[You Think Of Travellers As Bold, But Our Guilty Secret Is That Travel Is One Of The Laziest Ways On Earth Of Passing The Time.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Gina Damico Quotes

"The boy took a step toward her. Lex jumped back, her contentious instincts kicking in. "Stop right there," she warned. "I punch, I kick, and I feel compelled to warn you, I can bite harder than the average Amazonian crocodile."He smirked and leaned against the doorframe. "And I feel compelled to warn YOU that the bathroom we now share has a leaky ceiling," he said, pointing up. "Theres an umbrella under the sink, if youre going to be in here for a while."

Machel Shull Quotes

"Soul, love, joy and natural beauty shines first from within. Make time for quiet reflective moments. Be still and know there is more than just Botox and pink martinis for women over 40."

Steve Emmett Quotes

"Did I never tell you Sassicaia makes me horny?"

John Talmage Mathis Quotes

"Is it really necessary to reward the CEO with several million dollars? Why isnt it logical or common sense to pay the minimum-wage employee another quarter, give a quarterly fifty-dollar bonus, or even provide a two-hundred-dollar gas gift card?"

Lewis Spence Quotes

"In my view the study of fairy origins assumes a greater degree of importance than popular opinion is wont to concede to it. Indeed, the ideas associated with it strike at the very roots of human belief and primitive methods of reasoning. It is scarcely to be questioned that the explanation of fairy origins is of the utmost value to the better comprehension of primitive religion. Later it will be made clear that, for the writer at least, the whole tradition of Faerie reveals quite numerous and excellent proofs of its former existence as a primitive and separate cult and faith, more particularly as regards its appearance and tradition in these islands."

Chet Williamson Quotes

"Now, Jasper, as a great man once said, A brave and steadfast heart can overcome any fear. So dont worry. Ill be back with Benelaius shortly. In the meantime, look about for clues, only dont disturb anything."[...]I knew only too well who that great man was whom he spoke of. Camber Fosrick. I had committed the quote to memory as well. So Lindavar, one of the War Wizards of Cormyr, was addicted to trashy literature too. I would have chuckled had I not been so scared."

Michael Treanor Quotes

"A difficult journey is more revealing of character than any discussion or analysis."

Hannah Kahn Quotes

"Child give me your hand so that I may walk in the light of your faith in me."

Ben Bernanke Quotes

"In the future, my communications with the public and with the markets will be entirely through regular and formal channels."

Martin Pond Quotes

"You dont kill someone you love, do you?"

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Quotes About Terrain

"the past is now barely present in my thoughts. I believe the main reason for that is our children, since life with them in the here and now occupies all the space. They even squeeze out the most recent past: Ask me what I did three days ago and I cant remember. Ask me what Vanja was like two years ago, Heidi two months ago, John two weeks ago, and I cant remember. A lot happens in our little everyday life, but it always happens within the same routine, and more than anything else it has changed my perspective of time. For, while previously I saw time as a stretch of terrain that had to be covered, with the future as a distant prospect, hopefully a bright one, and never boring at any rate, now it is interwoven with our life here and in a totally different way." - Author: Karl Ove Knausgård

Quotes About Blago

"Ne treba da prodam dušu da bih ostvarila sreću. Unutar mene posedujem blago koje može da me održi u životu čak iako sva spoljašnja zadovoljstva nestanu, ili budu ponuđena po ceni koju ja ne želim da platim." - Author: Charlotte Brontë

Quotes About Aligarh

"- Oh Rebecca, que vais-je faire de toi ?Il posa sa main sur mon épaule et me broya lomoplate. La douleur était intenable. Jenvoyais un flux dénergie pour lui faire lâcher prise et le projetais contre le cheminée.- Quest-ce que... dit Maurane, surprise.Jentendis soudain un éclat de rire.- Tu as raison, Tyriam, cette gamine ne vas pas servir à grand chose, si ce nest à botter les fesses de Raphaël et, entre nous, je trouve ça déjà pas mal, fit Aligarh." - Author: Cassandra ODonnell

Quotes About Insulting My Intelligence

"Wit was insulting each person as they stepped onto the island. "Brightness Marakal! What adisaster that hairstyle is; how brave of you to show it to the world. Brightlord Marakal, I wish youdwarned us you were going to attend; Id have forgone supper. I do so hate being sick after a full meal.Brightlord Cadilar! How good it is to see you. Your face reminds me of someone dear to me.""Really?" wizened Cadilar said, hesitating."Yes," Wit said, waving him on, "my horse. Ah, Brightlord Neteb, you smell unique today—did youattack a wet whitespine, or did one just sneeze on you? Lady Alami! No, please, dont speak—its mucheasier to maintain my illusions regarding your intelligence that way. And Brightlord Dalinar." Wit noddedto Dalinar as he passed. "Ah, my dear Brightlord Taselin. Still engaged in your experiment to prove amaximum threshold of human idiocy? Good for you! Very empirical of you." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Veronica Lake

"I still feel Mormon. Those men in Salt Lake City cant decide whos Mormon and who isnt." - Author: Sonia Johnson

Quotes About Able

"But clearly life took people and shook them around until finally they were unrecognizable even to those who had once known them well. Still, there was power in once having known someone." - Author: Meg Wolitzer

Quotes About Invented

"Morality, like language, is an invented structure for conserving and communicating order. And morality is learned, like language, by mimicking and remembering." - Author: Jane Rule

Quotes About Trade Unions

"But the question is to find and rear leaders that are really one with the masses. This can only be accomplished by the masses, the political parties and the Trade Unions, by means of the most severe struggle, also inwardly." - Author: Herman Gorter

Quotes About Your Body Weight

"Education will only take you so far. To go even further, Id recommend getting a piggyback ride from a midget half your body weight." - Author: Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Creeping

"Autumnal -- nothing to do with leaves. It is to do with a certain brownness at the edges of the day ... Brown is creeping up on us, take my word for it ... Russets and tangerine shades of old gold flushing the very outside edge of the senses... deep shining ochres, burnt umber and parchments of baked earth -- reflecting on itself and through itself, filtering the light. At such times, perhaps, coincidentally, the leaves might fall, somewhere, by repute. Yesterday was blue, like smoke." - Author: Tom Stoppard