[You Never Have An Indifferent Feeling After An Audition. It's Either Gone Really Well Or Really Terribly.]

Author: Cassie Steele Quotes

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Thomas Heatherwick Quotes

"I dont feel Im trying to make art. Im trying to make interesting things. People can relate to that."

Camille Flammarion Quotes

"Men... have had the vanity to pretend that the world creation was made for them, whilst in reality the whole creation does not suspect their existence."

Merce Cardus Quotes

"HELEN HAYES: "Which part of The Divine Comedy do you like the most, Tiziano?"TIZIANO CONTI: "The fifth Canto."HELEN HAYES: "The Hell, huh?"TIZIANO CONTI: "Linferno depicts the truth."

Herbert Croly Quotes

"When Jefferson and the Republicans rallied to the Union and to the existing Federalist organization, the fabric of traditional American democracy was almost completely woven."

Brian P Cleary Quotes

"I like all things grammatical, and I had already written several books about parts of speech, and even the alphabet, so everything that makes up a sentence and even a word was covered except for punctuation."

Larry Hagman Quotes

"It always annoys me when stars grumble about fans coming up to them in the street. I love it. These young stars today with all their airs and graces, they need to remember it is an honour and a privilege to make money from acting. How hard is it?"

Brand Blanshard Quotes

"...reality is a system, completely ordered and fully intelligible, with which thought in its advance is more and more identifying itself. We may look at the growth of knowledge … as an attempt by our mind to return to union with things as they are in their ordered wholeness…. and if we take this view, our notion of truth is marked out for us. Truth is the approximation of thought to reality … Its measure is the distance thought has travelled … toward that intelligible system … The degree of truth of a particular proposition is to be judged in the first instance by its coherence with experience as a whole, ultimately by its coherence with that further whole, all comprehensive and fully articulated, in which thought can come to rest."

Lenora Champagne Quotes

"Speech is the body part of thinking, the voice of the mind. Writing is the blood and mind mixing to speak through the fingers, through the hands."

Reverend Jen Quotes

"Love is like the human appendix. You take it for granted while its there, but when its suddenly gone youre forced to endure horrible pain that can only be alleviated through drugs."

Bob Benson Quotes

"A part of my appreciation for the good which moments bring has come from awareness and recognition. But it has also come from a correspnding sadness which arises from their passing. When something that can never quite be reenacted comes to an end (and all moments are that way), I feel a pensiveness within. This pensiveness gives my life a quality that might be best described as bittersweet. And those moments take on double meaning and richness - because they are here now - and because they will not always be."

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"At a tiny station in New Albany, Indiana, which is right across from the river from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. The Louisville stations were loath to hire beginners, so I had to go across the river." - Author: Bob Edwards

Quotes About Gaining Success

"When the mind becomes so completely absorbed in perfect health that all sickness is forgotten, all the powers of mind will proceed to create health, and every trace of sickness will soon disappear. When the mind becomes so completely absorbed in higher attainments and in greater achievements that all thought of failure is forgotten, all the forces of mind will begin to work for the promotion of those attainments and achievements. The person will be gaining ground every day, and greater success will positively follow." - Author: Christian D. Larson

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"Lucid dreaming has considerable potential for promoting personal growth and self-development, enhancing self-confidence, improving mental and physical health, facilitating creative problem solving and helping you to progress on the path to self-mastery." - Author: Stephen LaBerge

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"And that may be [Helen Gurley] Browns most enlightened lesson: that sexual autonomy and fulfillment are inseparable from the autonomy and fulfillment that a woman gets from her career." - Author: Judith Thurman

Quotes About Feminism And Equality

"I am a feminist because I dislike everything that feminism implies. I desire an end to the whole business, the demands for equality, the suggestion of sex warfare, the very name feminist. I want to be about the work in which my real interests like, the writing of novels and so forth. But while inequality exists, while injustice is done and opportunity denied to the great majority of women, I shall have to be a feminist. And I shant be happy till I get . . . a society in which there is no distinction of persons either male or female, but a supreme regard for the importance of the human being. And when that dream is a reality, I will say farewell to feminism, as to any disbanded but victorious army, with honour for its heroes, gratitude for its sacrifice, and profound relief that the hour for its necessity has passed." - Author: Winifred Holtby

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"The Beatles were in a different stratosphere, a different planet to the rest of us. All I know is when I heard Love Me Do on the radio, I remember walking down the street and knowing my life was going to be completely different now the Beatles were in it." - Author: Justin Hayward

Quotes About Water And Life

"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." - Author: Jacques Yves Cousteau

Quotes About Lacking Self Confidence

"Stop spending so much time trying to prove what you already know to people who dont really matter. It just makes you look insecure and lacking self-confidence." - Author: Karen E. Quinones Miller

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"Im jamming Black Sabbath Vol. 4 all the time. Zappas Cruising With Ruben & The Jets. A lot of Gong lately. Some Hawkwind. The Residents Duck Stab is amazing. Some Fugs. Lots of stuff, man. Im pretty schizophrenic with records." - Author: Ty Segall

Quotes About Minho

"Muita gente fala que é preciso aprender com o exemplo dos pais e dos professores e coisa e tal. Pode até ser! Não foi o que aconteceu comigo, mas pode ser! Só acho que estão deixando de colocar um fator importante nessa soma de quem nos influencia. Algumas vezes, para um garoto encontrar o caminho certo, é preciso que seu guia, seu modelo inspirador, seja como um reflexo dele mesmo no espelho, alguém com quem consiga se identificar de fato, entende? Refiro-me a se identificar principalmente nessa coisa da idade." - Author: Camilo Gomes Jr.