[Words Are The Clothes Thoughts Wear.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Kay Whitlock Quotes

"Sentencing enhancements wont get police to investigate crimes they dont take seriously to begin with. They wont stop police from harassing trans women on the street because they assume all trans women are sex workers. They wont have any effect against police officers who believe they wont be held accountable. They wont sway the minds of jurors who think I killed her because she was trans is an adequate excuse. Sentencing enhancements will allow them to dole out harsher punishments against the people they think are more deserving. And we already know that the legal system sees people of color, women, sex workers, immigrants, and the homeless as more deserving of punishment. (Tobi Hill-Meyer of COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere), "Disposable People," November 11, 2008, http://nodesignation.com)"

Henry Walter Bates Quotes

"It was with deep interest that my companion and myself, both now about to see and examine the beauties of a tropical country for the first time, gazed on the land where I, at least, eventually spent eleven of the best years of my life."

Clive Blake Quotes

"Please Note:Although it is true that some havebeen captured; we would like toassure you that no thoughts, orimages, have been harmed during the making of this book."

Alex Harris Quotes

"God set His standards this high so that we wont make the mistake of aiming low. He made them unreachable so that we would never have the excuse to stop growing."

Kathy Disanto Quotes

"You may be a serious writer if ….10. your hard drive is littered with random notes and story ideas … but not nearly as littered as your head.9. you keep pen and paper next to your bed. And in the glove compartment. And in your gym bag. Also on the rim of the bathtub.8. a day without Rogets Thesaurus is a day without sunshine.7. your emotional landscape includes creativity, confidence, elation, frustration, and the occasional neurosis.6. youve ever had to clean peanut butter and bread crumbs off your keyboard, because the work was going well, and you didnt want to stop for lunch.5. grammar and punctuation turn you on.4. your interest in a new acquaintance is directly proportionate to his/her potential as a secondary character.3. youve worn the white e, r, s, and t clean off your keyboard.2. the search history on your web browser would raise red flags with the FBI, CIA, DEA, and mental health professionals everywhere.1. you have stories to tell, and you just. Keep. Telling. Them."

POB Bismark Quotes

"Better stay a celibate, than become the backup plan of any woman."

Fahad Rashiq Quotes

"Injurious Person is Not the Person who got hurt ITs a person who Learned. :)"

Reich Chancellor Quotes

"The Reich Chancellor undoubtedly lives in belief in God. He recognises Christianity as the builder of Western culture.{Comments by Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber after a meeting with Adolf Hitler, as quoted in Ian Kershaws biography}"

Ted Shawn Quotes

"I believe that dance communicates mans deepest, highest and most truly spiritual thoughts and emotions far better than words, spoken or written."

Natascha McElhone Quotes

"Death is final. No it is not just final, its worse than that, its diminishing: the dead continue to decrease, to occupy less space."

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Quotes About Troublesome

"The ignorant frighten children with ghosts, and the better educated assure them there is no such thing. Our understanding may believe the latter, but our instincts believe the former; so that, out of this education, we retain the terror, and just believe enough to make it very troublesome whenever we are placed in circumstances that awaken it." - Author: Catherine Crowe

Quotes About Valuing Family

"Buffetts methodology was straightforward, and in that sense simple. It was not simple in the sense of being easy to execute. Valuing companies such as Coca-Cola took a wisdom forged by years of experience; even then, there was a highly subjective element. A Berkshire stockholder once complained that there were no more franchises like Coca-Cola left. Munger tartly rebuked him. Why should it be easy to do something that, if done well two or three times, will make your family rich for life?" - Author: Roger Lowenstein

Quotes About Ripening

"There is a succession of experiences which together constitute the educational and developmental ripening of the learner, according to the Sufis. People who think that each gain is the goal itself will freeze at any such stage, and cannot learn through successive and superseding lessons." - Author: Idries Shah

Quotes About Zettel

"Úgy éld minden napodat, mintha az volna az utolsó"- ezt szokták tanácsolni, de őszintén, kinek van erre energiája? Mi van, ha esik az eső, vagy ha az embernek kicsit nyomott a hangulata? Az egész valójában teljesen kivitelezhetetlen. Sokkal jobb, gondolta Emma, ha egyszerűen csak megpróbálsz jó, bátor és vakmerő lenni, és nyomot hagyni magad után a világban. Nem kell teljesen megváltoztatni a világot, csak azt a kicsit, ami körülötted van. Lépj ki a világba a szenvedélyeddel meg az elektromos írógépeddel és dolgozz nagy odaadással... valamin. Mondjuk változtasd meg az emberek életét a művészettel. Becsüld meg a barátaidat, maradj hű az elveidhez, élj szenvedélyesen, élj teljes és jó életet. Tapasztalj új dolgokat. Szeress és szeressenek viszont, ha lehetőséged van rá." - Author: David Nicholls

Quotes About Life Is Like A River

"Life is like a river- it keeps flowing, flowing, and flowing till it merges into the sea. Nothing can stop the flow of Life, but you can enjoy the Journey.-RVM" - Author: Rvm

Quotes About Public Affairs

"Interest yourself in public affairs as a duty of citizenship, but do not surrender your faith to those who discredit and debase politics by scoffing at sentiment and principle, and whose political activity consists in attempts to gain popular support by cunning devices and shrewd manipulation." - Author: Grover Cleveland

Quotes About Afternoon Snacks

"Its finger time!" Steve simply grunted.Li responded like she always had to the request over the past years, by walking over to the tall oak cabinet in his office and pulling out a pack of Vienna Fingers. She then closed the door and walked around the desk and dropped to her knees, crawling the few extra feet under his desk. Li handed the red and white plastic package of cookies to Steve, who slid the tray open while his virtual slave unzipped the trousers of his blue Armani pinstripe suit and then dug deep to find his pleasure source.Twenty seconds later, when both of them had consumed their mid-afternoon snacks, Steve transitioned back into his unrelenting work persona." - Author: Phil Wohl

Quotes About Kembang

"Setiap strategi untuk mengurangi kemiskinan antargenerasi harus dipusatkan pada pekerjaan, bukan pada kesejahteraan--bukan hanya karena pekerjaan itu memberikan kebebasan dan pendapatan, melainkan juga karena pekerjaan itu mendatangkan kedisiplinan, struktur, harga diri, dan kesempatan untuk berkembang dalam kehidupan masyarakat." - Author: Barack Obama

Quotes About First Day Of School

"I guess I never really had a high school experience. I went for about a month, and on the first day one of my friends got punched in the eye. It was Southern California Public High School. Needless to say, I wasnt there for long." - Author: Penn Badgley

Quotes About Dasha

"...take down your baby bump photos from Facebook, take down pictures of your kids too. It is your job to protect your children and not parade them around like little circus freaks or glorified mini-yous. (Excerpt from the Blog Posting "Kim Kardashain; Mother of the Year!" http://wp.me/p2OOUh-q" - Author: Brandon Kelly