[You Collect Art: You Must Know That The Miniature Artists, At The End Of Careers Spent Painting The Tiniest, Most Exacting Details That No One Would Ever Look At, Would Often Put Their Eyes Out With Needles. Too Much Beauty, Yes, But Also Too Much Seeing. They Were Tired Of Seeing. The Dark Was Safe And Warm And Comfortable. Blindness Was A Gift. I Still Have Seeing To Do.]

Author: Ian McDonald Quotes

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Sylvain Reynard Quotes

"You know, the act of feeding someone is the ultimate act of care and affection...sharing yourself with someone else through food." He held another mouthful of cake under her nose. "Think about it. We are fed in the Eucharist, by our mothers when we are infants, by our parents as children, by friends at dinner parties, by a lover when we feast on one anothers bodies...and on occasion, on anothers souls."

Noureen DeWulf Quotes

"My go-to drink is a mix of cukes, kale, apple and other healthy stuff."

Patrick Bateman Quotes

"There is a moment of sheer panic when I realize that Pauls apartment overlooks the park... and is obviously more expensive than mine."

Stephen Beam Quotes

"Brahman and I are buddies."

Robert L Slater Quotes

"Lizzie ignored the hair in her armpits and on her legs. It had gone from stubble to dark hair. F*** it. End of the world rules apply."

Kelly Crawford Quotes

"A man approaching retirement called the retirement office to inquire about his pension. Afterward, he was asked if his wife worked. "Shes worked all her life making me happy", he replied. "Yes sir, but has she earned money to receive her pension?" "When we got married we agreed on an arrangement", he said. "I would earn the living, and she would make the living worthwhile"."Make the living worthwhile"…have we forgotten the very essence of that? Have we forgotten to live for someone else, that doing so IS what makes a living worthwhile?"

Mike Judge Quotes

"All the Disney lead male characters always have this kind of John Davidson kind of look to them. They all look like the same guy, and all the females look like the same, and I think the guys are just way too big."

Mary Quant Quotes

"The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes dont wear her."

Howard Coble Quotes

"An indictment is not a conviction."

Aubrey ODay Quotes

"You can never regret anything you do in life. You kind of have to learn the lesson from whatever the experience is and take it with you on your journey forward."

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Quotes About The Finches From To Kill A Mockingbird

"God help me, Im gonna make sure we get out of this alive and Im going to kill that son of a bitch...Im gonna make him wish he never stepped foot in this town" -Emerson Shaw" - Author: Justin Bienvenue

Quotes About Trees And Friendship

"Lets think about living some day in a world made of friendship, with hearts beating with duty and feeling, and people and animals and trees and birds and lawns. Well have a morality never written in a book. A morality that looks in surprise at what we do now and what well do in the future, what we think now and what we will think. Then well have a longer friendship, Bug-eyes. Then, dont worry. My friend Panço will agree. He wont talk about church morality. Hell tell his children about the extraordinary beauty of friendship." - Author: Sait Faik Abasıyanık

Quotes About Night Shifts

"I noticed how utterly indifferent the passengers were to what they were doing, namely, flying through the air. A glance out of the window would have revealed furrowed fields of cloud stained smoke-blue and violet as night and morning changed shifts –- but how were they passing time in First, Business and Coach? Crosswords. In-flight movies. Computer games. E-mail. Creation sprawls like a dewed and willing maiden outside your window awaiting only the lechery of your senses –- and what do you do? Complain about the dwarf cutlery. Plug your ears. Blind you eyes. Discuss Julia Robertss hair. Ah, me. Sometimes I think my work is done." - Author: Glen Duncan

Quotes About Denzel

"Mix one part Denzel Washington and two parts Eva Mendes and you have a nice hot cocktail." - Author: Dean Cain

Quotes About Wicked Leaders

"To hear them talk one would have thought they had no legs, natural functions or knowledge of the wicked world." - Author: Margaret Mitchell

Quotes About Best Disabilities

"It was the best route to get folks to understand segregation fast. Civil rights and womens rights had a clear history. Making the transition to rights for people with disabilities became easier because we had the history of the other two." - Author: Major Owens

Quotes About Religious Conflict

"Israel of the coastal plain, where eight out of ten Israeli Jews live far removed from the occupied territories, from the fiery Jerusalem, from the religious and nationalistic conflicts, is unknown to the outside world, almost unknown to itself." - Author: Amos Oz

Quotes About Dawn Of A New Day

"The roadmap to a rich, rewarding life is to follow your passion, to be willing to deviate, to never dull to the dawn of a new day and all of the possibilities it holds for adventure and discovery." - Author: Toni Sorenson

Quotes About Treasuring Every Moment

"At the moment there are some England players who are the stars of their club teams, but not for their country. Its difficult to explain." - Author: Diego Maradona

Quotes About Lost Relatives

"When people are kids their parents teach them all sorts of stuff, some of it true and useful, some of it absurd hogwash (example of former: dont crap your pants; example of latter: Columbus discovered America). This is why puberty happens. The purpose of puberty is to shoot an innocent and gullible child full of nasty glandular secretions that manifest in the mind as confusion, in the innards as horniness, upon the skin as pimples, and on the tongue as cocksure venomous disbelief in every piece of information, true or false, gleaned from ones parents since infancy. The net result is a few years of familial hell culminating in the childs exodus from the parental nest, sooner or later followed by a peace treaty and the emergence of the postpubescent as an autonomous, free-thinking human being who knows that Columbus only trespassed on an island inhabited by our lost and distant Indian relatives, but who also knows not to crap his pants." - Author: David James Duncan