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Uziel Matos Lima Quotes

"Let go, and let God."

Greg Bear Quotes

"Science fiction works best when it stimulates debate."

Andres Serrano Quotes

"My work is intensely personal."

Robin M Helm Quotes

"I want to dream a dream so wonderful that Ill wake up sorry that it wasnt a memory."

Eqbal Ahmad Quotes

"We are living in modern times throughout the world and yet are dominated by medieval minds."

Taylor Anderson Quotes

"Thell have to kill me before I die--Yellowbeard"

Saskia Shakin Quotes

"Confidence can be learned - but not from a book. Confidence comes from from living."

Terry Deary Quotes

"The only politician ever to have entered parliament with honourable intentions, was Guy Fawkes."

Alan Bates Quotes

"Occasionally I do things against my inner voice, but you really should go for the thing that touches you most-even if you dont quite know why it does."

New Testament In EnglishArabic Quotes

"Beware to entertain strangers, thereby you may entertain an angel unawares...New Testament."

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Quotes About Adopting A Dog

"By adopting a wonderful mutt, youll save a life and help reduce animal homelessness while also boosting your chances of a more robust new furry friend, as mixed-breed dogs have demonstrated better health and longer life spans than their purebred cousins." - Author: Ingrid Newkirk

Quotes About Vision Impairment

"Seize the day or die regretting the time you lostIts empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache overI see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with timeBut Im too young to worryTheses streets we traveled on will undergo our same lost past" - Author: Avenged Sevenfold

Quotes About Protectors

"as though "the Truth" were such an innocent and incompetent creature as to require protectors!" - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Quotes About Castro Che

"This pursuit of security in the past, this attempt to find a haven in a fixed dogma and an organizational hierarchy as substitutes for creative thought and praxis is bitter evidence of how little many revolutionaries are capable of ‘revolutionizing themselves and things, much less of revolutionizing society as a whole. The deep-rooted conservatism of the Peoples Labor Party ‘revolutionaries is almost painfully evident; the authoritarian leader and hierarchy replace the patriarch and the school bureaucracy; the discipline of the Movement replaces the discipline of bourgeois society; the authoritarian code of political obedience replaces the state; the credo of ‘proletarian morality replaces the mores of puritanism and the work ethic. The old substance of exploitative society reappears in new forms, draped in a red flag, decorated by portraits of Mao (or Castro or Che) and adorned with the little ‘Red Book and other sacred litanies." - Author: Murray Bookchin

Quotes About Self Respect And Confidence

"George Bernard Shaw once said: "Capitalism has destroyed ourbelief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force."When liberals make the argument that capitalism is the cause of allof our problems, they are either speaking out of abject ignoranceor being totally disingenuous to protect their own political interests.We have not had true free-market capitalism in this country on anywide scale. Where we have had economic successes in this nationshistory, it has been those times when people have done somethingoutside of the governments involvement. Every single time the federalgovernment has been involved, it has created chaos, waste, andcorruption. The historical record is overwhelmingly one of grossincompetence." - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

Quotes About Plug

"In due course I would learn how to cover up for this event, but on that awful day I knew of nothing to say but: Well, I guess they arent going to do that either, heh, heh." FINALLY Hoku and Kiko stopped staring suspiciously through the glass long enough to go over the six bars, gracefully arcing in and out of the water against the glass, making the beautiful picture they were supposed to. I waved frantically at Chris to stop right there, to quit while we were ahead. I thanked the politely clapping audience and suggested they come back in a month and see what Hoku and Kiko could really do (I didnt have the courage to order them to KEEP clapping, and louder, please, so that Hoku and Kiko would do the applause jump). Then I yanked out the mike plug, raced down the ladder into the trainers little sitting room underneath the stage, and took up smoking again." - Author: Karen Pryor

Quotes About Caged Love

"I know I have to give her that freedom. Otherwise Ive just caged her, havent I? And what kind of love would it be, that only came from inside a box?" - Author: Jane Lovering

Quotes About Guru Granth Sahib

"He would read up on parenting, if he thought it would help, but his errors always seemed too basic for the manuals. "Always tell your kids they have siblings..." He couldnt imagine any child-raising guru taking the trouble to write that down. Maybe there was a gap in the market." - Author: Nick Hornby

Quotes About Giving From The Heart

"After reading Edgar Allan Poe. Something the critics have not noticed: a new literary world pointing to the literature of the 20th Century. Scientific miracles, fables on the pattern A+ B, a clear-sighted, sickly literature. No more poetry but analytic fantasy. Something monomaniacal. Things playing a more important part than people; love giving away to deductions and other forms of ideas, style, subject and interest. The basis of the novel transferred from the heart to the head, from the passion to the idea, from the drama to the denouement." - Author: Jules De Goncourt

Quotes About Loss Of A Parent

"Nobody can prepare you for the loss of a parent." - Author: Samantha Bond