[Why Do You Care For Them?"I Think It's Because I Feel Loved. I Feel Like They Understand Me." - Andy Smithson]

Author: L.R.W. Lee Quotes

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Thomas Ken Quotes

"When you read any great mystery, recorded in holy Writ, you are to prostrate your Reason to Divine Revelation."

Malcolm Campbell Quotes

"The news comes somewhat late, but Im glad to hear it nevertheless."

Tim Dorsey Quotes

"Always walk away from a fight. Then ambush."

Eric Liddell Quotes

"Many of us are missing something in life because we are after the second best."

Sergio Chejfec Quotes

"For me parks are good when first of all, theyre not impeccable, and when solitude has appropriated them in such a way that solitude itself becomes an emblem, a defining trait for walkers, sporadic at best, who in my opinion should be irrevocably lost or absorbed in thought, and a bit confused, too, as when one walks through a space thats at once alien and familiar."

Madeline Dyer Quotes

"Go On. Write. I dare you."

Mackie Burt Quotes

"I wonder if they talk about my ending as a tragedy. If the words would have and should have clung their talons behind my name, or if their sentences always have the word was instead of is."

Phil Everly Quotes

"In my old age, its kind of funny - at night, what I like to do is watch TV when I go to sleep. And what I really like is to put on a Gene Autry film, because he sings really well. So he sings me to sleep."

Edward Royle Quotes

"Logically, this kind of atheism did not prove that there was no God.... On the contrary, Southwell was typical in placing the onus probandi on those who affirmed the existence of God and Holyoake regarded himself as an atheist only in his inability to believe what the churches would have him believe. They were content to show that the Christian concept of the supernatural was meaningless, that the arguments in its favor were illogical, and that the mysteries of the universe, insofar as they were explicable, could be accounted for in material terms."

Daisy Ashford Quotes

"They all went out by a private door and found themselves in a smaller but gorgous room. The Prince tapped on the table and instantly two menials in red tunics appeared. Bring three glasses of champaigne commanded the prince and some ices he added majestikally. The goods appeared as if by majic and the prince drew out a cigar case and passed it round.One grows weary of Court Life he remarked.Ah yes agreed the earl.It upsets me said the prince lapping up his strawberry ice all I want is peace and quiut and a little fun and here I am tied down to this life he said taking off his crown being royal has many painfull drawbacks."

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Quotes About Accelerate

"Feeling a bit nervous, as most people do at the prospect of seeing a doctor, I thought I would buy on my way to him something soothing to prevent an accelerated pulse from misleading credulous science." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Nutrition Day

"I didnt tell her about the free-for-alls on the school yard, muggings on the bus. A girl burned a cigarette hole in the back of another girls shirt at nutrition right in front of me looking at me as if daring me to stop her. I saw a boy being threatened with a knife on the hallway outside my spanish class. Girls talked about their abortions in gym class. Claire didnt need to know about that. I wanted the world to be beautiful for her. I wanted things to work out. I always had a great day no matter what." - Author: Janet Fitch

Quotes About Denise

"Not that I was incapable of friendship. Dont be shy, the teachers coaxed. I was not shy, only extremely choosy. And Denise shone like a diamond. If you had to ask me to define paradise, I would have said a desert island which Denise could visit, on a boat." - Author: Anneli Rufus

Quotes About Jns

"Zij geloofde aan een samenhang van alle verschijnselen, zonder echter een hogere macht aansprakelijk te stellen voor wat haar overkwam, zonder van een god persoonlijke bemoeienis met haar lot, troost, of loon naar werken te verwachten. Zij was er van overtuigd dat in de mens zelf de krachten ontstaan die men Goed en Kwaad noemt, en dat alleen door de ontwikkeling van het individuele bewustzijn de wil tot integriteit een menselijk gegeven wordt." - Author: Hella S. Haasse

Quotes About Foxhole

"First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried letters from a girl named Martha, a junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey. They were not love letters, but Lieutenant Cross was hoping, so he kept them folded in plastic at the bottom of his rusack. In the late afternoon, after a days march, he would dig his foxhole, wash his hands under a canteen, unwrap the letters, hold them with the tips of his fingers, and spend the last hour of light pretending." - Author: Tim OBrien

Quotes About Masking Identity

"I longed to stabilize my core identity and to withstand the pressure of other peoples words, behaviors, moods, and perceptions. I wanted to be less easily thrown." - Author: Merri Lisa Johnson

Quotes About Head

"Theres blood pounding through the Dukes head.Knighthood is glory, hes thinking, not just grace in the saddle and at swordplay, but courage enough to give your life to defend what you hold dear. A noble reward, for noble men. A badge of honour.Hed never ennoble a merchant. Even Chaucer, whom he admires, but knows to be a fool on a battlefield. Not Chaucers fault, that; just his merchant blood.Knighthoods not for the likes of these people; for Madame Perrers brood. He thought she knew her place. But shes overreached herself; shes as grasping as the rest of them, after all. Do these people think they can buy or steal everything?" - Author: Vanora Bennett

Quotes About Creme Brulee

"Creme Brulee is the ultimate guy dessert. Make it and hell follow you anywhere." - Author: Ina Garten

Quotes About City Lights And Love

"nervestwitching in the sheets --to face the sunlight again,thats clearlytrouble.I like the city better when theneon lights are going andthe nudies dance on top of thebarto the mauling music.Im under this sheetthinking.me nerves are hampered byhistory --the most memorable concern of mankindis the guys it takes toface the sunlight again.love begins at the meeting of twostrangers. love for the world isimpossible. Id rather stay in bedand sleep.dizzied by the days and the streets and the yearsI pull the sheets to my neck.I turn my ass to the wall.I hate the mornings more thanany man." - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Choosing A Candidate

"Most of Aesops fables have many different levels and meanings. There are those who make myths of them by choosing some feature that fits in well with the fable. But for most of the fables this is only the first and most superficial aspect. There are others that are more vital, more essential and profound, that they have not been able to reach." - Author: Michel de Montaigne