[You May Say It Is All In My Head, And Indeed Sometimes It Seems To Me I Am In A Head And That These Eight, No, Six, These Six Planes That Enclose Me Are Of Solid Bone. But Thence To Conclude The Head Is Mine, No, Never.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Michael Stein Quotes

"Today, it felt like time should be measured by how much of the future she had left, and needed to be counted forward. She felt proud listening, as if somehow Jonathan Parishs speech reflected on her, as if she could take credit for some part of it, for him."

Liu Wen Quotes

"I have lots of vintage clothes."

Flora Roberts Quotes

"Im going to make love to you, Lanie. Im not your first, but I will be the last."

Thomas Szasz Quotes

"There is no psychology; there is only biography and autobiography."

Neil LaBute Quotes

"I didnt choose BYU, I like to think it chose me."

Jason Jack Miller Quotes

"Heres how Ill tell you what I think—if you see white smoke then you know I picked a new pope. And if Im drinking a Snapple then you know I dont give a shit."

Atticus Shaffer Quotes

"If there was any show I could guest star on, I would want to guest star on Star Wars: The Clone Wars because I am such a nerd and I love that show. If there was ever an opportunity to be on that, I would snatch it up."

Kate Wicker Quotes

"You are a human being, not a human body."

Ronda Thompson Quotes

"I have been loved and given love."

Ben Foster Quotes

"The heat around young actors burns out. Natural ability and magnetism only get you so far. The rest is hard work."

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Quotes About Short Tumbling

"Just before the Clear Air Turbulence went back into warp and its crew sat down at the table, the ship expelled the limp corpse of Zallin. Where it had found a live man in a suit, it left a dead youth in shorts and a tattered shirt, tumbling and freezing while a thin shell of air molecules expanded around the body, like an image of departing life." - Author: Iain Banks

Quotes About Feeling Proud Of Someone

"So Im reading some poem by Louise . . . something, I forget her last name, but its about Hades and the underworld, and I dont even notice that Paige has come up to my table until she says, ‘Doesnt everyone want love? And Im thinking, wow, thats a pretty deep question, but then again Paige is really smart, and this is my chance to finally show her that Im not just a dumb jock. So I say, ‘I heard this theory once that love means your subconscious is attracted to someone elses subconscious.""Very deep," Cade said."Exactly. And Im feeling proud of myself for that one, until she points to the book and says, ‘Oh, that wasnt a question. I was just quoting a line from the poem." - Author: Julie James

Quotes About Enjoying The Moment

"Even when it isnt going well, knitting can be deeply spiritual. Knitting sets goals that you can meet. Sometimes when I work on something complicated or difficult - ripping out my work and starting over, porong over tomes of knitting expertise, screeching "I dont get it!" white practically weeping with frusteation - my husband looks at me and says, "I dont know why you think you like knitting." I just stare at him. I dont like knitting. I LOVE knitting. I dont know what could have possible led him to think that Im not enjoying myself. The cursing? The crying? The forteen sheets of shredded graph paper? Knittong is like a marriage (I tell him) and you dont just trash the whole thing because there are bad moments." - Author: Stephanie Pearl McPhee

Quotes About Masin

"Lebih jauh lagi, gue gak percaya pada kebetulan, gue percaya pada pertemuan yang dirancang diam-diam. Masing-masing dari kita punya garis kehidupan yang telah digambarkan. Dan masing-masing dari kita, kalau diizinkan, akan saling bersinggungan." - Author: Raditya Dika

Quotes About Mixing Cocktails

"But in my imagination this whole thing developed and I started mixing up old folk songs with the Beatles beat and taking them down to Greenwich Village and playing them for the people there." - Author: Roger McGuinn

Quotes About Holden Being Immature

"I love revisions…We cant go back and revise our lives, but being allowed to go back and revise what we have written comes closest." - Author: Katherine Paterson

Quotes About Error Correction

"Give me the fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections. You can keep your sterile truth for yourself." - Author: Vilfredo Pareto

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"So I figured I might as well see if I could find something Gaspard didnt already know about. Like an herb or potion or something.""Hmm," said Georgia, looking off into some invisible dreamworld. "Or maybe bathing naked in the Seine under the light of a full moon"- she glanced up quickly- "in which case, definitely tell me when and where your voodoos going down!" - Author: Amy Plum

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"When I hear about something allegedly happening in the world I always ask: Who is doing it? Trends break out because theyre based on real demographics, like there being fewer nuclear families or more people living alone. If 10 people in Shoreditch are doing it, its a 10-minute fad." - Author: Peter York

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"I turned to Ren, dropping my head low to honor the fallen alpha. The circled wolves did the same. I lifted my muzzle first, my howl singing out the pain of Rens death, mourning him. One by one my packmates joined the song. Our howls filled the library, spilling into the winter night. The death song grew as the wolves still outside raised their voices to honor the lost young warrior. The chorus of wolf cries, full of heartache, swelled in the night, carrying Rens memory to the very stars." - Author: Andrea Cremer