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Author: The Refined Poet Quotes

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Sam Shepard Quotes

"You cant make a living as a playwright. You can barely scrape by."

Nikhil Sharda Quotes

"A bug lies in quiet repose;when he passed no one knows.Did he suffer, was he pained?Before he died, was knowledge gained?Were all lifes pressures much too great.To put upon so small a weight?Although not one for pessimism,I think he died of journalism!"

Sue Johanson Quotes

"Kids and adults have sex for many, many reasons... Put out a question box."

Emile Argand Quotes

"How many times did the sun shine, how many times did the wind howl over the desolate tundras, over the bleak immensity of the Siberian taigas, over the brown deserts where the Earths salt shines, over the high peaks capped with silver, over the shivering jungles, over the undulating forests of the tropics! Day after day, through infinite time, the scenery has changed in imperceptible features. Let us smile at the illusion of eternity that appears in these things, and while so many temporary aspects fade away, let us listen to the ancient hymn, the spectacular song of the seas, that has saluted so many chains rising to the light."

Xavier Quotes

"were the last words that I wrote for you enough to tell youthat in my death the light that shone through my painful darknesswas a blinding vision of your eternal smile?cold scalpels steel whispers tear at my very coreas I cling to my memories of you..."

Brendan Fraser Quotes

"I mean, it was a mummy movie. It was a good film independent of its source. It that looks like Lawrence of Arabia on steroids in a lot of ways."

Sandra Villa Quotes

"You care so much for that special person because it feels like that person is part of you."

Jane Sunday Quotes

"Norm was lean, his short, straight black hair parted on the side, his mustache trimmed like hed never heard of Adolf Hitler."

Doug Flutie Quotes

"Football is my profession now. Im getting married in August... Its a new experience for me as someone just getting out of college. I still have the same attitude about football I always had. I play hard. I enjoy practice. Id rather be throwing in passing drills than sitting around and watching TV."

Justin Podur Quotes

"Hypocrisy is our friend. Power structures have to pretend to hold values in order to win the loyalty of at least some of society. We can use the gap between those professed values and reality to move people to try to change the reality towards the values."

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Quotes About Love Tumblr Tagalog

"We are the wise.Do not envy us—We who are too wise to draw nearthe fireLest we get burned;We who are too wise to loveLest love should vanish and we behurt.We are the wise.Do not envy us our wisdom—We who are too wise to liveLest we should die." - Author: Lois Duncan

Quotes About The Beatles Legacy

"Growing up, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I felt with The Beatles legacy that there was pressure on me to do music, and while I always loved music and it was always around me at home, I thought about doing other things." - Author: James McCartney

Quotes About Fourth Year Life

"There is a lesson that I learned at twelve - the world does not end at the edge of a quad. There are people outside. The world does not end on the Fourth Level. There are people elsewhere. It took me two years to learn to apply the lesson - that neither does the world end with the Ship. If you want to accept life, you have to accept the whole bloody universe. The universe is filled with people, and there is not a single solitary spear carrier among them." - Author: Alexei Panshin

Quotes About Shirtless Guys

"Im going to fall on my face if I have to run next to you looking like that." "I dont look any different than most guys on the beach," he tried to persuade me. "Its you," I stressed. "Any other guy could look exactly like that shirtless,s but its you shirtless that makes my brain go all stupid." - Author: Rebecca Donovan

Quotes About Bottom Of The Barrel

"Id come from the bottom of the barrel. Just Owen Hart getting out of the shadow of Bret Harts little brother. Everyone figured, this is a joke, Owens going to get squashed." - Author: Owen Hart

Quotes About Taint

"Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason." - Author: Alain de Botton

Quotes About Genie In A Bottle

"Ill never forget Jonahs face. A light poured out of him and became the spirit of the room, like a genie released from a bottle after centuries of darkness." - Author: Natalie Standiford

Quotes About Ironic Death

"How ironic, she thought, as she fell to her certain death, that at that moment she would have given anything to be a giant goose again." - Author: Michael Buckley

Quotes About Technical Communication

"Yet the possibility of information storage, beyond what men and governments ever had before, can make available at the touch of a button a mans total history (including remarks put on his record by his kindergarten teacher about his ability and character). And with the computer must be placed the modern scientific technical capability which exists for wholesale monitoring of telephone, cable, Telex and microwave transmissions which carry much of todays spoken and written communications. The combined use of the technical capability of listening in on all these forms of communications with the high-speed computer literally leaves no place to hide and little room for privacy." - Author: Francis August Schaeffer

Quotes About Election 2012

"ballot you go, the more volatile the polls tend to be: polls of House races are less accurate than polls of Senate races, which are in turn less accurate than polls of presidential races. Polls of primaries, also, are considerably less accurate than general election polls. During the 2008 Democratic primaries, the average poll missed by about eight points, far more than implied by its margin of error. The problems in polls of the Republican primaries of 2012 may have been even worse.26 In many of the major states, in fact—including Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Alabama, and Mississippi—the candidate ahead in the polls a week before the election lost." - Author: Nate Silver