[You Are Immortal Till The Very Moment You Die. Discover It, And Stand Untouchable.]

Author: VirusLord Ayd Quotes

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A Rosa Quotes

"Its an obvious challenge, but the risk feels too big, the leap too grand, the future too unknown"

Mark McKinnon Quotes

"My brother is one of my true heroes. Steady and sober where I am impulsive and emotional."

Robert Dunbar Quotes

"She wasnt all that into guys anyhow, she kept telling herself. Its just there were so goddamn many of them."

Jonathan Zittrain Quotes

"Through historical accident, weve ended up with a global network that pretty much allows anybody to communicate with anyone else at any time."

Frederick Sanger Quotes

"In this atmosphere I soon became interested in nucleic acids."

Dean Kamen Quotes

"I dont work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people."

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu Quotes

"A nation lives forever through its concepts, honour, and culture. It is for these reasons that the rulers of nations must judge and act not only on the basis of physical and material interests of the nation but on the basis of the nations historical honour, of the nations eternal interests. Thus: not bread at all costs, but honour at all costs."

Allison M Dickson Quotes

"Dont for once ever think that what youre doing is easy. If it feels that way, youre probably doing something wrong. Throwing words onto a page is easy. But writing, the real kind, is hard. Its damn hard."

Pere La Combe Quotes

"It is in vain for man to endeavor to instruct man in those things which the Holy Spirit alone can teach."

Deborah Feldman Quotes

"Later, in my adulthood, I will read the book again, even watch the movie, and understand that I wasnt equipped, as a child, to make room for arguments that would undermine every single choice made for me, that would shatter the foundations of my very existence. I would see that I had to believe everything I was taught, if only to survive. For a long time I wouldnt be ready to accept that my worldview could be wrong, but I do not look back with shame at my ignorance."

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Quotes About Attration

"Over time, this unspoken attration continued to blossom, refusing to dwindle or fade, though they had little opportunity to foster or nourish it. Slowly and patiently, Roberts sheer persistence in the chase had revealed his heart, and Charlotte came to realize the nameless thing between them was love." - Author: Emery Lee

Quotes About Wise Rulers

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." - Author: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Quotes About Sons From Moms

"I began praying for the health and safety of my boys before each one was born. Once a week for two years prior to Josephs death, I also gathered with other moms to pray for my sons and their schools, and I specifically asked God to protect the health and safety of Joseph, Curt, and Wyatt. My prayers were not answered the way I had hoped. Despite countless prayers for Joseph to be safe, God said no. His plan remains a mystery. I have had to accept that mystery and trust Him in the dark." - Author: Shelley Ramsey

Quotes About Medical Expenses

"Long gone are the days when hospital stays and surgeries made up the bulk of seniors annual medical expenses." - Author: Jim Gerlach

Quotes About Clouds And Rain

"The air was warm and heavy as sprinkles began to fall from the clouds high above. The Triton glided through the waters and the whoosh of the ship combined with the steady beat of the rain to make a concerto, like a pianist fluttering his fingers on the keys at one end and running his fingers up and down the scales at the other. Expectancy hung in the air as the tune moved to a crescendo." - Author: Victoria Kahler

Quotes About Citizen Soldiers

"Were quickly moving to the point where we will have no military bases in the Northeast, and this undermines support for the military. We are a nation of citizen soldiers." - Author: Rob Simmons

Quotes About Valued Possessions

"Many invest wisely in business matters, but fail to invest time and interest in their most valued possessions: their spouses and children." - Author: Billy Graham

Quotes About Goddess Lakshmi

"Ersken gathered the dice, put them in the cup they had used for play, and tucked it inside one bound Rats shirt."Let that be a lesson to you not to gamble," he told the Rat soberly. "The trickster asks you pay for any luck you may have, one way or another." "Bless the boy, hes a priest with it," one of the Goddess warriors said with a grin. "After this, laddie, whats say I take you home and rub some of that off yez?"Ersken actually winked at her! "Forgive me, gracious warrior, but my woman would turn me into something unnatural if I took you up on your kind offer," he replied as if he truly regretted it. "Shes a mage and Id best stay devoted." - Author: Tamora Pierce

Quotes About Happiness And Money

"Those who think money cant buy happiness just dont know where to shop … People would be happier and healthier if they took more time off and spent it with their family and friends, yet America has long been heading in the opposite direction. People would be happier if they reduced their commuting time, even if it meant living in smaller houses, yet American trends are toward even larger houses and ever longer commutes. People would be happier and healthier if they took longer vacations even if that meant earning less, yet vacation times are shrinking in the United States, and in Europe as well. People would be happier, and in the long run and wealthier, if they bought basic functional appliances, automobiles, and wristwatches, and invested the money they saved for future consumption; yet, Americans and in particular spend almost everything they have – and sometimes more – on goods for present consumption, often paying a large premium for designer names and superfluous features." - Author: Jonathan Haidt

Quotes About Secular

"John Paul was the first modern pope to grow up in a secular culture: He attended public schools, danced with girls - indeed, as a teenager he had a crush on a beautiful Jewish girl who fled his hometown just ahead of the arrival of the Germans." - Author: Carl Bernstein