[Women Seemed To Him To Be In Possession Of All Kinds Of Undesirable Properties, Chiefly Madness.]

Author: Kate Atkinson Quotes

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Robin S Sharma Quotes

"Mistake is a mistake only if you make it twice..."

Imran Khan Quotes

"The team that is going to win is the one that does its homework the best by studying its opponents."

Kirstie Collins Brote Quotes

"Our first kiss was there on the bridge in the woods. How do you describe a first kiss? It is like trying to hold water in your hands. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that compares kissing to drinking salted water. "You drink, and your thirst increases," it says. Time, Im sure, passed by, but we remained unavailable for comment."

John Edward Williams Quotes

"A war doesnt merely kill off a few thousand or a few hundred thousand young men. It kills off something in a people that can never be brought back. And if a people goes through enough wars, pretty soon all thats left is the brute, the creature that we—you and I and others like us—have brought up from the slime."

J J Abrams Quotes

"I was never really a comic-book fanatic."

Matt Blunt Quotes

"The spirit and determination of the people to chart their own destiny is the greatest power for good in human affairs."

Jesse Eisenberg Quotes

"I feel very guilty doing magic because youre deceiving somebody."

CLAMP Quotes

"Good guys are either taken or gay"

Catie Curtis Quotes

"Im pretty social so its hard for me to find solitude, but I need to have solitude to write."

Anne Killigrew Quotes

"I willingly accept Cassandras fateTo speak the truth, although believed too late."

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Quotes About Consumer Electronics

"When I got started, I was a sideshow. At my first Consumer Electronics Show, in 1977 in Chicago, people came from all over the floor to see the lady programmer. They had me dressed in a turquoise lab coat with my name embroidered on the pocket." - Author: Brenda Laurel

Quotes About Silence In Nature

"It was the cool gray dawn, and there was a delicious sense of repose and peace in the deep pervading calm and silence of the woods. Not a leaf stirred; not a sound obtruded upon great Natures meditation [...] Gradually the cool dim gray of the morning whitened, and as gradually sounds multiplied and life manifested itself. The marvel of Nature shaking off sleep and going to work unfolded itself to the musing boy [...] All Nature was wide awake and stirring, now; long lances of sunlight pierced down through the dense foliage far and near, and a few butterflies came fluttering upon the scene." - Author: Mark Twain

Quotes About Espn

"And then ESPN fired me. I did not think that was a fitting punishment." - Author: Gregg Easterbrook

Quotes About Funny Sperm

"Now as you plumb out into the universe and explore it astronomically, it gets very strange. You begin to see things in the depths that at first sight seem utterly remote. How could they have anything to do with us. They are so far off and so unlikely. And in the same way, when you start probing into the inner workings of the human body you come across all kinds of funny little monsters and wiggly things that bear no resemblance to what we recognize as the human image. Look at a spermatozoon under a microscope. That little tadpole! And how can that have any connection with a grown human being. Its so unlike, you see. Its foreign feeling. And you get the creeps, a foreign feeling, about yourself...But what we will always find out in the end when we meet the very strange thing, there will one day be the dawning recognition: Why thats me." - Author: Alan Wilson Watts

Quotes About 4th Birthday

"I know that might sound silly coming from someone my age, but I remember on my 14th birthday having a crisis like my mom should be having. I kept thinking that I was getting older, and I havent really accomplished anything. I remember thinking that I better accomplish something real soon." - Author: Qorianka Kilcher

Quotes About Crystallography

"X-Ray crystallography is nowadays an accurate and rapid method of determining conformation in the crystal lattice, which conformation usually corresponds to the preferred conformation in solution." - Author: Derek Harold Richard Barton

Quotes About Cute Things

"Eva seemed to be on some sort of mission to work her evil/cute baby magic on me. Ever since shed started toddling around on those chubby little legs, shed been targeting me, the least enthusiastic baby person in the room. I think she enjoyed the challenge, which proved that we were related.Eva would tug on my pants leg until I picked her up. And then shed basically stare me down with those big blue-grey eyes of hers, daring me not to snuggle her. It was like facing down a tiny, diapered mastermind.And of course, I caved. I snuggled her. I babbled. I read her Where the Wild Things Are until I was hoarse. I actually found myself watching my language. Shudder." - Author: Molly Harper

Quotes About Past Love Coming Back

"Gathering her courage, she swallowed past the lump in her throat and held his gaze. It wasnt how shed envisioned telling him, but she couldnt let him go without saying the words. "Im falling in love with you."The smile died, his amused expression dissolving into shock. "What?""Yeah. So you have to come back so I can finish the job."A jumble of emotions swirled in the blue depths of his eyes as he stared at her. Then he broke into a wide smile and brought a hand up to cradle her cheek. "Im coming back, sweetheart. I wouldnt miss that chance for the world." - Author: Kaylea Cross

Quotes About Amadeus

"I decided I wanted to be a musician when I saw the movie Amadeus around 1987. I was five years old, so it was a good time to start piano lessons after seeing Tom Hulce who played Mozart play the harpsichord on his back with his hands crossed. Such a great movie to inspire a five-year-old." - Author: Mark Salling

Quotes About From Movies

"These works are handed down from teacher to pupil, from parent to child, almost without question, like DNA. They are memorized, recited, discussed in book reports, included in university entrance exams, and once the student is grown up, they become a source for quotation. They are made into movies again and again, they are parodied, and inevitably they become the object of ambitious young writers revolt and contempt." - Author: Ryūnosuke Akutagawa