[When You Let Go Of Expectations And Just Dive In, Possibilities You Couldn't Have Dreamed Of Emerge. - L. R. W. Lee]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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Oliver Rendchen Quotes

"Man has created technology. Technology has created man; what we are today. Electricity is our way of life. Without it many would perish."

Angelo N Dallas Quotes

"It aint locked, till its checked!"

Jo Ann Butler Quotes

"Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come for miles to watch you burn"

Momo Kapor Quotes

"Ja uopšte mislim da najčudniji ljudi izgledaju vrlo konvencionalno, vrlostandardno. Jer čovek koji je zaista čudan iznutra, onaj koji je u dubokomnesporazumu sa svetom koji ga ne prihvata i ne shvata, ne oseća nikakvupotrebu da se ukrašava spolja, da privlači ičiju pažnju. Naprotiv! On želida se sakrije. Ima li čudnijeg ljudskog stvorenja od Kafke, na primer, a onje gotovo čitavog života radio u jednom osiguravajućem društvu u Pragu,ne razlikujući se spolja od ostalih činovnika."

Terry Castle Quotes

"True or False? The delusion that doing well in school will win me love has disfigured my life. Discuss in 5-7 pages."

Rebecca Aguilar Quotes

"If youre not pitching, stop bitching"

Dennis F Larsen Quotes

"Plunder, ravage and kill; the secret works of the repugnant. Since the fall of man and brother killing brother, evil has owned the night."

Karen Greenbaum Maya Quotes

"Suicide by train is also popular in many developed countries. Without ready access to firearms, suicidal people often turn to trains. —Der Spiegel, July 27, 2011Once it happens you cant rememberhow you started out: innocent,barreling into the tunnel,shooting out at each stationlike a dolphin out of a dim green pool.Pneumatic doors inhale open, puff shut,lock with a solid thump.Up and down the line, fifty times a day,its a long slow song. Youfeel the rumble as much as hear it.In your dim green trancethe words retain wonder:Vorsicht, Türe werden geschloßen.Caution, the doors are closing.Then the first time:someone decides darkness will answer,hides out in the tunnel,steps out in front of the trainlike he knows where hes going,steps out at you, dying at you,knowing you cant stop in time.Now each time the doors close,they seal you in. You are a human bulletshot into the tunnels, hoping no onewill block the light far ahead,each station one minutes reprieve."

Luna Lindsey Quotes

"Unseelie dreams make unseelie fae."

Larry Gagosian Quotes

"I dont wear plaid shirts."

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"Balard did not discover bromine, rather bromine discovered Balard.{Comment on Antoine Jérôme Balard, discoverer of bromine.}" - Author: Balard

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"Her concerned gaze skimmed over him. "Are you able to move much?"Now were talking. "The hips work just fine, honey. Course, itd probably be easier if you did all the-- hey, cmon now, Luna, I was just teasing." He barely managed to hold in his laugh. "Dont storm away." She pivoted on her heel and stomped back toward him. Joe braced himself, waiting for the blast of her ire. She surprised him by drawing a deep breath, then another. And one more. He sighed. She was such a volatile, passionate woman, which made tweaking her temper fun. He raised a brow. "Got control of yourself?" She gave a sharp nod. The little liar. She wanted to bludgeon him. "Good." He patted the side of the bed next to his hip. "So tell me about this needing me stuff. Im all ears." - Author: Lori Foster

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"While many ethnic and religious groups are mainly focused on the afterlife and downplaying this world, Jews view wealth and success as a blessing and gift from God." - Author: H.W. Charles

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"The appearance in nineteenth-century psychiatry, jurisprudence, and literature of a whole series of discourses on the species and subspecies of homosexuality, inversion, pederasty, and "psychic hermaphroditism" made possible a strong advance of social controls into this area of "perversity"; but it also made possible the formation of a "reverse" discourse: homosexuality began to speak in its own behalf, to demand that its legitimacy or "naturality" be acknowledged, often in the same vocabulary, using the same categories by which it was medically disqualified." - Author: Michel Foucault

Quotes About Situation Ethics

"Finding a new ethics or esthetics, as Dr. Douglass asks, will not put us in a state of grace. Existence is not given meaning by importing it into a revelation from the outside. The meaning is —there, in more closely contacting the actual situation, the only situation that there is, whatever it is. As our situation is, closely contacting it would surely result in plenty of trouble and perhaps in terrible social conflicts, terrible opportunities and duties, during which we might learn something and at the end of which we might know something, even a new ethics; for it is in such conflicts that new ethics are discovered. But it is just these conflicts that we do not observe happening. Everybody talks nice. At most there is some unruliness and dumb protest, and some withdrawal.So urging the juveniles to go to church is not serious, for how will the church give them faith? What opportunity will it open?" - Author: Paul Goodman