[You Won't Get Sued For Anticompetitive Behavior.]

Author: Linus Torvalds Quotes

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Elena Ornig Quotes

"Life is purposeless unless you make it purposeful."

Will Eisner Quotes

"Living in a big city can be compared to existing in a jungle. One becomes a creature of the environment. The response to the rhythms and choreography is visceral and before long a dwellers conduct is as distinctive as those of a jungle inhabitant."

Chester Brown Quotes

"They thought they were identifying a set of behaviours, but yeah, they just wanted to have an answer."

Don Simpson Quotes

"Its not how you play the game, its how you place the blame."

Bela Lugosi Quotes

"It is women who bear the race in bloody agony. Suffering is a kind of horror. Blood is a kind of horror. Women are born with horror in their very bloodstream. It is a biological thing."

Jennifer M Zeiger Quotes

"Father lied. The knowledge tasted bitter on her tongue. She folded the orb into a scarf shed brought. It didnt conceal its light, but it was better than carrying the orb through the halls exposed."

Erich Von Stroheim Quotes

"I was reared in an atmosphere where a great deal of attention was paid to womens hairdressing."

Jane Bryant Quinn Quotes

"Even more than the Pill, what has liberated women is that they no longer need to depend on men economically."

Tyler Cowen Quotes

"...apart from the seemingly magical internet, life in broad material terms isnt so different from what it was in 1953...The wonders portrayed in THE JETSONS, the space-age television cartoon from the 1960s, have not come to pass...Life is better and we have more stuff, but the pace of change has slowed down compared to what people saw two or three generations ago."

Steven Johnson Quotes

"What Im saying is individuals have better ideas if theyre connected to rich, diverse networks of other individuals. If you put yourself in an environment with lots of different perspectives, you yourself are going to have better, sharper, more original ideas. Its not that the network is smart."

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Quotes About Union Solidarity

"And in the Incarnation the whole human race recovers the dignity of the image of God. Henceforth, any attack even on the least of men is an attack on Christ, who took the form of man, and in his own Person restored the image of God in all that bears a human form. Through fellowship and communion with the incarnate Lord, we recover our true humanity, and at the same time we are delivered from that individualism which is the consequence of sin, and retrieve our solidarity with the whole human race. By being partakers of Christ incarnate, we are partakers in the whole humanity which he bore. We now know that we have been taken up and borne in the humanity of Jesus, and therefore that new nature we now enjoy means that we too must bear the sins and sorrows of others. The incarnate Lord makes his followers the brothers of all mankind." - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Quotes About Biographers

"Recent fads in history and biography have increasingly exalted the aridity of chronology and fact, and have, with some valid reason, rejected romanticizing and the presumption of guessing at the inner thoughts of historical figures. Unfortunately, the result has largely been not to demythologize the past, but merely to dehumanize and depersonalize it. As Roger Mudd has pointed out, Too many of todays historians [and biographers] ... seem to have forgotten that the writing of history is a literary art." - Author: Markham Shaw Pyle

Quotes About Imelda Marcos

"I cannot have this Imelda Marcos woman beating me, whoever she is, Suki shrugged by way of explanation." - Author: Sarah Alderson

Quotes About Cheater

"But human nature dictates that there will always be cheaters. Thats inevitable. Where theres money involved and glory, there are going to be people that cheat, and there will always be ways to cheat." - Author: David Millar

Quotes About Lire

"Il y a tant de gens qui poussent la sophistication jusquà lire sans lire. Comme des hommes grenouilles, ils traversent les livres sans prendre une goutte deau....- Ce sont les lecteurs-grenouilles. Ils forment limmense majorité des lecteurs humains, et pourtant je nai découvert leur existence que très tard. Je suis dune telle naïveté. Je pensais que tout le monde lisait comme moi; moi, je lis comme je mange." - Author: Amélie Nothomb

Quotes About Grieving The Death Of A Loved One

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." - Author: Helen Keller

Quotes About Death To Cancer

"If you just do a Google search and type in smoking or lung cancer, you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die." - Author: Matthew Gray Gubler

Quotes About Bible Warmth

"Nothing do I know of the law at all. But I do remember that the Bible likens human justice to a womans unclean rag—quasi pannus menstruate—and I have little faith in truth as an immediate safeguard, in this world." - Author: Patrick OBrian

Quotes About Sweet Baby Girl

"I suppose this is what I meant when I wrote what I did, sweet pea, about how it is we cannot possibly know what will manifest in our lives. We live and have experiences and leave people we love and get left by them. People we thought would be with us forever arent and people we didnt know would come into our lives do. Our work here is to keep faith with that, to put it in a box and wait. To trust that someday we will know what it means, so that when the ordinary miraculous is revealed to us we will be there, standing before the baby girl in the pretty dress, grateful for the smallest things." - Author: Cheryl Strayed

Quotes About Pitied

"Honest error is to be pitied not ridiculed." - Author: Philip Dormer Stanhope