[You Collect Art: You Must Know That The Miniature Artists, At The End Of Careers Spent Painting The Tiniest, Most Exacting Details That No One Would Ever Look At, Would Often Put Their Eyes Out With Needles. Too Much Beauty, Yes, But Also Too Much Seeing. They Were Tired Of Seeing. The Dark Was Safe And Warm And Comfortable. Blindness Was A Gift. I Still Have Seeing To Do.]

Author: Ian McDonald Quotes

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"Jim Roger, the successful investor and author, puts it well; "Why are 300 million Americans having to pay for Citibanks mistakes? The way the system is supposed to work [is this]: People fail. And then the competent people take over the assets from the failed people, and then you start again with a new stronger base. What were doing this time is. . .taking the assets from the competent people, giving them to the incompetent people, and saying, ‘ok, now you can compete with the competent people. So everybodys weakened: The whole nation is weakened."

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"Memories are the only thing tie us to the past"

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"Ive made a picture of the world. It may be right. It may be wrong. But for me it is very real ..."

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"The Lord must have been delighted to call Peter out of his obvious weakness into Gods stunning strength by giving him a new name, Rock, designating Peter as a steady place to stand."

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"Just to be involved in anything Disney, whether its Avengers Assemble or Planes or straight-to-dvd work, its great."

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"Music Is Arts, soul, Lifestyle and Spirits..."

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"Everything is what it is, thats all. If we keep attaching meanings and mysteries to everything we perceive, everything we see that is, and to everything that goes on inside us, we are bound to go crazy sooner or later, I thought."

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"I love Scrubs. Its the best day job in the world."

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"I want to tie one thousand balloons around my neckand float upwhile slowly dying of happiness."

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"Back in our apartment, lights out, The Professor emerged from beneath the bed." - from "The Professor Spends the Night," in issue 4 of Literary Orphans"

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"People are not considerate of others. They tend not to consider themselves as all living together, but see themselves only as individuals." - Author: Helen McCrory

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"I have an unshaken conviction that democracy can never be undermined if we maintain our library resources and a national intelligence capable of utilizing them."[Letter to Herbert Putnam; in: Waters, Edward N.: Herbert Putnam: the tallest little man in the world; Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress 33:2 (April 1976), p. 171]" - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt

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"It wasnt a perfect body but it was the body she deserved. Not just from every bar of chocolate or bag of crisps or laden plate of food that shed eaten. This body was also testament to all the hours in the gym and cycling up hills on her bike and glugging down two litres of water a day and learning to love vegetables and fruits that didnt come as optional extra with a pastry crust. Shed earned this body.This was her body and she had to stop giving it such a hard time." - Author: Sarra Manning

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"Shoes really did lead the perfect life. They were polished and taken care of and notexpected to do anything more painful than occasionally step in a bit of mud or a rare puddle. Shedwager her shoes never wished they could just disappear." - Author: Karen Hawkins

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"They decided now, talking it over in their tight little two-and-quarter room flat, that most people who call themselves truth seekers - persons who scurry about chattering of Truth as though it were a tangible seperable thing, like houses or salt or bread - did not so much desire to find Truth as to cure their mental itch. In novels, these truth-seekers quested the secret of life in laboratories which did not seem to be provided wtih Bunsen flames or reagents; or they went, at great expense and much discomfort from hot trains and undesirable snakes, to Himalayan monasteries, to learn from unaseptic sages that the Mind can do all sorts of edifying things if one will but spend thirty or forty years in eating rice and gazing on ones navel.To these high matters Martin responded, Rot! He insisted that there is no Truth but only many truths; that Truth is not a colored bird to be chased among the rocks and captured by its tail, but a skeptical attitude toward life. (260)" - Author: Sinclair Lewis

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"...aconsejaría yo a los que tienen oración, en especial al principio, procuren amistad y trato con otras personas que traten de lo mismo. Es cosa importantísima, aunque no sea sino ayudarse unos a otros con sus oraciones, ¡cuánto más que hay muchas más ganancias! Y no sé yo por qué no se ha de permitir que quien comenzare de veras a amar a Dios y a servirle, deje de tratar con algunas personas sus placeres y trabajos, que de todo tienen los que tienen oración." - Author: Teresa of Ávila

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"Mom?" I say as I slip on my boots. "I know you were only eighteen when you met Dad. I mean, thats really young to meet the person you spend the rest of your life with. Do you ever regret it?"She doesnt answer immediately. Instead, she lies back on my bed and clasps her hands behind her head, pondering my question."Ive never regretted it. Questioned it? Sure. But never regretted.""Is there a difference?" I ask."Absolutely. Regret is counterproductive. Its looking back on a past that you cant change. Questioning things as they occur can prevent regret in the future. I questioned a lot about my relationship with your father. People make spontaneous decisions based on of their hearts all the time. Theres so much more to relationships than just love." - Author: Colleen Hoover

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"Operating by trial and error mostly, weve evolved a tacitly agreed upon list of the elements that make for a good fantasy. The first decision the aspiring fantasist must make is theological. King Arthur and Charlemagne were Christians. Siegfried and Sigurd the Volsung were pagans. My personal view is that pagans write better stories. When a writer is having fun, it shows, and pagans have more fun than Christians. Lets scrape Horaces Dulche et utile off the plate before we even start the banquet. Were writing for fun, not to provide moral instruction. I had much more fun with the Belgariad/Malloreon than you did, because I know where all the jokes are.All right, then, for item number one, I chose paganism. (Note that Papa Tolkien, a devout Anglo-Catholic, took the same route.)" - Author: David Eddings

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"If we have to wait to see how we feel before we know if we can enjoy the day, then we are giving feelings control over us. But thankfully we have free will and can make decisions that are not based on feelings. If we are willing to make right choices regardless of how we feel, God will always be faithful to give us the strength to do so. Living the good life that God has made ready for us is based on our being obedient to His way of being and doing. He gives us the strength to do what is right, but we are the ones who must choose it… God wont do it for us." - Author: Joyce Meyer

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"Down through the years, I turned to the Bible and found in it all that I needed" - Author: Ruth Bell Graham