[Why Demand Ye Of Me Where The Land Of Oomaldee Lies? Did They Do The Same Of C.S. Lewis And His Narnia?]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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Maeve Brennan Quotes

"Home is a place in the mind. When it is empty, it frets. It is fretful with memory, faces and places and times gone by. Beloved images rise up in disobedience and make a mirror for emptiness. Then what resentful wonder, and what half-aimless seeking. It is a silly state of affairs. It is a silly creature that tries to get a smile from even the most familiar and loving shadow. Comical and hopeless, the long gaze back is always turned inward."

Susan Rich Quotes

"I photograph you every morningIn a cruel attempt to captureA formal souvenir of what I love"

Adam Ferguson Quotes

"The history of mankind is confined within a limited period, and from every quarter brings an intimation that human affairs have had a beginning."

Natalie Lloyd Quotes

"The way he said her name made my heart cramp. In all my years of word collecting, Ive learned this to be a tried and true fact: I can very often tell how much a person loves another person by the way they say their name. I think thats one of the best feelings in the world, when you know your name is safe in another persons mouth. When you know theyll never shout it out like a cuss word, but say it or whisper it like a once-upon-a-time."

Quammen David Quotes

"Theory in any branch of science entails a risk of detachment from reality"

Toks Olagundoye Quotes

"Im appreciative that people appreciate the care Ive taken of my feet."

Bernard Kouchner Quotes

"We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war."

Thaddeus Of Vitovnica Quotes

"The Lord does not require us to wear a [cassock] — He wants us to be good and kind."

Brian E Boyd Sr Quotes

"Social media takes time and careful, strategic thought. It doesnt happen by accident."

TB Markinson Quotes

"My eyes lingered on her naked body for several minutes. Was our relationship what she wanted? Was it satisfying for her? Was it what she dreamed of when she started falling in love with me? Did reality ever fulfill our dreams? Or do dreams just continually set us up for failure and disappointment?"

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Quotes About Braille

"Scrabble - The game is available in Braille. Thats a nice fact. This makes me feel better about humanity for some reason. I cant really explain why." - Author: A.J. Jacobs

Quotes About Folk Dances

"I really knew nothing about the dancing habits of the Scottish. But I wanted to help. "I could teach them Indian folk dances," I offered, scrounging my mind for school dances in gaudy garments."Well, Im not sure that they would be complex enough for competitions," she said. Pursing her lips, she blushed a dark, deep red. I knew I had said something wrong, but it took me a few days to understand the reason for Miss Mansons disapproval and discomfort. She blushed a beetroot red because I had unwittingly questioned the core belief of the school: British was Better." - Author: Nayana Currimbhoy

Quotes About Carrying Capacity

"They made a simple enough mistake. The same one were making. They founded their society on resource extraction, and in doing so, inflated their population beyond the carrying capacity of the land." - Author: Daniel Suarez

Quotes About Craving Success

"The craving for equality can express itself either as a desire to pull everyone down to our own level (by belittling them, excluding them, tripping them up) or as a desire to raise ourselves up along with everyone else (by acknowledging them, helping them, and rejoicing in their success)." - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Growing Balls

"He stepped to her again, laid his lips on her brow. "But I want children with you, my lovely Eve. One day.""One day being far, far in the future. Like, I dont know, say a decade when...Hold on. Children is plural."He eased back, grinned. "Why, so it is--nothing slips by my canny cop.""You really think if I ever actually let you plant something in me--theyre like aliens in there, growing little hands and feet." She shuddered. "Creepy. If I ever did that, popped a kid out--which I think is probably as pleasant a process as having your eyeballs pierced by burning, poisonous sticks, Id say, Whoopee, lets do this again? Have you recently suffered head trauma?""Not to my knowledge.""Could be coming. Any second." - Author: J.D. Robb

Quotes About Pharmaceutical Industry

"At this time we should take a brife moment to mention quacks: alternative therapists who sell vitamins and homeopathy sugar pills [the latter of which, by definition, contain no active ingredients], which perform no better than placebo in fair tests, and who use even cruder marketing tricks than the ones described in this book. In these people profit at all from the justified anger that people feel towards the pharmaceutical industry, then it comes at the expense of genuinely constructive activity. Selling ineffective sugar pills is not a meaningful policy response to the regulatory failure we have seen in this book" - Author: Ben Goldacre

Quotes About Walking Out Of My Life

"I made these sonnets out of wood; I gave them the sound of that opaque pure substance, and that is how they should reach your ears. Walking in forests or on beaches, along hidden lakes, in latitudes sprinkled with ashes, you and I have picked up pieces of pure bark, pieces of wood subject to the comings and goings of water and the weather. Out of such softened relics, then, with hatchet and machete and pocketknife, I built up these lumber piles of love, and with fourteen boards each I built little houses, so that your eyes, which I adore and sing to, might live in them. Now that I have declared the foundations of my love, I surrender this century to you: wooden sonnets that rise only because you gave them life." - Author: Pablo Neruda

Quotes About Livesey

"Ah, said Silver, it were fortunate for me that I had Hawkins here. You would have let old john be cut to bits, and never given it a thought, doctor.Not a thought, replied Dr. Livesey cheerily." - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Quotes About Good Things Coming To Those Who Wait

"Fox Newss Bill OReilly refuses to show the Muslim cartoons on The OReilly Factor, saying he doesnt want to offend anyones religion. Someone should tell him those endless interviews with prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch and porn stars arent high on Christians list of enjoyable viewing either." - Author: Ann Coulter

Quotes About Problems In Love

"...these are the problems of the modern U.S. combat soldier, the constant worry about overstepping the mark and an American media that delights in trying to knock us down. Which we have done nothing to deserve. Except, perhaps, love our country and everything it stands for." - Author: Marcus Luttrell