[You Have To Wonder At Times What You're Doing Out There. Over The Years, I've Given Myself A Thousand Reasons To Keep Running, But It Always Comes Back To Where It Started. It Comes Down To Self-satisfaction And A Sense Of Achievement.]

Author: Steve Prefontaine Quotes

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Jenna Dewan Quotes

"I really like to act, and I really like to perform. I enjoy producing as well."

Roy Moore Quotes

"No, I think that weve got a basic discrepancy here between the rule of law versus the rule of man."

Dwight Morrow Quotes

"Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought."

Asa Gray Quotes

"This view, as a rounded whole and in all its essential elements, has very recently disappeared from science. It died a royal death with Agassiz.[It had formerly been held that there were no genetic connections among species.]"

Bethany Wiggins Quotes

"I will not die without fighting for a life I am not yet done living."

Paul McEuen Quotes

"The lessons learned as we try to build ever more sophisticated nanomachines will almost certainly inform our understanding of the origins of life."

Hamza Yusuf Quotes

"Hypocrisy is wretched because the hypocrite says with his tongue what is not in his heart. He wrongs his tongue and oppresses his heart. But if the heart is sound, the condition of the tongue follows suit. We are commanded to be upright in speech, which is a gauge of the hearts state."

Matteo Renzi Quotes

"La politica, se fatta a viso aperto e cuore sincero, è una sfida che vale la pena giocare, unesperienza difficile ma meravigliosa"

Ueda Akinari Quotes

"...wealth without pride is the way of the great sage."

Robert Duvall Quotes

"Although it wasnt that easy to do, it was wonderful working with John Wayne."

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Quotes About Civil War Abraham Lincoln

"In a middle of a war a single doubt about what you are fighting for could mean death." - Author: Kenneth de Guzman

Quotes About Occupation In Palestine

"I was to grow used to hearing, around New York, the annoying way in which people would say: Edward Said, such a suave and articulate and witty man, with the unspoken suffix for a Palestinian. It irritated him, too, naturally enough, but in my private opinion it strengthened him in his determination to be an ambassador or spokesman for those who lived in camps or under occupation (or both). He almost overdid the ambassadorial aspect if you ask me, being always just too faultlessly dressed and spiffily turned out. Fools often contrasted this attention to his tenue with his membership of the Palestine National Council, the then-parliament-in-exile of the people without a land. In fact, his taking part in this rather shambolic assembly was a kind of noblesse oblige: an assurance to his landsmen (and also to himself) that he had not allowed and never would allow himself to forget their plight. The downside of this noblesse was only to strike me much later on." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Ptsd And War

"Maybe PTSD really is triggered by a single incident, a stressor, as its known in the psychiatric community, and maybe the attack at Al-Waleed was that stressor for me, but as I have learned in the intervening years, I was not damaged by that moment alone. In fact, while there are specific memories that resurface with some frequency, like the suicide bomber in Sinjar or the order riot at Al-Waleed, I find myself most traumatized by the overall experience of being in a combat zone like Iraq, where you are always surrounded by war but rarely aware of when or how violence will arrive. Like so many of my fellow veterans, I understand now how that it is the daily adrenaline rush of a war without front lines or uniforms, rather than the infrequent bursts of bloody violence, that ultimately damages the modern warriors mind." - Author: Luis Carlos Montalván

Quotes About Goodluck

"I decide that I like the idea of Liz as a dragon. One of my favorite storybooks was about goodluck dragons, how their arrival always means something wonderful lies ahead. If thats true, then, as far as Im concerned, Liz can spit as much fire as she wants. And if I stand near enough to it, maybe Ill glow a little, too." - Author: Jen Violi

Quotes About Sunny Afternoon

"It is a sunny fall afternoon and Im engaged in one of my favorite pastimes—picking chestnuts. Im playing alone under the spreading, leafy, protective tree. My mother is sitting on a bench nearby, rocking the buggy in which my sister is asleep. The city, beyond the lacy wall of trees, is humming with gentle noises. The sun has just passed its highest point and is warming me with intense, oblique rays. I pick up a reddish brown chestnut, and suddenly, through its warm skin, I feel the beat as if of a heart. But the beat is also in everything around me, and everything pulsates and shimmers as if it were coursing with the blood of life. Stooping under the tree, Im holding life in my hand, and I am in the center of a harmonious, vibrating transparency. For that moment, I know everything there is to know. I have stumbled into the very center of plenitude, and I hold myself still with fulfillment, before the knowledge of my knowledge escapes me." - Author: Eva Hoffman

Quotes About Right And Left Hand

"The answer was again in the affirmative, so arrangements were made to bring 180 ladies out of the Palace. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, and placed one of the Kings favourite concubines at the head of each. He then bade them all take spears in their hands, and addressed them thus: "I presume you know the difference between front and back, right hand and left hand?" - Author: Sun Tzu

Quotes About 8 Mile

"For So Cold the River, Im actually working on adapting the book with Scott Silver, who was just nominated for an Oscar for The Fighter, and who also wrote 8 Mile, which I think is a terrific screenplay. The chance to work with Scott is a tremendous pleasure and Im learning a lot." - Author: Michael Koryta

Quotes About Sleeplessness

"Under the strain of this continually impending doom and by the sleeplessness to which I now condemned myself, ay, even beyond what I had thought possible to man, I became, in my own person, a creature eaten up and emptied by fever, languidly weak both in body and mind, and solely occupied by one thought: the horror of my other self." - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Quotes About President Monson Scouting

"Is it that you hate this president or that you hate America?" - Author: Sean Hannity

Quotes About Contentment

"When you are discontent, you always want more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied. But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, Oh yes - I already have everything that I really need." - Author: Dalai Lama