[When You're Lying In Bed At Night And Regrets From The Day Come To Steal Your Sleep... "I Should Have" "If Only I'd" "I Wish I'd"...grab One Of Them And Turn It Into An "I Will" And Sleep Peacefully Knowing Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.]

Author: L.R. Knost Quotes

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Joe Sparano Quotes

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."

Anuj Kr Thakur Quotes

"Be polite, being well-mannered doesnt mean youre boring."

Sanaa Bahaddou Quotes

"Forgive but never forget"

Legh Richmond Quotes

"Engage in no pursuit in which you cannot look up unto God, and say, Bless me in this, my Father!"

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"I used to be a fighter and Im used to taking weight off."

Susan Ertz Quotes

"المضحك أن ملايين ممن يتمنون الخلود لا يجدون ما يفعلونه في أوقات فراغهم !!(سوزان أرتز)Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves in their weekend."

Stefan Edberg Quotes

"I think in 1991, when Jimmy got to the semifinals, it was just incredible all of the people coming out."

TT McClendon Quotes

"Life is a gamble and so is love"

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"Baby girl, you deserve some cloud walkin."

Ryan Kavanaugh Quotes

"You know, I think Chris Nolan is an incredibly intelligent filmmaker, and I think Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredibly talented actor."

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"Rosie flicks out her second knife and takes aim. It spins out of her hand like a star, straight at the Alphas chest. But the Alpha knocks it away easily. He raises a clawed hand at my sister and I feel a scream erupting in my throat, recognizing the motion from seven years ago. The swing will take my sisters eye. I storm through the still-transforming Fenris, swinging my hatchet as if Im hacking at tree limbs. Rosies eyes widen in horror as the Alphas claws being to descend. I grit my teeth and force my body forward, now ignoring the other wolves, desperate to reach her.A roaring scream, all human but as fierce as any Fenris howl, echoes through the parking lot. My head snaps to see its source: Silas is running toward Rosie, hunting knives in one hand, axe aloft in the other. His eyes burn brighter than any hellfire. He swings out just as the Alphas claws are about to reach Rosies face, knocking the monster out of the way." - Author: Jackson Pearce

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