[You Didn't Answer My Question. Do You Want Me?"~Michael]

Author: Rosalie Lario Quotes

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Philip Hone Quotes

"They committed murder, it is true; but their situation may have rendered it inevitable."

Cecil B DeMille Quotes

"God gave us free agency, and then gave us the commandments to keep us free."

Randy Forbes Quotes

"I visited the Pentagon a few days after September 11, and I still remember so vividly the smell of terror surrounding the entire building and complex. I was angry that such a brutal act of violence was committed against innocent people."

Xenophanes Quotes

"God is one, greatest of gods and men, not like mortals in body or thought."

Edith Hamilton Quotes

"..,No love cannot leave where there is no trust..,~cupid and psyche..,"Greek mythology of Edith Hamilton"

Poonam Parihar Quotes

"Plan for the rest of my life, I will travel the world and retire in the himalayas."

Bret Easton Ellis Quotes

"I stare into a thin, web-like crack above the urinals handle and think to myself that if I were to disappear into that crack, say somehow miniaturize and slip into it, the odds are good that no one would notice I was gone. No... one... would... care. In fact some, if they noticed my absence, might feel an odd, indefinable sense of relief. This is true: the world is better off with some people gone. Our lives are not all interconnected. That theory is crock. Some people truly do not need to be here."

Edward Burtynsky Quotes

"I can go into the wilderness and not see anyone for days and experience a kind of space that hasnt changed for tens of thousands of years. Having that experience was necessary to my perception of how photography can look at the changes humanity has brought about in the landscape. My work does become a kind of lament."

Jenny Daggers Quotes

"In this postcolonial context, my contention is that interreligious engagement is enhanced by renewed attention to the particularity of religious traditions. From a European (Anglican) standpoint, a revised particularist theology of religions is proposed as an appropriate Christian theology for our time that respects the integrity of Christianity and of other religious traditions. This particularist approach concerns Christian terms of engagement with other religious traditions, as these may be understood in Christian theological terms. Having regard to questions raised in the opening paragraph above, centred in trinitarian thinking, as capable of hospitality to the liberative and interreligious concerns of post-colonial, Asian and feminist theologies; respectful interreligious engagement and the pursuit of gender justice amid increasing global diversity need not require repudiation of orthodox trinitarian thought and its liturgical expressions."

Aaron Spelling Quotes

"Right now Im doing four shows at a time, trying to read four outlines every week, four scripts every week, and watching four rough cuts; its a lot of good work. Its fun to do it, but it does wear you out."

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Quotes About Stereotypes Gender

"[W]hat upset grownups of both sexes about Elvis performance was that he had broken the deepest taboo of all. He used his body as rhythmically and erotically and seductively as a woman--that was the forbidden territory he had entered. It was not only repulsive and offensive--it was nauseating--the word most used. It was an attack on male dignity.The kids, however, not yet grown into the stereotypes of gender, saw in him an exhilarating physical freedom." - Author: Elaine Dundy

Quotes About Companies

"Significant officials at publicly traded companies are casually and cavalierly engaged in insider trading. Because insider trading has as one of its elements communication, it doesnt take rocket science to realize its nice to have the communication on tape." - Author: Preet Bharara

Quotes About Shy Love

"Abruptly, Blays blue stare found his.And what Qhuinn saw in it caused him to falter: Love shone out of that face, unadulterated love untempered by the shyness that was very much part of his reserve.Blay didnt look away.And for the first time ... neither did Qhuinn. He didnt know whether the emotion was for his cousin—it probably was-but hed take it: He stared right back at Blaylock and let everything he had in his heart show in his face.He just let that shit fly.Because there was a lesson in this Fade ceremony tonight: You could lose the ones you loved in the blink of an eye-and he was willing to bet when it happened, you werent thinking about all the reasons that could have kept you apart.You thought of all the reasons that kept you together." - Author: J.R. Ward

Quotes About Game

"Hell be cross if he sees I have been crying. They dont like you to cry. He doesnt cry. I wish to God I could make him cry. I wish I could make him cry and tread the floor and feel his heart heavy and big and festering in him. I wish I could hurt him like hell.He doesnt wish that about me. I dont think he even knows how he makes me feel. I wish he could know, without my telling him. They dont like you to tell them theyve made you cry. They dont like you to tell them youre unhappy because of them. If you do, they think youre possessive and exacting. And then they hate you. They hate you whenever you say anything you really think. You always have to keep playing little games. Oh, I thought we didnt have to; I thought this was so big I could say whatever I meant. I guess you cant, ever. I guess there isnt ever anything big enough for that." - Author: Dorothy Parker

Quotes About Love Tom Waits

"As sure as this Earth is turnin, souls burnin / In search of higher learnin, turnin in every direction seeking direction / My moms cryin cause her insides are dyin / Her son tryin her patience, keep her heart racin / A million beats a minute, I know I push you to your limit / But its this game, love—Im caught up all in it / They make it so you cant prevent it, never give it / You gotta take it, cant fake it, I keep it authentic / My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger / Like Camp Crystal Lake, and / Dont wanna shoot him, but I got him, trapped / Within this infrared dot, bout to hot him and hit rock bottom / No answers to these trick questions, no time shit stressin / My life found I got ta live for the right now / Time waits for no man, cant turn back the hands / Once its too late, gotta learn to live with regrets" - Author: Jay Z

Quotes About Vishy Anand

"Tell me about Gang Starr, said Nishant, in an effort to start a conversation Id be interested in. One MC, one DJ... Classic combo, Anand affirmed.No hype man?No.What do we need Anand for? Nishant shrugged, ever the pragmatist, never the catcher of feelings." - Author: Nikesh Shukla

Quotes About Hindenburg

"In dieser Nacht würde Geschichte geschrieben. Und es war nicht die erhebende Art von Geschichte wie bei der Entdeckung der Radioaktivität oder dem ersten Mann auf dem Mond, sondern die finstere Art à la spanische Inquisition oder Absturz der Hindenburg. Finster für Menschen und Unterirdische. Finster für alle." - Author: Eoin Colfer

Quotes About Shiny Things

"The globby aliens went a very pale green. The pirates, shiny-black-hair-men, and the piranhas looked at them puzzled, seeking some kind of explanation, as did the wumpires."If two things that are the same thing touch," proclaimed the volcano god, "then the whole Universe shall end. Thus sayeth the great and unutterable Splod.""How does a volcano know so much about transtemporal meta-science?" asked one of the pale green aliens."Being a geological formation gives you a lot of time to think," said Splod. "Also, I subscribe to a number of learned journals." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Belonging To A School

"The key to activating maturation is to take care of the attachment needs of the child. To foster independance we must first invite dependance; to promote individuation we must provide a sense of belonging and unity; to help the child separate we must assume the responsibility for keeping the child close. We help a child let go by providing more contact and connection than he himself is seeking. When he asks for a hug, we give him a warmer one than he is giving us. We liberate children not by making them work for our love but by letting them rest in it. We help a child face the separation involved in going to sleep or going to school by satisfying his need for closeness." - Author: Gordon Neufeld

Quotes About Alcohol Bottles

"Drug addicts had their drugs. Alcoholics had their bottles. Serial killers had their murders." - Author: Jess C. Scott