[When You Lose Something In Your Life, Stop Thinking It's A Loss For You... It Is A Gift You Have Been Given So You Can Get On The Right Path To Where You Are Meant To Go, Not To Where You Think You Should Have Gone.]

Author: Suze Orman Quotes

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Greg Curtis Quotes

"And there shall come a kingdom in which the lion shall lie down with the lamb. Unfortunately for the lamb it shall be inside the lion!"

Jane Stanton Hitchcock Quotes

"people without sense of humor arent much fun to be around, no matter how far theyve gotten."

MANNA Quotes


Adrian Cronauer Quotes

"The concept that you cannot own the airwaves has caused far more harm than good."

Donna Cooner Quotes

"I feel exposed. The camera is my nemesis. Right up there with mirrors."

Ludwig Borne Quotes

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."

Lynn Steward Quotes

"Danas window? More like her snow globe, Janice thought. She pictured Dana standing in a tiny glass-enclosed world, snow gently falling around her. Her world could be shaken but never broken. She was far too insulated."

Mel Blackaby Quotes

"My prayer life IS my life."

Shaykh Sa Di Quotes

"A learned man who doesnt restrain his passions is like a blind man holding a torch, he guides others but not himself."

Leo Bogart Quotes

"In my opinion, fun is what makes advertising successful."

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Quotes About Health And Aging

"If anything is horrible, if there is a reality that surpasses our worst dreams, it is this: to live, to see the sun, to be in full possession of manly vigor, to have health and joy, to laugh heartily, to rush toward a glory that lures you on, to feel lungs that breathe, a heart that beats, a mind that thinks, to speak, to hope, to love; to have mother, wife, children, to have sunlight, and suddenly, in less time than it takes to cry out, to plunge into an abyss, to fall, to roll, to crush, to be crushed, to see the heads of grain, the flowers, the leaves, the branches, unable to catch hold of anything, to feel your sword useless, men under you, horses over you, to struggle in vain, your bones broken by some kick in the darkness, to feel a heel gouging your eyes out of their sockets, raging at the horseshoe between your teeth, to stifle, to howl, to twist, to be under all this, and to say, ‘Just then I was a living man!" - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Finding The Perfect Home

"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them." - Author: John Grogan

Quotes About After Break Up

"It was exhausting,the exertions your mind went through after a breakup. Past events has to be recalled and parsed,conversations reevaluated. Clues were matched together like socks from the dryer. After all that effort, the wonder was not that you had broken up, the wonder was that you hadnt noticed all the signs. Most people dont have the time to put something in context at the moment its happening to them....Most of us are too busy remembering the dentist appointment and trying to get to work on time, and remembering to clean the fishs bowl before ti gets tail rot." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Freudian Slips

"his understanding of transference in the therapeutic relationship and the presumed value of dreams as sources of insight into unconscious desires. He is commonly referred to as "the father of psychoanalysis" and his work has been highly influential-—popularizing such notions as the unconscious, defense mechanisms, Freudian slips and dream symbolism — while also making a long-lasting impact on fields as diverse as literature (Kafka), film, Marxist and feminist theories, literary criticism, philosophy, and psychology. However, his theories remain controversial and widely disputed. Source: Wikipedia" - Author: Sigmund Freud

Quotes About Senneth

"How did they find out?" Donnal inquired. "Did you set them on fire?""You know, its so rare that I actually do that, and yet thats always the first question anyone asks me." -Senneth" - Author: Sharon Shinn

Quotes About Gibran

"ABOUT: KAHLIL GIBRAN "His power came from some great reservoir of spiritual life else it could not have been so universal and so potent, but the majesty and beauty of the language with which he clothed it were all his own." -- Claude Bragdon" - Author: Claude Bragdon

Quotes About Change Lil Wayne

"I smiled at him as best I could and pushed the paper across the table before he could change his mind. Because Henry DeVille was correct - there was an ingredient in my baking more concenctrated than any extract, more pungent than any spice; an ingredient that everyone would recognize and no one was able to name: it was regret, and it rose when one least expected." - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Being Pissed Off At A Friend

"I didnt mind getting old when I was young. Its the being old now thats getting to me." - Author: John Scalzi

Quotes About Loafing

"A word grows to a thought – a thought to an idea – an idea to an act. The change is slow, and the Present is a sluggish traveler loafing in the path Tomorrow wants to take." - Author: Beryl Markham

Quotes About Denmark

"There is a hangover from a defeat like Denmark - ask any player about when theyve had a bad game, its still in there somewhere in the back of your mind." - Author: Rio Ferdinand