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Author: Cathy East Dubowski Quotes

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Sarah Hughes Quotes

"When I was skating I felt I represented not just my family and the people who helped me make it to that point, but also New York and the country."

Dale Peck Quotes

"Your past comes with you no matter where you go."

Hans Frank Quotes

"It was also my idea that the advisory committees of the Academy should replace the legal committees of the German Reichstag, which was gradually fading into the background in the Reich."

Angela Sarafyan Quotes

"God, I love John Cassavetes."

Frances Fisher Quotes

"How wonderful it was to sit on a set with Norman Mailer and get to know him."

KZ Snow Quotes

"As soon as I saw that doll all splotched with mud, I saw myself, saw how soiled I was. Or thought I was. From that minute on, I felt liked Id slipped through a hole in Gods pocket. Just took a dive right into the dirt and was lost forever."Greg kissed Farons hair. "You never hit the dirt. You just slid from one pocket to another. Thats what I did too - I took a journey I was meant to take. I know that now."Absorbing this, Faron slanted a puzzled look at Greg. "Which pocket do you suppose I landed in?""This one. The one were in together. The one I believe well stay in."Faron felt a thrill of optimism in his heart. "I never thought of it that way.""I never did either. Until today." Greg once again settled onto Farons chest. His cheek moved noticeable into a smile. "God isnt small, honey. God has a lot of freakin pockets. And we just found the one we belong in."

Harold Norse Quotes

"When we kill our desires we stink like any corpse."

TPK Quotes

"A big thing will remain a big thing until a bigger thing will occur."

Judy Collins Quotes

"For songs are the heart of our memory and they let us live the search for meaning in our lives again and again."

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Quotes About Technological Art

"The Soviets were not 50% right, they were entirely wrong. They werentquantitatively wrong about the amount of variance due to the environment,they were qualitatively wrong about what environmental manipulationscould do in the face of built-in universal human machinery. Having said this,though, I now feel no particular impulse to vote Republican.Also, its quite possible that someday you could create perfectly unselfishpeople… if you used sufficiently advanced neurosurgery, drugs, and/orbrain-computer interfaces to engineer their brains into a new state that nocurrent human brain occupies. Whether or not this is in fact possible isntsomething that ideology gets to decide. The reasoning errors of pastcommunists cant prohibit any particular future technological advance frombeing possible or practical. Having said that, I feel no particular impulse toturn "liberal." - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Quotes About Faa

"Senyum bagi manusia adalah ibarat cahaya matahari bagi bunga.Kelihatannya sepele, tetapi apabila disebarkan sepanjang hidup, manfaatnya tidak bisa dihitung." - Author: Joseph Addison

Quotes About Executing Ideas

"Its about how to deal with the idea killer in your own head, the part of your brain where fear and knowledge keep you from executing the brilliant ideas your mind generates every day." - Author: Kevin Kelly

Quotes About Snooping Around

"You see, he was going for the Holy Grail. The boys all took a flier at the Holy Grail now and then. It was a several years cruise. They always put in the long absence snooping around, in the most conscientious way, though none of them had any idea where the Holy Grail really was, and I dont think any of them actually expected to find it, or would have known what to do with it if he had run across it." - Author: Mark Twain

Quotes About Mindless Behavior

"Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation." - Author: Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Quotes About Garner

"Work and live to serve others, to leave the world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can. This is happiness." - Author: David Sarnoff

Quotes About Tehran

"In Tehran, the 444 days of the Iran Hostage Crisis was the first world event in which you could literally have live events beamed into your living room. Now, every world event plays out on its own, and as a media event." - Author: Chris Terrio

Quotes About Letter H

"He held out the written pass. "This is what they want us to be," he said. "They want us to be nothing but a bill of sale and a letter explaining where we is and instructions for where we go and what we do. They want us empty. They want us flat as paper. They want to be able to carry our souls in their hands, and read them out loud in court. All the time, theyre on the exploration of themselves, going on the inner journey into their own breast. But us, they want there to be nothing inside of. They want us to be writ on. They want us to be a surface. Look at me, Im mahogany."I protested, "A man is known by his deeds.""Oh, thats sure," said Bono. "Just like a house is known by its deeds. The deeds say who owns it, who sold it, and wholl be buying a new one when it gets knocked down." - Author: M.T. Anderson

Quotes About Amaretto

"a dessert made out of a dozen matzohs, a gallon of cream and amaretto liqueur, and a tub of raspberries. What I believe my mother is aiming for is a mille-feuille, or, in Russian, a tort Napoleon. The result is a vaguely Passover-based departure from pastry reality. In deference to its point of origin, she likes to call it "French." - Author: Gary Shteyngart

Quotes About Subterraneans

"I was going to rise, do some typing and coffee drinking in the kitchen all day since at that time work, work was my dominant thought, not love- not the pain which impels me to write this even while I dont want to, the pain which wont be eased by writing of this but heightened, but which will be redeemed, and if only it were a dignified pain and could be placed somewhere other than this black gutter of shame and loss and noisemaking folly in the night... /The Subterraneans" - Author: Jack Kerouac