[You Can't Go On Like You're Going To Start Really Living One Day Like All This Is Some Preamble To Some Great Life Thats Magically Going To Appear. I'm A Firm Believer That You Have To Create Your Own Miracles, Don't Hold Out That There's Something Better Waiting On The Other Side. It Doesn't Work That Way. When You're Gone, You're Gone. Don't Wait.]

Author: Perry Moore Quotes

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Jane Pauley Quotes

"I envy people with dreams and passions, but I dont think that way. I still dont have a bliss to follow. For people like me - I suspect thats most people - holding out for a dream or a passion is paralyzing. I just like having work I enjoy that feels meaningful. Thats hard enough... but its enough."

Dabney Coleman Quotes

"I was very lucky in as much as I played a lot of tennis."


"Silence is a deadly weapon"

Jainar Berliana Quotes

"I love you Abang, so what? That is a human right. The fact that you do not love me, it is also human right. Abang ngga salah, tapi aku juga ngga salah, kan?"

Gala Darling Quotes

"Know that change is always challenged! When you decide that you want to make a change, it is the way of the universe to throw obstacles in our way. It is like we are being tested to see how serious we really are about what it is we have said! See it for what it is, dont get discouraged & always keep going!"

Cara Lynn Shultz Quotes

"Oh, come on, Ash, that smells like a unicorn fart."

Ankur Singh Yadav Quotes

"when you unfriend the people you need, soon you will have to befriend the people you dont need"

Benjamin Breedlove Quotes

"Then I looked at myself in the mirror. I was proud of myself, of my entire life, of everything I have done. It was the BEST feeling... I didnt want to leave that place. I wish I never woke up."

Robert Irvine Quotes

"When Im on the road, Ill break my exercise into a cardio session and a weights session."

Jacqueline Susann Quotes

"Did money give people a blind spot? Rob them of their hearing?"

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Quotes About Wuxia

"This is my first wuxia movie and I must consider this before trying to make something with my own." - Author: Zhang Yimou

Quotes About Corrupt Government

"I saw the figure of 178 Billion wasted/stolen from the people of a country by its corrupt and inept government. Such a figure could truly transform the entire country; education, health, roads, schooling, entrepreneurial environment... of millions of people, rather than be secreted away as a few more 0000s in global bank accounts for the greeders.We need to Rethink Public Service, Values, Ethics and Leadership." - Author: Tony Dovale

Quotes About Mouth Pain

"When the river takes me I dont try to swim or stay afloat. I open my eyes and my mouth and let the water fill me up. I feel my lungs spasm but theres no pain, and I stop being afraid. The current carries me along. Im flotsam, and I understand that flotsam is all Ive ever been." - Author: Hillary Jordan

Quotes About Planet Venus

"Its all strange to me. I know I live on a fierce and magical planet, which sheds or surrenders rain or even flings it off in whipstroke after whipstroke, which fires out bolts of electric gold into the firmament at 186,000 miles per second, which with a single shrug of its tectonic plates can erect a city in half an hour. Creation … is easy, is quick. Theres also a universe, apparently. But I cannot bear to see the stars, even though I know theyre there all right, and I do see them, because Tod looks upward at night, as everybody does, and coos and points. The Plough. Sirius, the dog. The stars, to me, are like pins and needles, are like the routemap of a nightmare. Dont join the dots.… Of the stars, one alone can I contemplate without pain. And thats a planet. The planet they call the evening star, the morning star. Intense Venus." - Author: Martin Amis

Quotes About Gym Partners

"I had to get up run in the morning for 2 hours, go to the gym and also get good opponents as sparring partners because Im a big believer in that how you train is how you will fight at least when it came to me thats how it worked." - Author: Alexis Arguello

Quotes About Roman Goddesses

"Via the mediation of the Enlightenment, this movement had changed from a hobby among a tiny literate elite and their secretaries, an ostentatious amusement among princely and mercantile art patrons and their masterly suppliers (who established a first art system), into a national, a European, indeed a planetary matter. In order to spread from the few to the many, the renaissance had to discard its humanistic exterior and reveal itself as the return of ancient mass culture. The true renaissance question, reformulated in the terminology of practical philosophy - namely, whether other forms of life are possible and permissible for us alongside and after Christianity, especially ones whose patterns are derived from Greek and Roman (perhaps even Egyptian or Indian) antiquity - was no longer a secret discourse or an academic exercise in the nineteenth century, but rather an epochal passion, an inescapable pro nobis." - Author: Peter Sloterdijk

Quotes About Choices Define You

"Our 20s are the defining decade of adulthood. 80% of lifes most defining moments take place by about age 35. 2/3 of lifetime wage growth happens during the first ten years of a career. More than half of Americans are married or are dating or living with their future partner by age 30. Personality can change more during our 20s than at any other decade in life. Female fertility peaks at 28. The brain caps off its last major growth spurt. When it comes to adult development, 30 is not the new 20. Even if you do nothing, not making choices is a choice all the same. Dont be defined by what you didnt know or didnt do." - Author: Meg Jay

Quotes About Mikhail Gorbachev

"On March 11, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union, and within a few weeks the full-scale reformation he attempted to carry out both inside his country and in its cold war relations with the West, particularly the United States, began to unfold." - Author: Stephen Cohen

Quotes About Educating

"Educating yourself does not mean that you were stupid in the first place; it means that you are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to learn." - Author: Melanie Joy

Quotes About Freeman

"Mr Freeman: "Art without emotion is like chocolate cake without sugar. It makes you gag." He sticks his finger down his throat. "The next time you work on your trees, dont think about trees. Think about love, or hate, or joy, or pain- whatever makes you feel something, makes your palms sweat, or your toes curl. Focus on that feeling. When people dont express themselves, they die on piece at a time. Youd be shocked at how many adults are really dead inside- walking through their days with no idea who they are, just waiting for a heart attack or cancer or a mack truck to come along and finish the job. Its the saddest thing I know." - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson