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Michael M Rose Quotes

"Love always precedes repentance. Divine love is a catalyst for our turning, our healing. Where fear & threat may gain our compliance, love captures our heart. It changes the heavy burden of the "have-tos" of imposed obedience to the "get-tos", a joyful response to the genuine love of God. It is in the security of this love we find Sabbath (rest)."

Rayvon L Browne Quotes

"Critasism is just a way of saying im jelous of your talents"

Paget Brewster Quotes

"After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided its time for me to move on. As much as I will miss my Criminal Minds family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities."

Quentin Tarantino Quotes

"Im a historian in my own mind."

S Spencer Baker Quotes

"mystery is not founded in ignorance, mystery is founded in imagination"

Alexander ONeal Quotes

"Everyday I strive to, at least, recognise my short-comings and the things I have to do to be the best person that I can possibly be."

Ankeet M Quotes

"life can be real bitch to you. Either let you fuck or give you fuck."

Barry Schuler Quotes

"By being able to write a genome and plug it into an organism, the software, if you will, changes the hardware."

Cristina Obber Quotes

"Succede, a volte, di provare una grande attrazione per qualcuno che poco ha a che fare con i nostri valori, le nostre abitudini, le nostre passioni. Che sia chimica, follia, istinto animale poco importa. Ciò che importa è che spesso, invece di dare alle cose il proprio nome, ci si affanna a interpretarle nel modo più indolore possibile, per non mettere in discussione la propria dignità, per tener fede a dogmi e precetti dai quali ci si sta svincolando, senza volerlo ammettere. (…) Si forniscono alibi, giustificazioni, si cercano attinenze che non esistono ma alle quali ci si aggrappa come polpastrelli in una scalata che renderà difficile sgretolare poi la roccia, pena il precipizio."

Hannah B Quotes

"Only be rebellious for good reasons."

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Quotes About Mornings

"I loved mornings on the island. Fucking loved them. Emphasis on fucking." - Author: Shay Savage

Quotes About Pip Wanting To Be A Gentleman

"Wouldnt it be something if we could have things we love in abudance without their losing that special attraction the want of them held for us." - Author: Dolly Parton

Quotes About Sexual Attraction

"Sexual attraction is common, Mind rapport is a blessing, and a Soul connection is a gift from the Divine."-Serena Jade" - Author: Serena Jade

Quotes About Gap Teeth

"The fallacy is one of the fifty fallacies that come from the modern madness for biological or bodily metaphors. It is convenient to speak of the Social Organism, just as it is convenient to speak of the British Lion. But Britain is no more an organism than Britain is a lion. The moment we begin to give a nation the unity and simplicity of an animal, we begin to think wildly. Because every man is a biped, fifty men are not a centipede. This has produced, for instance, the gaping absurdity of perpetually talking about "young nations" and "dying nations," as if a nation had a fixed and physical span of life. Thus people will say that Spain has entered a final senility; they might as well say that Spain is losing all her teeth. Or people will say that Canada should soon produce a literature; which is like saying that Canada must soon grow a new moustache." - Author: G.K. Chesterton

Quotes About Human Essence

"I dont hold with shamans, witch doctors, or psychiatrists. Shakespeare, Tolstoy, or even Dickens, understood more about the human condition than ever occurred to any of you. You overrated bunch of charlatans deal with the grammar of human problems, and the writers Ive mentioned with the essence." - Author: Mordecai Richler

Quotes About Second Love

"I have always pondered a tragic law of adolescence. (On second thought, the law probably applies to all ages to some extent). That law: People fall in love at the same time—often at the same stunning moment—but they fall out of love at different times. One is left sadly juggling the pieces of a fractured heart while the other has danced away." - Author: Robert Cormier

Quotes About Proud Of My Boyfriend

"Let the months and years come, they can take nothing from me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them without fear. The life that has borne me through these years is still in my hands and my eyes. Whether I have subdued it, I know not. But so long as it is there it will seek its own way out, heedless of the will that is within me." -All Quiet On The Western Front, Chapter 12" - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Drizzt

"First blood is mine.Last blood counts for more.--Artemis Entreri and Drizzt DoUrden" - Author: R.A. Salvatore

Quotes About Challenges In Life

"Its the uncertainty, the challenge and the willingness to put it all on the line that draws a lot of people to climb mountains. That can also apply to a lot of other challenges in life, whether its running for office, starting a family, going to grad school or taking all of your cash and assets and starting a business." - Author: Mark Udall

Quotes About Bella Edward Leaving

"Im no one... I dont want to be anyone. I stepped into singularity to exist within a void. Im no one... However, I am becoming... Imagination. I am grabbing conception, and leaving humanity behind. Humans have lost their sight, and individuality makes people blind to the truth. It makes people believe that anything is possible. Only nothing is possible. But then again, my words are the words of no one." - Author: Lionel Suggs