[Your Enjoyment Of The Chosen Options Will Be Diminished By Your Regret Over What You Had To Give Up. In Fact, The Sum Total Of The Regret Over All The "lost" Options May End Up Being Greater Than Your Joy Over Your Chosen Options, Leaving You Less Satisfied Than You Would Have Been If You Had Had Less Choice To Begin With.]

Author: Sheena Iyengar Quotes

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B Carroll Reece Quotes

"One who works for his own profit is likely to work hard. One who works for the use of others, without profit to himself, is likely not to work any harder than he must."

Lydia Kwa Quotes

"Better to forget, better to let go of the bitterness. I say bitterness is only good in medicine, or if you fry bitter gourd with egg, then its dlicious. I told Lan-Lan many times, we have only one life, its important to kua kwee, to look spaciously. Not keep the eyes so narrowed down to the small dispairs.Those people who say forgive and forget, I say they not right. Not so simple. I say, find right medicine. Bitterness must be just right for problem. Then swallow it, think of good things can do when no longer sick."

Jason Bateman Quotes

"Will Arnett is one of the funniest guys I know. He has seen it all and done it all and come out the other end pretty savvy and pretty strong."

Michael Munro Quotes

"In that light, philosophy is not so much--or not simply--the love of wisdom, but instead marks the passage from wonder as a noun to wonder as a verb. Philosophy is the love of wisdom to the extent that it remains an incitement to it."

Jeff Zucker Quotes

"Were in this transition period of figuring out how to deal with all the new technology that is out there, but television still proves to be the granddaddy of them all."

Christos K Quotes

"Each of us is the real star. We all are so close but still so far i this sky called ground. We all shine, though the light the others see is the one that our actions left in the past."

Jonathan Davis Quotes

"I love DJing, and I love rocking out."

Jerry Ferrara Quotes

"I can only speak for myself - I dont care how I look."

Heru Ofori Atta Quotes

"Having vision is much more than just being visual."

Allen Weinstein Quotes

"NARA must provide security at our facilities to protect our public patrons, our staff, and our holdings."

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Quotes About Altered Reality

"songs, to me, were more important than just light entertainment. They were my preceptor and guide into some altered consciousness of reality. Some different republic, some liberated republic... whatever the case, it wasnt that I was anti-popular culture or anything and I had no ambition to stir things up. I just thought of mainstream culture as lame as hell and a big trick. It was like the unbroken sea of frost that lay outside the window and you had to have awkward footgear to walk with." - Author: Bob Dylan

Quotes About Forlorn Love

"From my window I watched the full moon—a moon that reminded me of Brett—become shadowed, little by little until there was only a deep blackness in the woods at night. I would sit there wakeful, hour after hour, and wonder if this aching around my heart, this sense of being alone, forlorn and unwanted in a world where there was gayety and love for others of my age, was going to continue for all of my days." - Author: Irene Hunt

Quotes About Traditional

"[On Female Attraction to Men in Uniform] That male military persona feeds a subconscious, passive-aggressive female desire to dominate the warrior as he is perceived an iconic example of masculinity (particularly amongst traditionally warlike cultures). The damsel in distress theme always struck me as embodying this: the hapless, innocently beautiful woman unwittingly enraptures the heroic male so completely that he would risk all to submit to her at his own peril, and quite in spite of it." - Author: Tiffany Madison

Quotes About Crooked Politicians

"In countries where all the crooked politicians wear pin-striped suits, the best people are bare-assed." - Author: Paul Theroux

Quotes About Fatherhood And Life

"Just when it seems like life is getting good, something always has to come along and ruin it." - Author: Susane Colasanti

Quotes About Feeling Emotionless

"I shut myself off to make life bearable. Im like a damn machine sometimes. Unfeeling. Uncaring. Emotionless." - Author: Monica Murphy

Quotes About Mother And Daughter On Wedding Day

"But theres no joy at all, people say "Oh well hes drunk and happy let him sleep it off"--The poor drunkard is *crying*--Hes crying for his mother and father and great brother and great friend, hes crying for help. (p.111)" - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About E

"Ive never concerned myself with the labels people want to put on you. What matters to me is my own estimation." - Author: Jean Dujardin

Quotes About Dome

"Im waiting for the day when my children cease to find my domestic propriety reassuring and actually find it annoying." - Author: Rachel Cusk

Quotes About Gauri

"Of the three women in Subhashs life—his mother, Gauri, Bela—there remained only one. His mothers mind was now a wilderness. There was no shape to it any longer, no clearing. It had been overtaken, overgrown. Shed been converted permanently by Udayans death. That wilderness was her only freedom. She was locked inside her home, taken out once each day. Deepa would prevent her from endangering herself, from embarrassing herself, from making further scenes. But Gauris mind had saved her. It had enabled her to stand upright. It had cleared a path for her. It had prepared her to walk away." - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri