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Author: John Lothrop Motley Quotes

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Joelle Charbonneau Quotes

"Almost all the United Commonwealth presidents have been female. It has been argued that women are less aggressive, more maternal, and thus more focused on the well-being of the countrys people. Less focused on politics or power."

Thurgood Marshall Quotes

"If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a state has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his house, what books he may read or what films he may watch."

Pankaj Mishra Quotes

"The hope that fuels the pursuit of endless economic growth – that billions of consumers in India & China will one day enjoy the lifestyles of Europeans and Americans – is as absurd & dangerous a fantasy as anything dreamt up by Al-Qaeda. It condemns the global environment to early destruction & looks set to create reservoirs of nihilistic rage & disappointment among hundreds of millions of have-nots – the bitter outcome of the universal triumph of Western Modernity, which turns the revenge of the East into something darkly ambiguous, and all its victories truly Pyrrhic."

Douglas Bond Quotes

"Good writers dont moralize, nor do they preach, but they do create longing for the true and the beautiful, and that is why you must write with Christ at the center of your reason for writing. That does not mean that every book must be a retelling of Lukes gospel, however, every worthy book written by a Christian will direct readers away from self, and sin, and put them on a quest for God and his gospel. Create longing for these things."

David Coverdale Quotes

"Not necessarily, a lot of my songs are firmly tongue in cheek."

Wolfgang Riebe Quotes

"No one is perfect... thats why pencils have erasers."

James Herron Quotes

"The time you save is just what makes the difference between trivia and culture."

A Samad Said Quotes

"Lidah boleh dipercaya waktu merasa;wajar dicuriga sebaik bersuara."

Damon Willis Quotes

"All girls are beautiful, and when they say theyre ugly they only lie to themselves, for its impossible for them to be ugly."

Black Quotes

"Only about seventy years ago was chemistry, like a grain of seed from a ripe fruit, separated from the other physical sciences. With Black, Cavendish and Priestley, its new era began. Medicine, pharmacy, and the useful arts, had prepared the soil upon which this seed was to germinate and to flourish."

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"I guess I dont take my stardom too seriously. I think I am one of the guys." - Author: Salman Khan

Quotes About Greece And Rome

"English literature, from the days of the minstrels to the Lake Poets—Chaucer and Spenser and Milton, and even Shakespeare, included—breathes no quite fresh and, in this sense, wild strain. It is an essentially tame and civilized literature, reflecting Greece and Rome. … Where is the literature which gives expression to Nature?...I do not know of any poetry to quote which adequately expresses this yearning for the Wild....The West is preparing to add its fables to those of the East. The valleys of the Ganges, the Nile, and the Rhine having yielded their crop, it remains to be seen what the valleys of the Amazon, the Plate, the Orinoco, the St. Lawrence, and the Mississippi will produce." - Author: Henry David Thoreau

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"But Ive become completely obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone. I have like 400 apps." - Author: Debra Messing

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"[M]y Coke hit the floor with a metallic clink, so much like the sound of a bullet casing being dropped." - Author: Mira Grant

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"Im suprised he doesnt send Christmas cards," Antonio said. "I can see them now. Tasteful, embossed veilum cards, the best he can steal. Little notes in perfect penmanship,"Happy holidays. Hope everyone is well. I sliced up Ethan Ritter in Miami and scattered his remains in the Atlantic. Best wishes for the new year. Karl." - Author: Kelley Armstrong

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"Felix Mersey might be the cream of the aristocracy, but in the boiler room Soap was undisputed king—grimy empire though it might be." - Author: Gail Carriger

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"She doesnt approve of either sentimentality or graveyard humor at crime scenes. She says they waste time that should be spent working on the damn case, but the implication is that coping strategies are for wimps." - Author: Tana French

Quotes About Alan

"What is the essence of America? Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom to and freedom from." - Author: Marilyn vos Savant

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"Id once again see that bob of blonde hair back on my pillow, that pink hot smile beaming toward me as I heroically win her heart in some kind of Count of Monte Cristo or Great Gatsby-esque gesture… you know minus the long imprisonment or swimming pool death!" - Author: Tom Conrad

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"Cricket must be proud, "I played by Sachin Tendulkar"." - Author: Amit Kalantri