[When You Have To Do All The More Crappy Jobs Before, You Appreciate All The Good Work That Comes Out Of That. There Are Many Girls Who Immediately Have A Top Model Career, And There Are Lots Of Models Who Are Doing Things That Aren't As Exciting As Doing Big Campaigns And Beautiful Magazines.]

Author: Saskia De Brauw Quotes

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"I think sports are extremely beneficial for our youth. They parallel life in so many ways."

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"Now comes the reign of iron — and cased sloops are to take the place of wooden ships."

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"Im really busted up over this and Im very, very sorry to those people in the audience, the blacks, the Hispanics, whites - everyone that was there that took the brunt of that anger and hate and rage and how it came through."

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"I dont know what Mad Men has done for my fan base. I didnt know that I still had a fan base, to be honest."

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"Im Scottish first, and its odd to hear that Im a Scottish-American."

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"I do have an older brother! But you know, he and I have always gotten along. Weve always had different aspirations."

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"I want kids to think that reading can be just as much fun and more so than TV or video games or whatever else they do. I think any other kind of message or morals that I might teach is secondary to first just enjoying a book."

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"The first, and overarching, count in the new indictment is that slavery permitted one group of people to exercise unrestrained personal domination over another group of people."

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"Each words evocative value or virtue, its individual power of touching springs in the mind and of initiating visions, becomes a treasure to revel in. Besides this hold on affection a word may well have about it the glamorous prestige of high adventures in great company. Think of that the plain word "dust" calls to mind. "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was." "Dust hath closed Helens eye." "All follow this and come to dust." "The way to dusty death." So, to the lover of words, each word may be not a precious stone only, but one that has shone on Solomons temple or in Cleopatras hair."

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"Knitting keeps me from stabbing people."

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