[You Differ From A Great Man In Only One Respect: The Great Man Was Once A Very Little Man, But He Developed One Important Quality: He Recognized The Smallness And Narrowness Of His Thoughts And Actions. Under The Pressure Of Some Task That Meant A Great Deal To Him, He Learned To See How His Smallness, His Pettiness Endangered His Happiness. In Other Words, A Great Man Knows When And In What Way He Is A Little Man. A Little Man Does Not Know He Is Little And Is Afraid To Know. He Hides His Pettiness And Narrowness Behind Illusions Of Strength And Greatness, Someone Else's Strength And Greatness. He's Proud Of His Great Generals But Not Of Himself. He Admires An Idea He Has Not Had, Not One He Has Had. The Less He Understands Something, The More Firmly He Believes In It. And The Better He Understands An Idea, The Less He Believes In It.]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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"If you cant lay an egg or milk a cow"

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"Blood fills my mouth. Fire sears my veins. I choke back a howl. The silver knife slips--thechoice is mine.I am death or life. I am salvation or destruction. Angel or demon.I am grace.I plunge in the knife.This is my sacrifice--I am the monster."

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"Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction."

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"I can tell you categorically that we at 60 Minutes did not pay Michael Jackson one cent."

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"Without a whole lot of pressure, a diamond is just a piece of coal."

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"Without action, a vision is just a piece of paper. In education, we have lots of paper."

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"Sometimes, Blister was thinking, the only person in the world she could really count on was herself, and that was not enough."

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"Love with pride is like chasing the pavement. Therell be a long chasing until it ends."

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"Learning is by nature curiosity... prying into everything, reluctant to leave anything, material or immaterial, unexplained."

Edith Wharton Quotes

"I cant love you unless I give you up."

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