[While Railing Against The Manufactured Prerequisites Of Womanhood Or Manhood, We Need To Avoid Manufacturing Our Own Prerequisites. The Non-operative Journey And The Objection To It Illustrate Just One Area In Which We Need To Open Our Thinking To Other Journeys While Expecting That Others Respect Our Own. - Mercedes Allen]

Author: Kate Bornstein Quotes

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"Willow Mosby, when I look at you, all of the broken pieces fit back together."

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"Human Nature "One Looks Negativity to Improve Him/Her & Other Looks Their Negativity To Proof That I am A Fool"

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"A book can take you to another land, even if just for a few hours. --Cat Spydell"

TK Leigh Quotes

"Tell me you like it, Olivia. Say the words. Tell me Im the only one who can set your body on fire like this."

Nathan Wolfe Quotes

"About 20 percent of the genetic information in your nose doesnt match anything that weve ever seen before."

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"If all of us in the world just shared love, just a little, charity foundations wouldnt be needed."

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"But theres actually a lot of punk bands out there that go out of the norm, use odd time signatures, or a lot of different tempo changes in a song."

James Blanchard Cisneros Quotes

"Joy and peace are manifestations of the presence of God, and your brother and sister are His perfect expression. You now understand that there is no need to alter perfection."

Steve Kerr Quotes

"Despite the amazing diversity were blessed with in this country, schools are still in large part segregated because of economic disparity. Sports are one of the few areas where kids are really given the opportunity to interact with those of different races and religions."

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"I have legendary massive breakfasts at hotels. I dont hold back. Ill get there at 7A.M. and Ill be the last out at 11 A.M., having gone up and down the buffet seven times."

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"After much prayer, careful study and reliance on the Holy Spirit, I have concluded this about Christs intercession for us. Jesus died on the cross to purchase peace with God for me – and He is in heaven now to maintain that peace, for me and in me." - Author: David Wilkerson

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"The core symbols we use for God represent what we take to be the highest good....These symbols or images shape our worldview, our ethical system, and our social practice--how we relate to one another.For instance, [Elizabeth A.] Johnson suggests that if a religion speaks about God as warrior, using militaristic language such as how "he crushes his enemies" and summoning people to become soldiers in Gods army, then the people tend to become militaristic and aggressive.Likewise, if the key symbol of God is that of a male king (without any balancing feminine imagery), we become a culture that values and enthrones men and masculinity." - Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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"Microserfs (1995) p28 Hes thinking of quitting [Microsoft] to be a pixelation broker, going around to museums to digitize their paintings" - Author: Douglas Coupland

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"David could tell, by looking at her face as she read, whether or not the story contained in the book was living inside her, and she in it, and he would recall again all that she had told him about stories and tales and the power that they wield over us, and that we in turn wield over them." - Author: John Connolly

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"Sam Hellerman is a genius!" - Author: Frank Portman

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"+He wasnt much for erasing anyway. Sometimes your mistakes showed you the really interesting connections between your brain, your hand, and your heart, the ones you might otherwise never know were there. They were important even if you had no idea what they meant.Like now, for instance. Coming back here might be the biggest mistake hed ever made. But it might also be the most important thing hed ever done." - Author: Poppy Z. Brite

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"Ive had this unbelievable amount of good fortune and Im just so thankful for it. But at the same time I feel exceptionally guilty. I have so many friends who are talented graduates of Juilliard and are exceptional actors and Im the lucky one that somehow got such a fortunate break." - Author: Matthew Gray Gubler

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"Now I understand all those chick flicks I made fun of. Cause now Im the sappy dork willing to risk it all for the girl. Estoy enamorado...Im in love." - Author: Simone Elkeles

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"Ali za ljubavnog čina ni jedna žena ne ostaje u tom uzvišenom položaju. Vrlo brzo i šarmantno mlada si gospoda uzimaju neka prava koja vrijede izvan njihova stana. Ženi odjednom zaboravljaju pridržati vrata, a do-godi li joj se neka nespretnost, obasiplju je porugom. Zatim joj počinju lagati, počinju je varati i mučiti te je napokon prestaju nazivati. Namjerno se ne žele očitovati o svojim namjerama.-Slijede dva-tri pisma na koja ne žele odgovoriti. Žena čeka i čeka, no čeka uzalud. I ne pita se zašto čeka, jer se odgovora boji više od čekanja. A za to vrijeme muškarac u nekom drugom životu odlučno počinje obrađivati neku drugu ženu." - Author: Elfriede Jelinek

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"Artistic anorexia & sexual avoidance have the same root fears – fear of intimacy, fear of exposure, fear of failure"." - Author: Julia Cameron