[Without First Setting Your Goals Correctly, It Is Impossible To Focus On A Plan To Achieve Them. That Is Why Goal Setting Is So Vital To Time Management And Developing Focus.]

Author: Mani S. Sivasubramanian Quotes

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Suzanne Collins Quotes

"As the alcohol overcomes my mind, I hear the glass bottle shatter on the floor. This seems appropriate since I have obviously lost my grip on everything."

Debra L Hartmann Quotes

"Lifes too short, drive it like ya stole it!"

KD McEntire Quotes

"No ones smart when it comes to family. Blood is thicker than smart."

Gin Wigmore Quotes

"I love the energy in the U.S., you know. Everyone is really psyched. You feel really privileged to be there."

Susan Moody Quotes

"We only have one life to live, and must go on with it to the end, that if we feel it is meaningless, then we ourselves must give it meaning."

Warren Farrell Quotes

"Now, since Im a husband and father, discrimination against women isnt just political, its personal."

Meg Mims Quotes

"Keep a spur handy."

Alan Parker Quotes

"I was once described by one of my critics as an aesthetic fascist."

W H Auden Quotes

"Ill love you, dear, Ill love you till China and Africa meet and the river jumps over the mountain and the salmon sing in the street."

Thomas Leonard Quotes

"Clarity affords focus."

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"You think Im a fool?" demanded Harry."No, I think youre like James," said Lupin, "who would have regarded it as the height of dishonor to mistrust his friends." - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Halloween Pumpkins

"Autumn. Its crispness, its anticipation, its melancholia, its cool breezes replacing summers heat. Its long days in the field, a harvest festival when works done, a cheering crowd in a football stadium, chrysanthemums punctuating a somber landscape. Its Halloween highjinx, pumpkins grinning toothy smiles, the crack of pecan pressed against pecan. Its the first curls of woodsmoke, fresh blisters from pushing a rake. Its crisp and fresh and mellow and snug, solemn and melancholy. And its very, very welcome." - Author: Good Housekeeping Magazine

Quotes About Anxiety

"Anxiety, alienation, loneliness, emptiness, and meaninglessness are the fruits of living as an isolated subject admist a multitude of lifeless objects. Although our scope of involvement may extend to numerous and diverse fields of interest and concern, as long as the notion of having predominates, our being remains empty and superficial." - Author: Stephen Batchelor

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"Which of us can resist the temptation of being thought indispensable?" - Author: Margaret Atwood

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"The objects of the present life fill the human eye with a false magnification because of their immediacy." - Author: William Wilberforce

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"I remembered the 500 people that lived on a reserve outside my little town, behind a big fence." - Author: Phillip Noyce

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"Tatlo ang magulang ng henerasyon natin. Ang tatay, ang nanay, at ang mga patalastas o media. Kaya kung mahina yung dalawang nauna, naagawan sila ng ikatlo sa pagpapalaki sa bata." - Author: Bob Ong

Quotes About The Greatness Of God

"When we see the greatness of God in evenour very darkest moments, then we can be free. "Even the crappiest crap we go through glorifies God," Amber likes to say, in her Amber way. "God makes beauty from ashes, and the devil hates when He does that." - Author: Crystal McVea

Quotes About Planet Venus

"Its all strange to me. I know I live on a fierce and magical planet, which sheds or surrenders rain or even flings it off in whipstroke after whipstroke, which fires out bolts of electric gold into the firmament at 186,000 miles per second, which with a single shrug of its tectonic plates can erect a city in half an hour. Creation … is easy, is quick. Theres also a universe, apparently. But I cannot bear to see the stars, even though I know theyre there all right, and I do see them, because Tod looks upward at night, as everybody does, and coos and points. The Plough. Sirius, the dog. The stars, to me, are like pins and needles, are like the routemap of a nightmare. Dont join the dots.… Of the stars, one alone can I contemplate without pain. And thats a planet. The planet they call the evening star, the morning star. Intense Venus." - Author: Martin Amis

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"One cannot live any longer on refrigerators, on politics, on balance-sheets and cross-word puzzles. One cannot live any longer without poetry, colour and love." - Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry