[You Feel Your Strength In The Experience Of Pain.]

Author: Jim Morrison Quotes

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Albion W Small Quotes

"Modern sociology is virtually an attempt to take up the larger program of social analysis and interpretation which was implicit in Adam Smiths moral philosophy, but which was suppressed for a century by prevailing interest in the technique of the production of wealth."

Bruce Weber Quotes

"As a child, people were always trying to photograph and film me because its a way for a shy person to find themselves."

Renee Wiggins Quotes

"The More I resist the more I need to change.ins"

Mark Bittman Quotes

"Ill never stop eating animals, Im sure, but I do think that for the benefit of everyone, the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly."

Elizabeth Coatsworth Quotes

"I say that almost everywhere there is beauty enough to fill a persons life if one would only be sensitive to it. but Henry says No: that broken beauty is only a torment, that one must have a whole beauty with man living in relation to it to have a rich civilization and art. . . . Is it because I am a woman that I accept what crumbs I may have, accept the hot-dog stands and amusement parks if I must, if the blue is bright beyond them and the sunset flushes the breasts of sea birds?"

Norbert F Hoffmann Jr Quotes

"We have used so much polyethylene ( plastic ) since the invention of this oil derivative that plastic broken down has over time completely changed the molecular structure of seawater ."

Johanna Spyri Quotes

"Im making the bed now, oh, do come up and bring a sheet grandfather, for every bed must have a sheet."

Robert Duncan Quotes

"PRELIMINARY EXERCISE:What does a turbine veil? a bird avail what chord?I heard a bird whir no word, felta turbine shadow turning from the floods of timeelectric currents the darkness stirrd,and trees in blaze of light arosecasting shadows of speech, seductive, musical, abroad.It was a single tree. It was a word of many trees that filld the vale.It was a store of the unspoken in the birdthat whirrd the air, that every occasion of the word overawed."

William Bateson Quotes

"In Darwins time no serious attempt had been made to examine the manifestations of variability. A vast assemblage of miscellaneous facts could formerly be adduced as seemingly comparable illustrations of the phenomenon "Variation." Time has shown this mass of evidence to be capable of analysis. When first promulgated it produced the impression that variability was a phenomenon generally distributed amongst living things in such a way that the specific divisions must be arbitrary. When this variability is sorted out, and is seen to be in part a result of hybridisation, in part a consequence of the persistence of hybrids by parthenogenetic reproduction, a polymorphism due to the continued presence of individuals representing various combinations of Mendelian allelomorphs, partly also the transient effect of alteration in external circumstances, we see how cautious we must be in drawing inferences as to the indefiniteness of specific limits from a bare knowledge that intermediates exist."

Sean Connery As El Raisuli The Magnificent Quotes

"Is there not one thing in your life that was worth losing everything for?""You are like the windand I like the lion.You form the tempest.The sand stings my eyes and the ground is parched.I roar in defiance but you do not hear.But between us, there is a difference.I, like the lion, must remain in my place...While you, like the wind...Will never know yours!"

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Quotes About Putting Someone You Love First

"We love our habits more than our income, often more than our life." - Author: Bertrand Russell

Quotes About Kleist

"Eventually sinking into despair, [Heinrich von Kleist] shot himself in 1811 as part of a suicide pact made with a woman suffering from incurable cancer." - Author: Nicholas Tucker

Quotes About Clockwork Angel

"Tessa had lain down beside him and slid her arm beneath his head, and put her head on his chest,listening to the ever-weakening beat of his heart. And in the shadows theyd whispered, reminding each other of the stories only they knew. Of the girl who had hit over the head with a water jug the boy who had come to rescue her, and how he had fallen in love with her in that instant. Of a ballroom and a balcony and the moon sailing like a ship untethered through the sky. Of the flutter of the wings of the clockwork Angel. Of holy water and blood." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Knut

"Bodø, Mandag 14. Februar 1916Kjære Marie, Jeg faar dette avsted med "Barøy" som kommer hit først i Eftermiddag og gaar til Hamarøy Gud vet naar. Nu har jeg kjøpt forskjellige saker til de Smaa. Kjære, lat dem først faa se på dem efter Tur og saa trække dem op. Og saa lægger du hver undersøkt Ting bort før du tar fat paa en ny. Tilslut vil de se paa alt igjen efter Tur... Kjære, lat dem nu ikke bryte istykker disse dyre Sakerne straks. Faar de Tilsyn saa har jeg Erfaring for at de varer længe. Saa har jeg kjøpt Appelsiner, Druer, Æpler osv, søt Kjeks, Chokolade. Desuten noget Ost, saapas at ogsaa Pikerne maa faa av den iblandt. Sveitserost findes ikke. (Av Mysosten maa Pikerne faa sit eget Stykke at søle med.) Jeg gaar nu ut og ser om jeg faar Blusetøiet og Klæde til Bordduken... Din Knut" - Author: Knut Hamsun

Quotes About Movie Directors

"I love doing big movies. Its awesome! You have all these toys. The thing I like about this movie is, like they always say, directors have the biggest train sets! Dont tell anyone, but Id do this for free." - Author: Michael Bay

Quotes About Afraid Of Getting Hurt

"But even a nice mom and dad like this cant really sense how their childs been assaulted by commercialism ever since she was little, how shes lived in fear of being eaten alive by the morons around her. They just dont get it.Mom always lectures me about not being afraid of getting hurt, but all she can imagine is the kind of hurt shes experienced herself. She has no idea of the threats that surround kids these days, how much were bullied, how much hurt this causes." - Author: Natsuo Kirino

Quotes About Royal Ascot

"Kronos couldnt have risen if it hadnt been for a lot of demigods who felt abandoned by their parents," I said. "They felt angry, resentful, and unloved, and they had a good reason."Zeuss royal nostrils flared. "You dare accuse-""No more undetermined children," I said. "I want you to promise to claim your children-all your demigod children-by the time they turn thirteen. They wont be left out in the world on their own at the mercy of monsters. I want them claimed and brought to camp so they can be trained right, and survive." "Now, wait just a moment," Apollo said, but I was on a roll."And the minor gods," I said. "Nemesis, Hecate, Morpheus, Janus, Hebe--they all deserve a general amnesty and a place at Camp Half-Blood. Their children shouldnt be ignored. Calypso and the other peaceful Titan-kind should be pardoned too. And Hades-""Are you calling me a minor god?" Hades bellowed." - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Out Of The Box Thinking

"Sera calls up Drew to tell him about this girl she has just met and is really into and how she doesnt want to rush into things, and Drew tells her to go for it, to not waste time, that she or the girl in question could die tomorrow, that "life can be taken faster than the flick of a switch," and Sera gets upset and tells Drew to quit the "death talk," and Drew says, "After seeing friends of mine in boxes, as motionless as caged flesh in a meat cooler, I just cant do that," and Sera says "God, I cant tell you anything, can I?" before hanging up, and Drew, ignoring this sudden silence, starts thinking about the clay morticians use to mask the truth about dead things." - Author: Brian Alan Ellis

Quotes About Paying Your Dues

"Im a believer in paying your dues." - Author: Dana Fox

Quotes About Having A Horrible Life

"The woman who undergoes this operation can sense the morphogenetic field at work in her face. She can feel the lines of force as they guide the embryonic cells into the patterns they must form. Why should a woman let her life be determined by tired collagens or by a shortage of zinc which weakens her electromagnetic field, the matrix of life? The goal of life is living. Life is a field of opportunity, guiding the individual forward along paths created by the meshed forces or objective possibilities as they interweave with a persons own potentialities. And this philosophy of life is now bodied forth in the faces of beautiful women. ("Motherhood" - Author: William S. Wilson