[You Won't Get Sued For Anticompetitive Behavior.]

Author: Linus Torvalds Quotes

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Sol Stern Quotes

"...all necessary measures should be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale. —joint statement signed by both Chaim Weizmann and Prince Faisal"

Shoshana Zuboff Quotes

"Technology makes the world a new place."

H Norman Wright Quotes

"It is easier for most of us to affirm positive behavior than to deal with negative behavior in a positive way."

William Carlos Williams Quotes

"Dissonance / (if you are interested) / leads to discovery."

Marcel Benabou Quotes

"[Its] long been known that making fun of oneself is only a way of taking oneself seriously slightly less crude than others. 97"

Coolio Quotes

"I wasnt driving down the wrong side of the street, smoking marijuana, waving my gun out the window."

Rob Simmons Quotes

"The best governor in the world is the person who never really planned to be governor."

Leon M Lederman Quotes

"The history of atomism is one of reductionism – the effort to reduce all the operations of nature to a small number of laws governing a small number of primordial objects."

Margaret Mazzantini Quotes

"Gli amori nuovi sono pieni di paure, Angela, non hanno un posto nel mondo e non hanno capolinea."

Sean Parker Quotes

"I suffer from the delusion that every product of my imagination is not only possible, but always on the cusp of becoming real."

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Quotes About Swear To God

"...Ty grabbed my phone and threatened to tell Otter that I liked being spanked during sex.This proceeded to lead up on a long tangent where I had to have him explain to me how he knows about stuff like people getting spanked during sex. H said he might have heard it mentioned while watching MSNBC. I told him he was grounded from watching the news channels for a week. Thats where this whole sidebar should have ended, but then I was forced to explain S & M and bondage to my little brother, who was persistent on the topic, and who kept staring at me with mounting horror when I finally /did/ explain, and I realized I had maybe gone too far, and we had to spend the next five minutes swearing to God that I had never nor would I ever attempt to do anything like that. He might now be the only nine-year-old who has heard the terms "cock ring" and "fisting". My parenting skills are unparalleled." - Author: T.J. Klune

Quotes About Music Calming The Soul

"She, the clear hearted soul shall show a small crack (in heart) as clearly as the equally transparent, but dirty rogue can cleverly hide it." - Author: Priyavrat Thareja

Quotes About Pleasure

"The great danger for family life, in the midst of any society whose idols are pleasure, comfort and independence, lies in the fact that people close their hearts and become selfish." - Author: Pope John Paul II

Quotes About Lovers Smile

"We star-crossed lovers of District 12, who suffered so much and enjoyed so little the rewards of our victory, do not seek our fans favor, grace them with our smiles, or catch their kisses. We are unforgiving. And I love it. Getting to be myself at last." - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Stanislaw

"Churches were shut down and Stanislaws father and three uncles had been sent to prison camps for speaking out." - Author: Fannie Flagg

Quotes About Alfred

"But we fall only that we might rise, Alfred. All of us fall; all of us, as you say, screw up. Falling is not important. It is how we get up after the fall thats important." - Author: Rick Yancey

Quotes About Didion

"I teach in M.F.A. programs now, and I think thats a great way to become a novelist, but I mourn that Pete Dexter and Joan Didions route is maybe less likely because there are fewer of those jobs. I always liken it to playing piano in some great dive jazz bar. You didnt pick the songs, you played what people asked for, but you got your chops." - Author: Jess Walter

Quotes About Labs

"Names came patterning into the dusk, bodying out the places of their forebears, the villages and towns where the telegrams would be delivered, the houses where the blinds would be drawn, where low moans would come in the afternoon behind closed doors; and the places that had borne them, which would be like nunneries, like dead towns without their life or purpose, without young men at the factories or in the fields, with no husbands for the women, no deep sound of voices in the inns, with the children who would have been born, who would have grown and worked or painted, even governed, left ungenerated in their fathers shattered flesh that lay in stinking shellholes in the beet crop soil, leaving their homes to put up only granite slabs in place of living flesh, on whose inhuman surface the moss and lichen would cast their crawling green indifference." - Author: Sebastian Faulks

Quotes About Protest Marches

"Poets cant march in protest or do that sort of thing. I feel thats against the rules, and pointless. If mankind wants a great big final bang, thats what itll get. One should never protest against anything unless its going to have an effect. None of those marches do. One should either be silent or go straight to the top." - Author: Robert Graves

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"The cloak of the past is cut from patches of feeling ,and sewn with rebus threads.Most of the time , the best we can do is wrap it around ourselves for comfort or drag it behind us as we struggle to go on ." - Author: Gregory David Roberts