[Where's Your Trident? I've Only Seen Mermen With A Trident That Looks Like A Pitchfork," Asked Alden."New Technology. I Upgraded Last Year To A Disc Implanted Under The Skin In My Right Hand. I Don't Miss Having To Carry That Clumsy Thing. Kept Dropping It.]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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CN Bovee Quotes

"To cultivate a garden is to walk with God, to go hand in hand with nature in some of her most beautiful processes, to learn something of her choicest secrets, and to have a more intelligent interest awakened in the beautiful order of her works elsewhere."

Bubba Smith Quotes

"I dont go to clubs and stuff like that, so I dont have to put up with it in there. And normally, because obviously I could hurt somebody, and if I look at it that way, I have to back off."

Don Mattingly Quotes

"Im not afraid of criticism or what somebody may think."

Jason M Steffens Quotes

"Choose the things that matter to God. See things as He sees them. Whatever results, that is the best way."

Bill Plotkin Quotes

"Remember that self-doubt is as self-centered as self-inflation. Your obligation is to reach as deeply as you can and offer your unique and authentic gifts as bravely and beautifully as youre able."

Katie Macvinsky Quotes

"Have you ever kissed anybody?" he asked and took a sip.I smirked. "There arent a whole lot of opportunitiesin the digital world. I did practice on my hand once. It didnt do anything for me".Justin coughed on the water he was swallowing and I slapped my hand over my mouth."Did I just say that aloud?" I mumbled.He was half coughing, half laughing. "Yes, you did", he managed to say."

Kelley Armstrong Quotes

"The look she gave me reminded me of when is was seven and Id proudly informed out housekeeper that Id donated half my clothing to a charity drive at school. It had seemed perfectly sensible to me-I didnt need so much stuff-but shed stared at me like Margaret was now, with a mix of horror and disbelief."

Leia Kiuski Quotes

"You will make it Liz, and no matter what happens down there, remember that I love you with everything I am, your life is my life, your pain is my pain, but my love is also your strength, and my faith your courage."

Jean Dujardin Quotes

"I watched a lot of Douglas Fairbanks movies. He always played the same role with a mustache. Zorro had a mustache. The Musketeer had a mustache. Tarzan had a mustache."

F Paul Wilson Quotes

"The acronym was derived from the title of the first book--a pamphlet, really-- in which Khyfo was expounded, a supposedly scatalogical phase that meant Dont Touch...The title was Keep Your Fucking Hands Off. Mean anything to you?Not a thing.Nor to me. But it supposedly summed up their philosophy pretty well at the time."

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"My dad was a bass player in a Latino band when I was growing up. So we always had musical instruments in our basement." - Author: Lindi Ortega

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"Surely a man must be in a parlours state to excite pity, extremely weak to inspire sympathy, or very evil-looking to make a soul tremble in a den like this, where pain must hold its tongue, poverty remain cheerful, and despair retain its self respect." - Author: Honoré de Balzac

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"The white mans happiness cannot be purchased by the black mans misery." - Author: Frederick Douglass

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"The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it." - Author: Warren G. Bennis

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"Looking at a pure heart is like looking in to a mirror. All you will see is your own reflection. If you are corrupt, you will see corruption. If you are pure, you will see purity. But dont blame the mirror, all you are seeing is yourself."- Kambiz Mostofizadeh" - Author: Kambiz Mostofizadeh

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"...you seemed to be listening to me, not to find out useful information, but to try to catch me in a logical fallacy. This tells us all that you are used to being smarter than your teachers, and that you listen to them in order to catch them making mistakes and prove how smart you are to the other students. This is such a pointless, stupid way of listening to teachers that it is clear you are going to waste months of our time before you finally catch on that the only transaction that matters is a transfer of useful information from adults who possess it to children who do not, and that catching mistakes is a criminal misuse of time." - Author: Orson Scott Card