[You Don't Want To Trash What You've Done; That's Your History.]

Author: Pat Benatar Quotes

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Kelly Easton Quotes

"When youre a guy you have to act like an asshole sometimes, so that the real asswholes wont bug you."

Bernard M Baruch Quotes

"I never lost money by turning a profit."

Sajjad Ali Noor Quotes

"friends are thieves of time"

S Gregory Quotes

"And I swear, she tasted like the sun."

Justin Bienvenue Quotes

"There is but a gentle stillness inside every cerebral. Tiny waterfalls of blood vessels rushing, becoming lethal."

President Barack Obama Quotes

"And thats the work of your generation. As long as more walls still stand...Well need more of you, young people, who imagine the world as it should be; who knock down walls; who knock down barriers; who imagine something different and have the courage to make it happen. The courage to bring communities together, to make even the small impossibilities a shining example of what is possible."

Emmuska Orczy Quotes

"Idyllic follies never last, my little Chauvelin....They come upon us like the measles...and are as easily cured."

Thomas Gray Quotes

"Too poor for a bribe, and too proud to importune, he had not the method of making a fortune."

Nitish Sharma Quotes

"Let it be..let it be..Let the ppl think the way they want,Live the life the way u wantLet it be..let it be..Nothing is permanent then why to worry,Live life condition freeLet it be..let it be..Smile cost nothing..still u pay for it, why we live life in hurry when everthing is tempory..Let it be..let it be..Respect ur elders wether they scold u, love urslf wthr no1 else does, u r most beautiful creature.beleive and accept it nd..Let it be..let it be..U r the king, u r the ruler..conquer urslf nd let things pass like water in the river..move with flow..live has no other flow..So..let it be..let it be.."

Carol Anshaw Quotes

"She shared the curse of many artists—that praise beaded up and rolled off her while criticism stuck like glue, glue embedded with ground glass."

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"And far away, as Frodo put on the Ring and claimed it for his own, even in Sammath Naur the very heart of his realm, the Power in Barad-dur was shaken, and the Tower trembled from its foundations to its proud and bitter crown. The Dark Lord was suddenly aware of him, and his Eye piercing all shadows looked across the plain to the door that he had made; and the magnitude of his own folly was revealed to him in a blinding flash, and all the devices of his enemies were at last laid bare." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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"Oh ParisFrom red to green all the yellow dies awayParis Vancouver Hyeres Maintenon New York and the AntillesThe window opens like an orangeThe beautiful fruit of light("Windows")" - Author: Guillaume Apollinaire

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"He who teaches the Bible is never a scholar; he is always a student." - Author: Elizabeth George