[You Think Of Travellers As Bold, But Our Guilty Secret Is That Travel Is One Of The Laziest Ways On Earth Of Passing The Time.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Tim Butcher Quotes

"The collapse of the state in this large swathe of Africa meant that its people either relied on the charity of outsiders or took to violence. I must have looked bit dejected because Louise tried to lighten my mood. From my point of view as a church worker,its great.she said.When I go on leave back to the UK and I go into a church on Sunday,I am the youngest person there by a long way. But here in the Congo,I am always the oldest."

Drew Curtis Quotes

"On the Internet, news is consumed a la carte. If someone shows up on the main page of a website and doesnt see anything of interest, they leave. This negatively impacts ad revenues. The solution on the Internet is to pack news websites full of things that will draw people in, regardless of whether they are news or not."

Jasmine Jean Quotes

"It is with eight lengthy legs we use to catch food, balance and knit a beautiful silk bed,but as babies we had lost our bones and skin, and hence our legs we had shed."

Cardinal Richelieu Quotes

"Carry on any enterprise as if all future success depended on it."

Ananymous Quotes

"A pickle a day keeps the stalker away."

Brian Froud Quotes

"The sylph is a fragment of the earths soul in faery form."

Denis Dyack Quotes

"Vae Victus -- suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain. Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger -- the hunger for revenge. I didnt care if I was in Heaven or Hell -- all I wanted was to kill my assassins. Sometimes you get what you wish for. The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance. And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost. Nothing is free, not even revenge."

Frances Burney Quotes

"To whom, then, must I dedicate my wonderful, surprising and interesting adventures? to whom dare I reveal my private opinion of my nearest relations? the secret thoughts of my dearest friends? my own hopes, fears, reflections and dislikes? Nobody!"

Henry Cavendish Quotes

"A small bubble of air remained unabsorbed... if there is any part of the phlogisticated air [nitrogen] of our atmosphere which differs from the rest, and cannot be reduced to nitrous acid, we may safely conclude that it is not more than 1/120 part of the whole.[Cavendish did not realize the significance of the remaining small bubble. Not until a century later were the airs Noble Gases appreciated.]"

Charlotte Stein Quotes

"Im your boyfriend?"[...]"Well … yeah.""Holy shit, Im someones boyfriend. Are you sure?""Im sure.""And youre not just saying it because it pretty much means I have to tell you now?""To be honest, Im kind of scared that the word slipped out."I love him for doing a little fist pump after Ive said that. I love him for sounding so delighted about the whole idea. He keeps saying ‘boyfriend in this wondering, chuckling sort of manner, and then when hes done I love him even harder."

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Quotes About Finder

"You are not Flesh & Blood – You are the Master of It"- Drø the Finder –" - Author: H.D. Rennerfeldt

Quotes About Ivy League

"If the Ivy League was the breeding ground for the elites of the American Century, Stanford is the farm system for Silicon Valley." - Author: Ken Auletta

Quotes About Polish Pride

"No, Im serious," Frankie insisted, fed up with being silenced. "Why didnt you just make me a normie?"Viktor sighed. "Because thats not who we are. Were special. And Im very proud that. You should be, too.""Proud?" Frankie spat out the word as if it had been soaked in nail polish remover. "How can I be proud when everyone is telling me to hide?""Im telling you to hide so youll be safe. But you can still feel proud of who you are," he explained, like it really was that simple. "Pride has to come from within you and stay with you, no matter what people say."Huh?Frankie crossed her arms and looked away." - Author: Lisi Harrison

Quotes About Army Brats

"Im a Navy brat. You find that a lot of stage actors are Army or Navy brats, because they have the ability to make a big impression, make friends, and then leave just a few months later." - Author: John Michael Higgins

Quotes About Concern For Someone

"I settled back on the bed with my own heavy sigh. "The point of this reluctant outpouring of all my crap isnt to make you feel guilty. I dont need anyone to be concerned for me. Thats my point. Will that change one day? I dont know. Im not asking it to. But Rhian, when you trusted James with all you baggage you decided that day that you were asking someone to be concerned. You were tired of being alone. Will staying with him be hard? Yes. Will fighting your fears every day be difficult? Yes. But how he feels for you... jeez, Rhian... thats worth it. And telling yourself that its okay to run way from him to be alone just because Im alone and okay with it, is bullshit. Im alone because I just am. Youre alone because you made a choice. And its the wrong fucking choice." - Author: Samantha Young

Quotes About Efforts In Work

"The motives behind scientism are culturally significant. They have been mixed, as usual: genuine curiosity in search of truth; the rage for certainty and for unity; and the snobbish desire to earn the label scientist when that became a high social and intellectual rank. But these efforts, even though vain, have not been without harm, to the inventors and to the world at large. The "findings" have inspired policies affecting daily life that were enforced with the same absolute assurance as earlier ones based on religion. At the same time, the workers in the realm of intuition, the gifted finessers - artists, moralists, philosophers, historians, political theorists, and theologians - were either diverted from their proper task, while others were looking on them with disdain as dabblers in the suburbs of Truth." - Author: Jacques Barzun

Quotes About Wanting Him

"Quinn froze. There was nothing he could do now that would not be a mistake. Whatever choice he made--and he had to make a choice--would be arbitrary, a submission to chance. Uncertainty would haunt him to the end. At that moment, the two Stillmans started on their way again. The first turned right, the second turned left. Quin craved an amoebas body, wanting to cut himself in half and run off in two directions at once. (Chapter 7)" - Author: Paul Auster

Quotes About New Adventures

"Peter invented, with Wendys help, a new game that fascinated him enormously, until he suddenly had no more interest in it, which, as you have been told, was what always happened with his games. It consisted in pretending not to have adventures..." - Author: J.M. Barrie

Quotes About Great Performances

"They improve greatly, and sometimes I go and see the performances they do and I am consciously aware that there isnt enough work for the good dancers." - Author: Siobhan Davies

Quotes About Juices

"the sweet juices of your mouthare like castles bathed in honey.ive never had it done so gently before.you have put a circle of castlesaround my penis and you swirl themlike sunlight on the wings of birds." - Author: Richard Brautigan