[You Can Be The Moon And Still Be Jealous Of The Stars.]

Author: Gary Allan Quotes

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Ken Montrose Quotes

"Today I will remember the world owes me nothing, does not respond to my will,and goes merrily on with or without my consent.On the other hand,I am free to change myself as I see fit."

Caspar Friedrich Wolff Quotes

"He who wishes to explain Generation must take for his theme the organic body and its constituent parts, and philosophize about them; he must show how these parts originated, and how they came to be in that relation in which they stand to each other. But he who learns to know a thing not only from its phenomena, but also its reasons and causes; and who, therefore, not by the phenomena merely, but by these also, is compelled to say: The thing must be so, and it cannot be otherwise; it is necessarily of such a character; it must have such qualities; it is impossible for it to possess others—understands the thing not only historically but truly philosophically, and he has a philosophic knowledge of it. Our own Theory of Generation is to be such a philosphic comprehension of an organic body, a very different one from one merely historical. (1764)"

Vicki Keire Quotes

"Maybe none of us can choose who we love, Cas. None of the lucky ones, anyway. The only choice we have is how we serve that love. And Ethans made his choice. What about you? Are you going to reject it, or make the best of what youve been given?"

Ross Paterson Quotes

"It was that simple. God spoke to Carey about the needs of the lost in other lands. And Carey wished to respond. After all, was that not what the Bible told him to do?"

J K Ihalainen Quotes

"ihmiset istuuaika kulkee nopeamminkun se koostuu odottamisenerilaisista jaksoistatiistaina odotetaan perjantaitakuun puolivälissä kuunvaihdettasydäntalvella kesääkehitetään erilaisia asentojaodottamiseen kaupataanodottaminen ihmisillenojatuoleja leposohviaodotushuoneita käytäviäkatossa ulvovia tuulettimiaautomaatteja kaavakkeitajos tulisi vallankumous niin voisimennä ja lyödä niitä kirveellätakaraivoon"

Kellie Pickler Quotes

"The thing is, my life is a country song. I dont need to be manufactured, and I dont need anyone to tell me what to say or what to sing."

Rumer Willis Quotes

"I definitely understand not entirely fitting in. I think everyone has their own version of feeling out of place and I think one of the great things we have the ability to do is to know its all right. Its OK to have that awkward phase."

Cynthia Sax Quotes

"I want to mark him permanently, brand him as mine. I grab my ankles to keep from grabbing him, digging my short, blunt nails into my flesh, the pain heightening my pleasure."

R Albert Mohler Jr Quotes

"As theologian David F. Wells states so powerfully, We have turned to a God that we can use rather than a God we must obey; we have turned to a God who will fulfill our needs rather than to a God before whom we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us and for our satisfaction, and we have come to assume that it must be so in the church as well. And so we transform the God of mercy into a God who is at our mercy. We imagine that he is benign, that he will acquiesce as we toy with his reality and co-opt him in the promotion of our ventures and careers."

Angus Wilson Quotes

"I opened the large central window of my office room to its full on the fine early May morning. Then I stood for a few moments, breathing in the soft, warm air that was charged with the scent of white lilacs below."

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Quotes About Boxing

"Boxing, for me, its the beginning of all sports. Im willing to bet that the first sport was a man against another man in a fight, so I think thats something innate in all of us." - Author: Omar Epps

Quotes About No Cares

"The donkey nibbled on his butt. "What the hell!" Leaping a foot, Ozzie jerked around. The donkey was right THERE, not two inches from him, his ears laid back and his big brown eyes soulful. How had the damned thing moved so silently? "Hes just being friendly." Marci shared that special smile that felt like a caress. "He likes you." Appalled, Ozzie said, "He likes my ass." And he backed out of the donkeys reach. "I do, too." No, no, no. He wasnt about to touch that one. "Itd help if youd just be quiet, Marci." Unaffected by his dark mood, she laughed. "Lighten up, Osbourne. Its not my fault, or the donkeys that you have such an irresistible bod."-Osbourne and Marcie" - Author: Lori Foster

Quotes About Compromising Integrity

"I see myself as a creative being. My only fear is compromising my integrity. I guess thats a constant struggle." - Author: Henry Hopper

Quotes About Another Day Tomorrow

"Once youve lived a little you will find that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you in one way or another. It may be today, tomorrow, or years from now, but it happens; usually when you least expect it, usually in a form thats pretty different from the original. Those coincidental moments that change your life seem random at the time but I dont think they are. At least thats how its worked out in my life. And I know Im not the only one." - Author: Slash

Quotes About Suceed

"Perhaps, if I use my reason in good faith, I may suceed in discovering some ray of probability to lighten me in the dark night of nature. And if this faint dawn which I seek does not come to me, I shall be consoled to think that my ignorance is invincible; that knowledge which is forbidden me is assuredly useless to me; and that the great Being will not punish me for having sought a knowledge of him and failed to obtain it." - Author: Voltaire

Quotes About Grating

"Only by taking infinitesimally small units for observation (the differential of history, that is, the individual tendencies of men) and attaining to the art of integrating them (that is, finding the sum of these infinitesimals) can we hope to arrive at the laws of history." - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Joining

"You look tired," Rachel told Jason."I wish I could jog and sleep at the same time.""Cant you?" Ferrin asked, joining them at the little cascade. "I always imagined that you could sleep rolling down a mountainside in a barrel.""I probably could today," Jason conceded." - Author: Brandon Mull

Quotes About Dirty Laundry

"Knowing Myrnin, there could be anything inside, from a body hed forgotten about to his dirty laundry." - Author: Rachel Caine

Quotes About Animal Instincts

"The following proposition seems to me in a high degree probable" - Author: Charles Darwin

Quotes About Chuan

"Sichuan food would not be Sichuanese without the hot chilies that arrived before 1700 from South America." - Author: Raymond Sokolov