[You Can Tell By Looking At Me That I've Got More Miles Behind Me Than I've Got In Front Of Me. When You Reach That Point, If You've Got Some Good Years Left, You Want To Make Sure That You Use Them Wisely.]

Author: Tom Osborne Quotes

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Donald J Bingle Quotes

"Books are so strong, you can break their spines and they will still stand for eternity."

Rick Moody Quotes

"I love comic books and always did as a kid."

Sameer Kamat Quotes

"Cliché: "The MBA changed my life."What it really means: "A fantastic career, a great social life and a healthy bank balance...three of the things I had before I started the program."

Nadina Boun Quotes

"Man will destroy what man fears!"

Ariel Leve Quotes

"For Liza, a greeting is an opportunity to make new friends. For me, its yet more people Ill have to avoid."

Frank Lautenberg Quotes

"Should those whose actions lead to the death or injury of a child get a free pass?"

Rebecca Romijn Quotes

"Ive become really good at turning down the boring, pretty girl roles, the trophy wife, supermodel, beautiful girlfriend roles. I mean, playing somebody whos perfect holds no allure for me, whatsoever. Its just boring."

Greg Mitchell Quotes

"Most people werent wired to see miracles, even when one was staring them in the face."

Gordon S Wood Quotes

"Americans became so thoroughly democratic that much of the periods political activity, beginning with the Constitution, was diverted to finding means and devices to tame that democracy."

JE Leigh Quotes

"We—all of us—want to feel special. We want to feel the glory that shines on us when we reach beyond our boundaries to grab at something greater, to live a heroic life, if only for a day or a week or a moment. This simple yearning is in us all, hardly recognizable, often only the merest hint that there is something more to us. This is why we seek out new places...we want to remember a somewhere that gave us the space to expand ourselves, to become a little more of who we truly are."

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"Maybe theres a galaxy with a planet thats just a little more tilted, with a sun that shines just a little bit darker, and thats where Im supposed to be, where it somehow makes sense to feel this broken." - Author: Amy Reed

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"I know many Catholics love God with all their heart. I have genuine respect for anyone who truly has given their life to Christ. We read about Mother Teresa and what a wonderful example she was." - Author: Bill McCartney

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"My mom told me that I should trust the man who could see the sorrow behind my smile, the love behind my anger, and the reasons behind my silence." - Author: Jill Shalvis

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"The old drunk told me about trout fishing. When he could talk, he had a way of describing trout as if they were a precious and intelligent metal." - Author: Richard Brautigan

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"How about we go to myplace? Its just around the corner."Ah, thanks—but no thanks. Redhead has quickly become a fading memory. My sights are set onbetter, more intriguing prospects. Im about to tell her so when another redhead appears beside her."This is my sister, Mandy. I told her all about you. She thought the three of us could…youknow…have a good time."I turn my gaze on Redheads sister—her twin, actually. And just like that, my plans change. Iknow, I know…I said I dont ride the same coaster twice. But twin coasters?Let me tell you, no man would pass up a ride like that." - Author: Emma Chase

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"Oh, you know. Im queen of the rumor mill. It seems like theres been a new rumor about me every week since I got here. Comes with being the new girl, I guess. Have you heard the one where I seduced the basketball coach? Thats a personal favorite." - Author: Cynthia Hand

Quotes About Diamond Formation

"You can all supply your own favorite, most nauseating examples of the commodification of love. Mine include the wedding industry, TV ads that feature cute young children or the giving of automobiles as Christmas presents, and the particularly grotesque equation of diamond jewelry with everlasting devotion. The message, in each case, is that if you love somebody you should buy stuff. A related phenomenon is the ongoing transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb to like from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse: from a feeling to an assertion of consumer choice. And liking, in general, is commercial cultures substitution for loving." - Author: Jonathan Franzen

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"My troubles are all over, and I am at home; and often before I am quite awake, I fancy I am still in the orchard at Birtwick, standing with my friends under the apple trees." - Author: Anna Sewell

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"Ive often thought that my lack of intimacy with those around me is the fault of those around me." - Author: Luke Ford

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"And so Im stupid for thinking they might be useful. Because of something Johanna Mason said while she was oiling her breasts for wrestling." - Author: Suzanne Collins