[You Can Tell By Looking At Me That I've Got More Miles Behind Me Than I've Got In Front Of Me. When You Reach That Point, If You've Got Some Good Years Left, You Want To Make Sure That You Use Them Wisely.]

Author: Tom Osborne Quotes

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Jamie Magee Quotes

"Being angry at the mistakes made by the heart will only leave you bitter."

Scott Caan Quotes

"And at the end of the day, if the movies no good, Ill live to fight another day."

Jonathan Goldstein Quotes

"If you could jerk off to something else, like a hamburger, could you imagine the delight in being alive?"

Richard Strauss Quotes

"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play."

Busy Philipps Quotes

"I had a baby with no pain medicine, mainly because most people I talked to didnt think Id be able to do it. So there!"

Cleon T Day III Quotes

"If you couldnt catch up with me before the fame and fortune when you had owed me money and/or took up time with me, why on Gods green earth should I take up any more time with you to borrow more money and not see you again until its time to borrow some more."

Melky Cabrera Quotes

"Ive been very happy with all the teams Ive played for. They all treated me very well."

Dhomang Yangthang Quotes

"When we speak of the sangha, we speak of the "arya sangha," which means the "exalted sangha". At the time of the Buddha this referred to the arhats and bodhisattvas, the disciples who studied under him and achieved various levels of realization through their practice. But now who is the arya sangha? It is all of us, all of the practitioners of the present time. The moment we take refuge, which is to begin on the path, we hold the title of "sangha". As such, you should understand that you are one of the Three Jewels. You shouldnt put the Three Jewels outside of yourselves; you should always think of yourselves as being one of the Three Jewels—and that includes your body, your speech, and your mind."

Sherif A El Mawardy Quotes

"Upset The Established Order Of Your Life And Everything Becomes Chaos...To A Degree That You Wont Be Able To Differentiate Between Mere Illusions And Solid Reality"


"Some things a heart wont listen to, Im still holding out for you"

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Quotes About Contentment In Love

"Look at yourself! Youre a priest. You know damn well that if I were setting out to make a girl at this moment instead of young Paolo, youd take an entirely different view. Youd disapprove, sure! Youd read me a lecture on fornication and all the rest. But you wouldnt be too unhappy. Id be normal... according to nature! But I am not made like that. God didnt make me like that. But do I need love the less? Do I need satisfaction less? Have I less right to live in contentment because somewhere along the line the Almighty slipped a cog in creation?... Whats your answer to that Meredith? Whats your answer for me? Tie a knot in myself and take up badminton and wait till they make me an angel in heaven, where they dont need this sort of thing any more? Im lonely! I need love like the next man! My sort of love!" - Author: Morris L. West

Quotes About Christmas Love Family

"A mission-minded family will serve together. Look for needs in your community and brainstorm with your spouse about how you can partner together to meet those needs in a way that works for you. My husband is handy, and I love to cook. My casserole dish and his tool box work well together. Is there a single mom who could use some help with yard work? Is there an elderly couple who needs help hanging their Christmas lights? Look for creative ways you can serve side by side and connect with each other and your neighbors." - Author: Lyli Dunbar

Quotes About Being A Best Friend

"Human beings are born into this little span of life of which the best thing is its friendships and intimacies … and yet they leave their friendships and intimacies with no cultivation, to grow as they will by the roadside, expecting them to "keep" by force of mere inertia." - Author: William James

Quotes About Football Season

"Although I hardly ever turn on the TV set unless its football season, I do watch a lot of TV on my iPad - perfect for long airplane journeys." - Author: Joshua Bell

Quotes About Threatening To Leave

"Bush is a frat boy in the White House but weve had that before. But I wasnt one of those people that was threatening to leave the country. By the way none of those people have left the country. Alec Baldwin is still here." - Author: Harry Shearer

Quotes About Bluegrass Music

"I was only going to shoot you if he was in one band. And only if it had a name like Uncle Toejams Acid Crematorium or something. But bluegrass is good, and hey, music is MY life too. Maybe Ill actually like the guy (assuming hes around long enough). Just dont write and tell me youre in the process of stirring up some baby Custard-Mustards." - Author: Ellen Wittlinger

Quotes About Childhood Fears

"One of my own stray childhood fears had been to wonder what a whale might feel like had it been born and bred in captivity, then released into the wild-into its ancestral sea-its limited world instantly blowing up when cast into the unknowable depths, seeing strange fish and tasting new waters, not even having a concept of depth, not knowing the language of any whale pods it might meet. It was my fear of a world that would expand suddenly, violently, and without rules or laws: bubbles and seaweed and storms and frightening volumes of dark blue that never end" - Author: Douglas Coupland

Quotes About Wedding Veils

"[she used to say that] each of us has a veil between ourselves and the rest of the world – like a bride wears on her wedding day—except this kind of veil is invisible. we walk around happily with these invisible veils hanging down over our faces. the world is kind of blurry. we like it that way. but sometimes our veils are pushed away for a few moments – like theres a wind blowing it from our faces – and when the veil lifts, we can see the world as it really is, just for those few seconds before it settles down again. we see all the beauty and cruelty and sadness and love, but mostly we are happy not to. some people learn to lift the veils themselves. then they dont have to depend on the wind anymore. ...its just her way of saying that most of the time people get distracted by little stuff, and ignore the big stuff." - Author: Rebecca Stead

Quotes About Accepting Your Partners Past

"It is now your duty to hone that talent, because a person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey." - Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Excessive Use Of Force

"The correct way to punctuate a sentence that states: "Of course it is none of my business, but -- " is to place a period after the word "but." Dont use excessive force in supplying such a moron with a period. Cutting his throat is only a momentary pleasure and is bound to get you talked about." - Author: Robert A. Heinlein