[Witches Never Existed, Except In People's Minds. All There Was In The Olden Days Was Women And Some Men Who Believed In Herbal Cures And In Folklore And In The Wish To Fly. Witches? We're All Witches In One Way Or Another. Witches Was The Invention Of Mankind, Son. We're All Witches Beneath The Skin.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Deb Fischer Quotes

"Im an honest, hardworking conservative leader who will stand up to Washington and fight for Nebraska."

Milo Gathema Quotes

"A dog doesnt care if your rich or poor, smart or dumb. Give him your heart.. and hell give you his."

Dalia Quotes

"Love is like a flower. Its upright when its in harmony and withered when its dead."

Enkelejd Lamaj Quotes

"One of the most necessary things when youre writing? The waste basket."

Kristiana Gregory Quotes

"[Nessa] didnt know how to disagree with a preacher, or if she was even allowed to, so she merely wrote, "Thank you, anyway, kind sir, but I am not going to marry you."

Marvin J Ashton Quotes

"Someone has said, "A friend is a person who is willing to take me the way I am." Accepting this as one definition of the word, may I quickly suggest that we are something less than a real friend if we leave a person the same way we find him."

Ray Bourhis Quotes

"If they ignore us, well . . . then, maybe well just ignore them right back."

Sergei Dovlatov Quotes

"I had three long conversations with Marusya over a cup of coffee. She told me her whole rather silly story. To some degree we became friends. I like people like that--doomed, dying, helpless, and brazen. I always say, if youre in trouble, youre not sinning."

Ghassan Kanafani Quotes

"My political position springs from my being a novelist. In so far as I am concerned, politics and the novel are an indivisible case and I can categorically state that I became politically committed because I am a novelist, not the opposite."

John Roberts Quotes

"By ensuring that no one in government has too much power, the Constitution helps protect ordinary Americans every day against abuse of power by those in authority."

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Quotes About District 13

"If its true, why do they leave us to live like this? With the hunger and the killings and the Games?" And suddenly I hate this imaginary underground city of District 13 and those who sit by, watching us die. Theyre no better than the Capitol." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Darkness

"Her eyes register the darkness beyond the windows, then travel back to the neglected groceries. Something in her sags. And for a moment, I see her. Not the watts-too-bright, smile-till-it-hurts her, but the real one. The mother who lost her little boy." - Author: Victoria Schwab

Quotes About Sevice

"I sat at the back, listening to the music or mumbling through the sevice. Im never tempted by God, but I like his trappings." - Author: Jeanette Winterson

Quotes About Organic Products

"Not one of them [formulae] can be shown to have any existence, so that the formula of one of the simplest of organic bodies is confused by the introduction of unexplained symbols for imaginary differences in the mode of combination of its elements... It would be just as reasonable to describe an oak tree as composed of blocks and chips and shavings to which it may be reduced by the hatchet, as by Dr Kolbes formula to describe acetic acid as containing the products which may be obtained from it by destructive influences. A Kolbe botanist would say that half the chips are united with some of the blocks by the force parenthesis; the other half joined to this group in a different way, described by a buckle; shavings stuck on to these in a third manner, comma; and finally, a compound of shavings and blocks united together by a fourth force, juxtaposition, is joined to the main body by a fifth force, full stop." - Author: Kolbe

Quotes About Adversity And Strength

"Strength through adversity. The strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell. It is pounded and struck repeatedly before its plunged back into the molten fire. The fire gives it power and flexibility, and the blows give it strength. Those two things make the metal pliable and able to withstand every battle its called upon to fight. (Savitar)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Broderick

"Matthew Broderick and Megan Mullally were unbelievable to work with in How to Succeed." - Author: Victoria Clark

Quotes About Shipmates

"Winthrop and his shipmates and their children and their childrens children just wrote their own books and pretty much kept their noses in them up until the day God created the Red Sox." - Author: Sarah Vowell

Quotes About Violent Relationships

"Dominator culture teaches all of us that the core of our identity is defined by the will to dominate and control others. We are taught that this will to dominate is more biologically hardwired in males than in females. In actuality, dominator culture teaches us that we are all natural-born killers but that males are more able to realize the predator role. In the dominator model the pursuit of external power, the ability to manipulate and control others, is what matters most. When culture is based on a dominator model, not only will it be violent but it will frame all relationships as power struggles." - Author: Bell Hooks

Quotes About Annoying Friends

"Ermaline has entered the room noiselessly and is whispering to Nana. When she leaves, Nana and Papa start talking about friends of Moms who are in the middle of a scandalous divorce. Mom and Dad keep glancing at Adam, and Nana keeps asking Mom and Dad questions, pulling their attention back to the conversation. I have seen this before. Its Nanas highly effective and very annoying way of not mentioning the elephant in the living room. But why does she have to think of Adam as an elephant? Why cant he just be their son?~pgs 40-42; Hattie on adults" - Author: Ann M. Martin

Quotes About Moody Weather

"As those who have seen Jurassic Park will know, this means a tiny disturbance in one place, can cause a major change in another. A butterfly flapping its wings can cause rain in Central Park, New York. The trouble is, it is not repeatable. The next time the butterfly flaps its wings, a host of other things will be different, which will also influence the weather. That is why weather forecasts are so unreliable." - Author: Stephen Hawking