[Writing Criticism Is To Writing Fiction And Poetry As Hugging The Shore Is To Sailing In The Open Sea.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Danny Aiello Quotes

"At some point in my life, before I was gone, I wanted to make an album, even if it was for no reason other than posterity."

Ludwig Van Beethoven Quotes

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears form the eyes of woman."

Matt Cohler Quotes

"Mobile is something I think about all the time now."

Kenneth Schwarz Quotes

"If breaking a habit has been hard for you to do, hard for you even to face, then a helping hand is in order."

Kenneth Rexroth Quotes

"Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust."

Jason Paul Quotes

"Each indulgence in pleasure is an appointment made with misery."

Wali Quotes

"I trust in reality more than beliefs, one is taught and the later is experienced."

Mohit Manke Quotes

"The more you hate, more you think about it, more you increase your own stress."

John Higgins Quotes

"Snooker has just been a British-based sport for such a long time and when I started at 18 the furthest youd go would be London."

Timothy Dolan Quotes

"We must never allow September 11th to become a time for protest and division. Instead, this day must remain a time for promoting peace and mutual respect."

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Quotes About Woolley

"In an area so reliant on opinion there is also the matter of received opinion to consider. The old turkey of the innate beauty of left handers is probably a result of the rarer days for ‘cack-handers when Frank Woolley bestrode the shires on both sides of World War I. After a long gap, his mantle was languidly accepted in England by David Gower. But for every Woolley there was a Mead and for every Gower a Trescothick as if to balance the equation and bury the turkey." - Author: Patrick Ferriday

Quotes About Making Healthy Choices

"Its up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind." - Author: Steve Maraboli

Quotes About Oblomov

"Plunged up to the ears in work, good friend!" thought Oblomov as he watched him depart. "Yes, and blind and deaf and dumb to everything else in the world! Yet by going into society and, at the same time, busying yourself about your affairs you will yet win distinction and promotion. Such is what they call a career! Yet of how little use is a man like that! His intellect, his will, his feelings--what do they avail him? So many luxuries is what they are--nothing more.Such an individual lives out his little span without achieving a single thing worth mentioning; and meanwhile he works in an office from morning till night--yes, from morning till night, poor wretch!" - Author: Ivan Goncharov

Quotes About Bullets And Guns

"Get down! Get down!"The people in front had already done so, swept down by the wave of bullets. The survivors, instead of getting down, tried to go back to the small square, and the panic became a dragons tail as one compact wave ran against another which was moving in the opposite direction, towards the other dragons tail in the street across the way, where the machine guns were firing without cease. They were penned in, swirling about in a gigantic whirlwind that little by little was being reduced to its epicenter as the edges were systematically being cut off all around like an onion being peeled by the insatiable and methodical shears of the machine guns." - Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Quotes About Agitators

"You end up with a machine which knows that by its mildest estimate it must have terrible enemies all around and within it, but it cant find them. It therefore deduces that they are well-concealed and expert, likely professional agitators and terrorists. Thus, more stringent and probing methods are called for. Those who transgress in the slightest, or of whom even small suspicions are harboured, must be treated as terrible foes. A lot of rather ordinary people will get repeatedly investigated with increasing severity until the Government Machine either finds enemies or someone very high up indeed personally turns the tide... And these people under the microscope are in fact just taking up space in the machines numerical model. In short, innocent people are treated as hellish fiends of ingenuity and bile because theres a gap in the numbers." - Author: Nick Harkaway

Quotes About Smelling Nice

"My uncle Alex Vonnegut, a Harvard-educated life insurance salesman who lived at 5033 North Pennsylvania Street, taught me something very important. He said that when things were really going well we should be sure to NOTICE it. He was talking about simple occasions, not great victories: maybe drinking lemonade on a hot afternoon in the shade, or smelling the aroma of a nearby bakery; or fishing, and not caring if we catch anything or not, or hearing somebody all alone playing a piano really well in the house next door. Uncle Alex urged me to say this out loud during such epiphanies: "If this isnt nice, what is?" - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About I Am Done

"I recently did a piece for the Boston Pops and John Williams, and I hope that its as well a composed piece as Ive ever done for any other medium or occasion." - Author: Peter Maxwell Davies

Quotes About Stale Love

"...but the airs flat and stale and the people half-hearted. Theres nothing to do there. You can make love without trouble or meaning, or get mildly drunk, or extract second-hand emotions from the cinema, or put your mind to sleep on a dance-floor, or play bridge, or throw yourself in front of a train on the Underground. There are forty ways of escaping from consciousness. But I want something more exciting than that." - Author: Eric Linklater

Quotes About Prayer Saints

"Satan dreads nothing but prayer. His one concern is to keep the saints from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, he mocks our wisdom, but he trembles when we pray." - Author: Samuel Chadwick

Quotes About Considered

"Before I did How I Met Your Mother, I was not considered a comedic actress." - Author: Cobie Smulders