[While You Are Not Responsible For The Actions Of Another, You Are Able To Consciously Respond To Everything In Your Reality. Your Power To Respond Is Your Power To Create.]

Author: Niurka Quotes

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Michael R Hicks Quotes

"The suns glow had given way to a brilliant twilight that colored the great mountains with violet and orange rivers."

J D Salinger Quotes

"All morons hate it when you call them a moron."

Dominique Eastwick Quotes

"Tell me what you want?" His breath was warm against her lips."I want you.""How? Give me permission, tell me its okay to strip you naked, kiss you wherever the need takes me, and f**k you until you cant see straight.""Yes, yes, please, all of that."

Rachel Dickinson Quotes

"What I see especially among the Navajos and the Zunis and the Hopis is a culture of people who have been smart enough to learn a lesson that were awfully slow to get... They know that being rich doesnt have any damn thing to do with how much money youve got. Its got to do with are you happy and are you content."

Matthew Goldfinger Quotes

"If anything normal were useful it would have been done already. Thats why my motto is "Dare to Differ." Who knows what youll find ?"

Leeann Smith Quotes

"Peace is self-examination and being all right with what you see. Freedom is being able to open up to others without the worry of persecution. Happiness is seeing others for who they are and embracing the differences."

Mickey Hart Quotes

"I hated science in high school. Technology? Engineering? Math? Why would I ever need this? Little did I realize that music was also about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all rolled into one."

Daphne Rose Kingma Quotes

"Saying thank you creates love."

Henry James Sumner Maine Quotes

"The members of such a society consider that the transgression of a religious ordinance should be punished by civil penalties, and that the violation of a civil duty exposes the delinquent to divine correction."

John Mandeville Quotes

"...[I]t behooves a man who wants to see wonders sometimes to go out of his way."

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Quotes About Carving Wood

"On a dais in a London church, the Virgin Mary sits suprised by a rough crest of candlelight. The discomforture isnt in her expression but in the fluid form her carving takes, the way peaceful eyes rest in sockets that threaten to release them. Either the wood is eccentrically soft, or this sculpture remains a tree, alert(despite careful varnishing and a wide, warning ring of sacred space around it)to a propensity to burn." - Author: Helen Oyeyemi

Quotes About Difficult Love

"An introverted person obviously affected by her past. Lived alone, had no sex life, had difficulty getting close to people. Kept her distance, and when she let loose there was no restraint. She chose a stranger for a lover." - Author: Stieg Larsson

Quotes About Taking Chances On Love

"Because cooks love the social aspect of food, cooking for one is intrinsically interesting. A good meal is like a present, and it can feel goofy, at best, to give yourself a present. On the other hand, there is something life affirming in taking the trouble to feed yourself well, or even decently. Cooking for yourself allows you to be strange or decadent or both. The chances of liking what you make are high, but if it winds up being disgusting, you can always throw it away and order a pizza; no one else will know. In the end, the experimentation, the impulsiveness, and the invention that such conditions allow for will probably make you a better cook." - Author: Jenni Ferrari Adler

Quotes About Winning In Life

"What if you believed that everything in life was like a prize? What if you thought of the world as a big random drawing, and you were always winning things, the world offering them up with a big grin, like an emcees: Here you go, Hollis. Here is a motorcycle. Here is a little boy who loves you. Here is a weird experience, here is something bad that you should mull over because it will make you a better person. What if you could think that life was this free vacation youd won, and you won just because you happened to be alive?" - Author: Dan Chaon

Quotes About Humanity And Evil

"Yes, the laws of self-preservation and of self-destruction are equally powerful in this world. The devil will hold his empire over humanity until a limit of time which is still unknown. You laugh? You do not believe in the devil? Scepticism as to the devil is a French idea, and it is also a frivolous idea. Do you know who the devil is? Do you know his name? Although you dont know his name you make a mockery of his form, following the example of Voltaire. You sneer at his hoofs, at his tail, at his horns—all of them the produce of your imagination! In reality the devil is a great and terrible spirit, with neither hoofs, nor tail, nor horns; it is you who have endowed him with these attributes! But… he is not the question just now!" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Being Fearless

"Courage is not being fearless - it is created by overcoming your fears." - Author: Courtney Cole

Quotes About Loud Noises

"Something is unfolding, being revealed to me. I see that theres a whole world of of girls and their doings that has been unknown to me, and that I can be part of without making any effort at all. I dont have to keep up with anyone, run as fast, aim as well, make loud explosive noises, decode messages, die on cue. I dont have to think about whether I do these things well, as well as a boy. All I have to do is sit on the floor and cut frying pans our of the Eatons Catalogue with embroidery scissors, and say Ive done it badly." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Opinions And Judgement

"You havent lost Iraki, you know. I dont know if it helps to say that. I lost a friend once myself, and I know how it goes.Hell find his way inside you, and youll carry him onward. Behind your heartbeat, youll hear another one, faint and out of step. People will say you are speaking his opinions, or your hair has turned like his.There are no more facts about him, that part is over. Now is the time for essential things. Youll see visions of him wherever you go. Youll see his eyes so moist, his intentions so blinding, youll think he is more alive than you. You will look around and wonder if it was you who died.Gradually youll grow older than him, and love him as your son. In the future, youll live astride the line separating life from death. Youll become experienced in the wisdom of grief. You wont wait until people die to grieve for them. Youll give them their grief while they are still alive, for then judgement falls away, and there remains only the miracle of being." - Author: Rana Dasgupta

Quotes About Entrust

"Whenever the cause of the people is entrusted to professors, it is lost." - Author: Vladimir Lenin

Quotes About Love In The Aeneid

"Leaving her would be like tearing off my own arm. Ive never been in love before. I thought I had been, but I wasnt. This overwhelming, encompassing feeling is love. Its not perfect and its messy as hell. And its exactly what I need." - Author: Katie McGarry