[When You Have To Do All The More Crappy Jobs Before, You Appreciate All The Good Work That Comes Out Of That. There Are Many Girls Who Immediately Have A Top Model Career, And There Are Lots Of Models Who Are Doing Things That Aren't As Exciting As Doing Big Campaigns And Beautiful Magazines.]

Author: Saskia De Brauw Quotes

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"To do a Bond picture is a blessing but also a curse."

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"In seasons of hiddenness our sense of value is disrupted, stripped of what "others" affirmed us to be. In this season God intends to give us an unshakable identity in Him, that no amount of adoration nor rejection can alter."

Sebastian Marincolo Quotes

"Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from high up, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outsidethe box and to look at lifes patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term "high" itself."

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"A successful individual typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration."

Clotilde Hesme Quotes

"I dont have a career plan. Im not strategic enough."

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"These are icons to be treasured."

Elizabeth Chadwick Quotes

"Chretien speaking to Dominic:Magda is no ordinary young woman. There is a blood price on her head way beyond that upon any Cathar, indeed way beyond mine. I advise you most strongly to think with your head, not your loins. I am thinking, Dominic said softly, with my heart."

Kierston White Quotes

"Eyes like streams of melting snow,Cold with the things she does not know,Heaven above and Hell benieth,Liquid flames to hold her grief, Death,Death, Death with no release"

Balajinnatha Pandita Quotes

"God, bearing the whole psycho-physical existence as reflections, is also not involved in any transformation of His essence. He remains pure Consciousness alone while appearing as infinite phenomena. The whole universe exists in the transcendental aspect of God, shining there as infinite, pure, and blissful I-Consciousness. It shines within Him as Him alone, and not as anything other than Him . . . . The Universe exists in Him as pure Consciousness alone, just as all milk products are present in milk in the form of milk alone. All that is, shines within Him as "I" alone. In Him there is no trace of "this-ness" or "that-ness". Rather, it is the outward reflections of His divine powers that appear as "this-ness".— B. N. Pandit, Specific Principles of Kashmir Shaivism (3rd ed., 2008), p. 19."

Cody Solomon Quotes

"There is already enough wars in this world. Love was not meant to be one of them, Save the ammunition."

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"No man wants to f*ck a skeleton-and nibbling crackers and water like a prisoner of war at dinner isnt attractive." - Author: Emma Chase

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"This inner Being is all powerful, intelligent, indestructible and a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. This inner core is truly who and what you are and is perpetually trying to connect with your outward self." - Author: Stephen Richards

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"Life is like a river- it keeps flowing, flowing, and flowing till it merges into the sea. Nothing can stop the flow of Life, but you can enjoy the Journey.-RVM" - Author: Rvm

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"Remember that we sometimes demand explanations for the sake not of their content, but of their form. Our requirement is an architectural one; the explanation a kind of sham corbel that supports nothing." - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein

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"Corporate nationalism to me is a little bit like what would have happened if Hitler had won. Its scary stuff. Its totalitarianism in a different from, under a different flavour." - Author: Lance Henriksen

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"Connaître les autres, cest sagesse.Se connaître soi-même, cest sagesse supérieure.Imposer sa volonté aux autres, cest force.Se limposer à soi-même, cest force supérieure." - Author: Lao Tzu

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"Southerners love a good tale. They are born reciters, great memory retainers, diary keepers, letter exchangers . . . great talkers." - Author: Eudora Welty

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"And I know someone whosperfect for her. He works in my lab. Hes smart. Hes funny. His name is Bert."Bert?Is she fucking kidding me? What kind of sick son of a bitch names his kid Bert in this day andage? Thats just cruel."Hell show Kate a good time. I plan on setting them up this weekend."And I plan on handcuffing myself to Kates ankle and eating the key. Lets see what kind of goodtime Bert can show Kate when shes dragging me around behind her like a Siamese twin." - Author: Emma Chase

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"Truth is in our blood. It is the essennce of our being. It is the best part of us, the core of what makes us human. It is our soul, our fundamental genetic beauty, and our spirit. We were created perfect, and despite the inevitability that we loose some of that perfection when we mature and develop in the midst of others who are wounded, we always retain the capacity to become perfect once again. The soul may be buried deeply, but as long as our hearts beat there remains hope." - Author: Daniel Mackler

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"I daydream - and get paid for it. I recall a scene from An Officer and a Gentleman. At the end of the movie Richard Gere, dressed in his naval whites, goes into a factory, picks up Debra Winger, and carries her out of that depressing place with all of those dirty machines.I wish that would happen to me. Of course the whole time Id be worried that the guy was trying to guess my weight or something. I realize how truly pathetic I am. Some guy in a uniform drags his woman out of the workplace to stick her in a house to cook and possibly even clip coupons, and I am staring to buy into it, into the anti-female propaganda disguised as romance. As soon as he picks her up, things have to head south from there, because at some point, he has to put her down." - Author: Jill A. Davis