[Without First Setting Your Goals Correctly, It Is Impossible To Focus On A Plan To Achieve Them. That Is Why Goal Setting Is So Vital To Time Management And Developing Focus.]

Author: Mani S. Sivasubramanian Quotes

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Wilfrid Sheed Quotes

"Every writer is a writer of the generation before."

Florence L Barclay Quotes

"She had once been described, by one who saw below the surface, as a perfectly beautiful woman in an absolutely plain shell."

Laura Buzo Quotes

"Finishing Year Twelve had been a blessed relief. Although, having read Looking for Alibrandi several times since Year Eight, I was disappointed when Year Twelve did not bring me a handsome, salt-of-the-earth boyfriend and ultimate emancipation from all that ailed my teenage soul."

Chip Ingram Quotes

"Love sticks around even when it has a lot to put up with."

Lee Ann Womack Quotes

"But I just love that music scene so much, and I enjoy really being around those artists and watching them even more than I do performing, because they are a whole group of people that do it because they love music."

Kristy Brown Quotes

"I feel the most alive when I write."

Freddie Highmore Quotes

"Im sure everyone has many types of music that they enjoy."

Abed Yaman Quotes

"You dislike Basil because, without his art, his life is horribly plain. Unlike Dorian who has made an art out of his life. Basil produces art; Dorian consumes it and lets it overwhelm him."

Jean Ferris Quotes

"Nobody ever gets enough appreciation when theyre behaving themselves, but theres no end to hearing about it when theyre not."

Rutvik Oza Quotes

"Accepted that we all are human resources, but we are humans first and resources later."

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"werent we all the same as children?" eiko asked. "all of us, destined to become beautiful brides in fluffy white dresses!" she giggled to herself. "where did we go wrong?"isnt that what keeps life interesting?" i replied. "and who knows? next year you could be somebodys wife. no one knows what will happen."sometimes i think it would be wonderful just to stay the way i am forever, just kick back and space out during the afternoon thinking about all the exciting things that the night will bring, all the naughty things i might take part in." she snickered again.well," i said, "arent you the happy one."she squinted her tiny nose and laughed.dawn was breaking as we said good-bye. i saw her off by watching her small body disappear into the background, her high heels clapping along, echoing in the early morning city.my drunkenness, the sunrise, the bright sky, and a friend who was leaving.if i had died in my fall i would have missed that morning - that splendid sunrise over tokyo." - Author: Banana Yoshimoto

Quotes About Bhagavad

"Who everywhere is free from all ties, who neither rejoices nor sorrows if fortune is good or ill, his is a serene wisdom. Intro to Part 3, Chapter 1. Credit was given to The Bhagavad Gita." - Author: Deborah Moggach

Quotes About Consent

"on every occasion as at first, when their number was small, their habitations near, and the public concerns few and trifling. This will point out the convenience of their consenting to leave the legislative part to be managed by a select number chosen from the whole body, who are supposed to have the same concerns at stake which those have who appointed them, and who will act in the same manner as" - Author: Thomas Paine

Quotes About Chanel No 5

"Now I had babies confuse before. John Green Dudley, first word out a that boys mouth was Mama and he was looking straight at me. But then pretty soon he calling everybody including hisself Mama and calling his daddy Mama too... Nobody worry bout it. Course when he start playing dress-up in his sisters Jewel Taylor twirl skirts and wearing Chanel No. 5, we all get a little concern." - Author: Kathryn Stockett

Quotes About Duke And King

"The footman burst in, announcing, Monsieur le Duc de ---.Hold your tongue, you fool, said the Duke as he entered the room. He said this so well, and with such majesty than Julien could not help thinking that knowing how to lose his temper with a footman was the whole extent of this great personages knowledge." - Author: Stendhal

Quotes About Sme

"As a stalwart reader of printed books, Im left to wonder what will happen to the wide, slow silty river of the their history, to the countless volumes waiting now in the abandoned silence of library stacks. Stacks: The word itself connects books to the harvest, to corn and hay. They were always earthbound. Smell the must, feel the brittle, browning pages between your thumb and forefinger. The tears, the cracked spines, the stains and folds. Even if we readers forget them, printed books will hold us in their memory." - Author: Jane Brox

Quotes About Stability And Strength

"[The moon] ... is an example of practiced stability … it wanes when it must, and reliably returns to full strength … it is a humble model of reasonable potential that I can emulate, and follow. from: Fables, Tales and Poems, a page of my website: http://beyondoldwindows.com" - Author: Terry Crawford Palardy

Quotes About Basic

"An argument ensued about abundance, leisure, work, nature, and what a second girl kept calling the American way. When I asked her what she meant by the American way, she said, Basically the destruction of everything--the world, your happiness, your soul, everything. The complete package. Evil and war. Thats who we are, Mr. Countryman." - Author: David Guterson

Quotes About Rir

"Non so. Io non capisco nulla di nulla della vita. E così strana…mi sento come se avessi passato tutta la mia esistenza in riva a uno stagno e dun tratto vedessi il mare. E mi sento mancare il respiro, ma sono al tempo stesso piena di esaltazione. Io non voglio morire, voglio vivere. Comincio ad avere un nuovo coraggio…mi sembra di essere uno di quei vecchi marinai che salpavano un tempo per mari sconosciuti. Sì, la mia anima anela allignoto." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Sisyphus

"Just about everything in this world is easier said than done, with the exception of "systematically assisting Sisyphuss stealthy, cyst-susceptible sister," which is easier done than said." - Author: Lemony Snicket