[While You Are Not Responsible For The Actions Of Another, You Are Able To Consciously Respond To Everything In Your Reality. Your Power To Respond Is Your Power To Create.]

Author: Niurka Quotes

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Tom Selleck Quotes

"I think a lot of Magnum was me."

Peter Buck Quotes

"Almost all the fans I meet are pretty cool people. Theyre intelligent and tend to think about things a bit more than your average rocknroll fans: sensible people I wouldnt mind having a drink with."

Luisa Capetillo Quotes

"Do not buy finery or jewels, because books are worth more than they are. Adorn your understanding with their precious ideas, because there is no luxury that dazzles like the luxury of science."

Robbert Dijkgraaf Quotes

"I received comments on how extraordinary it was that I could keep up speaking for exactly 45 minutes. Indeed, in an age of soundbites lasting some seconds and of quick quotes in the news, all those minutes do seem like an eternity, easy to get lost in. Yet, wait a moment. Television is not the only place where speeches are given. Some hundred thousand teachers teach every day. They all speak 45 minutes, more times a day. They have been doing this for years. Every teacher knows exactly when the time will be over and that by then his speech will need to come to a natural end. It is this tension that determines the success of a lesson. It is a sign of the times that we forget these daily achievements in education. A million students daily attend several ‘live lectures and this in secondary education alone. These are high ratings!"

Caroline Winberg Quotes

"You can always enhance your natural beauty; you learn what works for your face because crazy make-up doesnt really suit anyone."

Joe Pesci Quotes

"Im just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?"

Sarah Gadon Quotes

"Im a part-time student, and I plan to finish my degree. I think there are a lot of part-time students with jobs on the side or stressful careers. Im certainly not the first person to be working while Im in university."

Alana Stewart Quotes

"For anyone going through a divorce or any other painful challenge, the first and most important recommendation I can make is to find some kind of spiritual and emotional support."

Ann Margret Quotes

"I just love my privacy."

Cornel West Quotes

"‎"If our world is regulated by reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of Darwin; or reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of religious dogma; you end up being childishly anti-scientific, and childishly anti-religious, and you miss the very complex interaction [they share]"

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Quotes About Being A Tragic Hero

"This is New York, and theres no law against being annoying." - Author: William Kunstler

Quotes About Excessive Drinking

"Parents need to realize that the world is getting complicated every second. With new problems, new diseases, new habits. They have to realize the vast probability of their kids being victims of this age, this complicated era. Your kids could be exposed to problems that no kind of therapy can help. Your kids could be brainwashed by themselves to believe in insane theories that drive them crazy. Most kids will go through this stage. The lucky ones will understand. They will grow out of them. The most unlucky ones will live in these problems. Grow in them and never move forward. They will cut themselves, overdose on drugs, take up excessive drinking and smoking, for the slightest problems in their lives. You cant blame these kids for not being thankful or satisfied with what they have. Their mentality eludes them from the reality." - Author: Thisuri Wanniarachchi

Quotes About Dunia

"Kalau kita keras thd diri kita, dunia akan lunak kpd kita, tapi bila kita lemah thd diri kita, dunia akan keras kpd kita." - Author: SBYudhoyono

Quotes About Ayna

"And then Grom says: "Im already mated to Paca."The realization slaps us each in a different way.Me, with elationGalen, with...Im not sure. He hasnt movedMom, with horror.Toraf, with open-mouth shock that makes him look a bit silly.Rayna, with "You idiot," she spits. "We told you-"Grom points at her in the universal watch-yo-self sign." - Author: Anna Banks

Quotes About Good Management Skills

"It talked about the isolation felt by gifted young people whose social skills could not keep up with their intellects and who were often ostracized." - Author: Dan Brown

Quotes About Sharing Your Love

"How would you feel about sharing your bed?" she asked. Tristan blinked. "Excuse me?" "Hed love to!" Gary said. Tristan shot him a look, "Good," said Ivy, failing to notice Garys wink. "Ella can be a pillow hog, but all you have to do is roll over her." - Author: Elizabeth Chandler

Quotes About Feeling Sorry For Cheating

"Every corny thing thats said about living with nature - being in harmony with the earth, feeling the cycle of the seasons - happens to be true." - Author: Susan Orlean

Quotes About First And Second Love

"The first meditation is the meditation of love, in which you so adjust your heart that you long for the weal and welfare of all beings, including the happiness of your enemies. "The second meditation is the meditation of pity, in which you think of all beings in distress, vividly representing in your imagination their sorrows and anxieties so as to arouse a deep compassion for them in your soul. "The third meditation is the meditation of joy, in which you think of the prosperity of others, and rejoice with their rejoicings. "The fourth meditation is the meditation of impurity, in which you consider the evil consequences of corruption, the effects of sin and diseases. How trivial often the pleasure of the moment, and how fatal its consequences. "The fifth meditation is the meditation on serenity, in which you rise above love and hate, tyranny and oppression, wealth and want, and regard your own fate with impartial calmness and perfect tranquillity." - Author: James Allen

Quotes About Mood Rings

"flux, n.The natural state. Our moods change. Our lives change. Our feelings for each other change. Our bearings change. The song changes. The air changes. The temperature of the shower changes.Accept this. We must accept this." - Author: David Levithan

Quotes About Sherwood

"...and again she wished for Sherwood, and the dappled roof of leaves that never weighed upon her. She pulled her scarf closer around her and thought, I would rather live in a hut in the woods; a hut like the one of my first memories, with a clean-swept dirt floor, and a brown-eyed boy watching me from behind his mothers skirts as I watched him from behind mine." - Author: Robin McKinley