: Arundhati Roy

Quotes About Investing In The Future

"You have to be constantly reinventing yourself and investing in the future." - Author: Reid Hoffman

Quotes About Poisoned

"Ingersoll could not understand the mind of those who, once having been told the truth, preferred to remain under the spell of superstition and in ignorance. He could not understand why people would not accept new truths with gladness.He also knew, however, that once a persons mind had been poisoned with religious superstition, it was almost impossible to free it from the paralyzing fear which destroyed its ability to think." - Author: Ingersoll

Quotes About Cuddles

"Still, Lindsay stops getting dressed, even though hes only half-done, because he gets this urge to ambush the kid with a hug. Just that, nothing else. He wraps his arms around Valentines skinny body and pulls him close and rests his cheek on the still-damp hair and inhales the cherry-almond scent of his shampoo, and Valentine says, "Oh!" in a really odd way, like hes just read a particularly interesting fact on the back of a Penguin biscuit wrapper. Lindsays got his eyes shut but he can feel the kids hands creeping up his bare arms, over his shoulders. One stays there and the other comes to rest on the back of his neck, fingers playing idly with the ends of his hair, and several minutes pass without sound or movement, just the gentle thud of heartbeats. "Whats that for?" Valentine asks, when Lindsay finally lets him go. "Dont know. Nothing. Just seemed the kind of thing youd like. BAM, surprise ninja cuddles." - Author: Richard Rider

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"My style of writing is to allow the story to unfold on its own. I try not to structure my work too rigidly." - Author: Anita Desai

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"Back at the Chateau Windsor there was a rat-like scratching at the door of my room. Vinod, the youngest servant, came in with a soda water. He placed it next to the bag of toffees. Then he watched me read. I was used to being observed reading. Sometimes the room would fill like a railway station at rush hour and I would be expected to cure widespread boredom." - Author: Tahir Shah

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"Hidan: That was pitiful! What happened there, buddy?Kakuzu: You should talk. I wasnt the one who fell for a shadow clone!Hidan: Ahaha, right. You saw that?" - Author: Masashi Kishimoto